The exposure of the tooth neck: causes and treatment

The change in gingival contour is usually accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes, pain, swelling, and unpleasant breath. These are symptoms of periodontal disease, which causes atrophy of the bone tissue of the alveolar process.

What is periodontal disease?

It is an inflammatory disease of the tissues surrounding the tooth, which is accompanied by destruction of the ligaments holding the crown in the hole and the sagging of the gums.

What causes the denudation of the neck of the tooth which needs treatment?

  • Оголение шейки зуба: причины и лечениеTartar;
  • mechanical injuries of the mucous membranes;
  • a weak immune system;
  • associated chronic diseases;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • HIV.

Triggers can be bad habits. Smoking contributes to enhanced proliferation of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity.

Symptoms of periodontitis:

  • bare the neck of the tooth, with the progression of the disease can occur to exposure of the root;
  • the formation of periodontal pockets;
  • bleeding of mucous membranes during hygienic cleaning;
  • swelling and tenderness on palpation of the gums;
  • viscous saliva;
  • bad breath.

At more advanced stages may lead to the mobility of teeth, their pathological bias, suppuration of the gingival pockets, fistulous passages, or abscesses.

Baring teeth roots, inflamed regional lymph nodes in patients the body temperature rises, deteriorating health.

The stage of the disease

Periodontitis is 2 types: acute and chronic. In the period of exacerbation in the gums appears the abscess – SAC is filled with pus, which after opening forms a fistulous course. All the symptoms are acute. Chronic stage proceeds with less severe symptoms, occasionally there are relapses.

Affected the disease can be localized, that is, to hit a small group of teeth generalized: affect large areas.

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Оголение шейки зуба: причины и лечениеThere are 3 degrees of severity:

  • Easy. Periodontal pockets deeper than 3 mm, no suppuration, mobility of teeth.
  • Average. Pockets up to 6 mm, is the destruction of the partitions between the holes, there is minor tooth mobility, and exposed their necks.
  • Heavy. Gingival pockets deeper than 6 mm, suppuration, gums expose the roots, abnormal tooth mobility.
  • If periodontitis is not treated in time, it is possible to lose healthy teeth. Also, the disease leads to the development of cellulitis, osteomyelitis which are life-threatening diseases.

    Drug therapy

    What to do if you really were bare and sore neck tooth? You need to go to the dentist. Doctor, first of all, removing hard plaque, which is a source of pathogenic microorganisms. If you do not carry out this procedure, other treatments will be ineffective, a positive result will be temporary.

    Оголение шейки зуба: причины и лечениеIn the initial stages of the disease, a professional cleaning is enough. With regular antiseptic rinsing of the oral cavity disease is. For this purpose, the solution Chlorhexidine, Furatsilina, baking soda, decoction of medicinal herbs.

    How to treat the exposure of teeth if there has been a significant decrease in gum? Is prescribed the use of medicinal ointments and gels. Pharmacy medicines relieve inflammation, swelling, pain, reduce bleeding. A good result is the use of gel Metrogil Denta, Asepta, Kamistad, holisal. The duration of treatment is 7-10 days.

    What to do if the teeth are bared and behind the gums, forming pockets? In addition to these methods, you must take vitamins, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, in a timely manner to treat associated chronic diseases, to massage the gums.

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    Surgical methods of treatment

    Why bare the roots and the neck of the teeth near the gums, there is pus under the mucous membranes, what to do? In inflammatory processes accompanied by suppuration, performed curettage of periodontal structures. This procedure allows you to remove deep subgingival deposits of Tartar, reduce the pocket depth.

    Оголение шейки зуба: причины и лечениеCurettage is open, closed, and flap surgery. During the procedure, the doctor is necessary to expose the affected teeth. To do this, it detaches the area of the mucous membrane, thoroughly cleanse the cervix and the roots from the stone, washed with antiseptics, and then puts the gum flap and sutured tissue.

    What treatment is required if there has been a deep denudation of the tooth root? Restoration of the atrophied tissues of the jaw is carried out by increasing the volume of the alveolar bone and artificial bone, the method of transplantation of bone blocks.

    What to do if exposed tooth root, what methods can I use? For natural regeneration of atrophied bone tissue used a modern method of electrical myostimulation. Procedure to reduce the periodontal pockets, to regenerate the thinning areas of the jaw.

    What to do if there is an exposed tooth neck, how to treat it? Mucous membranes are added through aesthetic correction. To increase take soft tissue areas of the sky and transplant them to the affected area of the gums. These operations allow you to restore the gingival margin to close the neck and roots of teeth.

    Folk remedies

    Оголение шейки зуба: причины и лечениеHow to treat gums with folk remedies, if the mucous membranes of the bare teeth, what causes the disease? Useful to wipe the mucous membranes with a cotton swab dipped in fir, clove or lemon oil. Such procedures also help to relieve inflammation, to massage the gums, to normalize the flow of blood, mineral metabolism in the affected tissues.

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    What to do and what folk remedies can be used if the cervix thins out, there tooth mobility? In this case, it will help the plantain. To reduce bleeding of the gums, removing the see if they are loose crowns chew fresh leaves of the plant for 5-6 times a day. Juice of plantain is possible to rinse your mouth.

    Why treatment gels, folk remedies do not always produce results? Therapy should be carried out comprehensively. Definitely need to remove Tartar, plaque, and take your vitamins required to restore the affected tissues to undergo preventive treatment for chronic systemic diseases.