The mouth on the tongue and teeth: how to get rid of

Many do not know why there is pain and sticky feeling on your teeth when eating acidic foods, and the cause is on edge (oskoma). The people so called tooth sensitivity (hypersensitivity), which often appears because of caries, periodontal disease, chipping of enamel after mechanical damage and from the accumulation of plaque and increased abrasion of teeth. For example, due to bruxism (uncontrolled grinding). In the early stages it can be reduced by toothpastes containing strontium or simply by rinsing the mouth after eating to remove leftover food.

Оскомина на языке и зубах: как избавитьсяCharacteristic symptom for soreness of the mouth is a sharp pain in contact of the stimulus with damaged enamel. It should be noted that the discomfort quickly disappear, if you rinse your mouth, but when it comes to a hot or cold drink, then brief attacks will appear after each SIP.

It is especially felt in the use of acidic products, for example, if you eat large amounts of apples and it to feel aching sensations and a viscosity in the mouth, the people on this subject they say: «tired!» In fact, it’s just acid that has penetrated into the damaged areas of enamel and of dental treatment you need immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms, because even if the problem will subside, but it is not going anywhere and sooner or later will re-emerge.

Stage oskoma

Experts share increased sensitivity to such extent:

  • Оскомина на языке и зубах: как избавитьсяEarly stage. The teeth become sensitive to thermal stimuli, and they can take as food and drink, and air;
  • The average stage. At this point, the tooth surface begins to react to chemical stimuli, for example, chocolate, sour apples, sugar, etc.;
  • Advanced stage. Enamel becomes sensitive to mechanical stress. There it is in the process of cleaning the teeth from contact with the brush or when chewing hard food.

Treatment is determined by the doctor depending on the results of the inspection and may be limited as a simple rinse, heavy operation aimed at correction of the soft tissues.

Treatment mouth

A side effect of oskoma on the teeth lasts for about 30 seconds after you remove the irritant, but in any case you need to get rid of it immediately after its detection, and for this purpose you can use the following methods:

  • To reduce the reaction to acidic foods
    you need to use a rinse solution of soda,
    milk or mineral water with alkaline-based.
    As regards a thermal Оскомина на языке и зубах: как избавитьсяstimulus,
    then it this method is not right, but you can reduce the mouth pushing the tongue to the sick tooth for 2-3 minutes;
  • For daily use suitable toothpaste, e.g. Sensodyne for sensitive teeth. In addition, it is recommended to apply special coating for enamel, which are applied in a doctor’s office or at home, but after consultation with a specialist;
  • In the later stages to rectify the situation at home will be extremely difficult and should be examined by a dentist so he can prescribe the correct and effective treatment. Often in the course of therapy includes remineralization performed in the doctor’s office and appointing special gels or toothpastes to maintain the effect.

Tips to eliminate soreness of the mouth

You can use less common, but quite effective ways of getting rid of hyperesthesia. For example, if you visit the hospital in the coming times, but I want a drink, you can do it using a straw. Discomfort will be much less, because the stimulus goes straight to the throat, bypassing the teeth.

Оскомина на языке и зубах: как избавитьсяMany experts suggest to protect your enamel and do not use teeth to open bottles and other items. In addition, cracks can occur due to cracking of seeds, but if you do it with your hands, everything will be fine.

The choice of brush is not less important step than the selection needed toothpaste, because hard bristles can damage the enamel. Especially when it comes to children, and too soft will not perform its function, so the average stiffness will work best.

It should be noted that to get rid of the soreness of the mouth on the teeth it is possible and better to do it early, because in this case the treatment can be found in the home. In addition, experts advise not to mix cold and hot foods to avoid this disease.

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