The pocket in the gum between the teeth: how to treat

When periodontal disease often increases in size of the periodontal pocket, where accumulates plaque, food debris and Tartar. The gums become inflamed, swollen and may bleed, and consequently, the teeth are loose and fall out.

To save your healthy teeth from a similar fate, you need to find out why there is inflammation in the periodontal pocket, and after that to start treatment of disease. You need to consider that this serious problem should be handled by professional doctor, self may exacerbate the situation.

The features of pathology

The defect is a pocket formed between the gum and tooth and treat it in the hospital, because get to the deep sediments of the simple methods fail.

No abnormalities periodontal pocket is not more than 2-3 mm, and thus it can be easily cleaned with a simple brush, and when the cavity becomes deeper, the inside is formed of a pathogenic microflora and if it is not removed, then this would harm the periodontal fibers. In addition, every day the number of bacteria will grow, and the enzymes that they secrete gradually destroy surrounding tissues and deepening will increase.

Карман в десне между зубами: как лечитьIn the early stages of disease is quite simple hygiene and rinsing the mouth with antiseptic solutions and decoctions, but if the disease has affected the connective tissue, without the help of a doctor to correct the problem fail.

It should be noted that the periodontal pocket in periodontal converts, when the disease reaches the periodontal fibers. Its symptoms can distinguish bleeding, which occurs when the sensing cavity. This problem appears due to the strong inflammatory process in the soft tissues and gums in this form of erosion.

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There are cases where the recess is not considered to be periodontal and does not affect the periodontal fibers and other soft tissues. This occurs because the pocket in the gum increases in the direction of the dental crown, but regardless of this it accumulates germs and leftover food, so it is subject to compulsory treatment.


If the periodontal pocket does not exceed 4 mm, the treatment can be used medicines, folk remedies and rinse. As for more advanced cases, for their therapy it is necessary to clear indentations from debris and stones, as well as to disinfect from germs, below the soft tissue can return to its place. This can be done in the office of a dentist, a doctor with the help of ultrasound will remove all deposits.

The main methods of treatment include periodontal pockets and photodynamic therapy.

Карман в десне между зубами: как лечитьTo use this method you can even, in extreme cases, and sometimes it helps to avoid surgical intervention. To apply this method, the dentist needs to perform a professional dental cleaning and then apply on the gums of the patient with a special composition based on chlorophyll, which is extracted from seaweed. This drug is capable of producing on the damaged tissues, photosensitizers and once the effect is reached, the doctor will direct the laser beam. As a result of their contact will produce active oxygen which will increase the oxidation process, and all pathogenic microflora dies. Then damaged tissue is removed and the pocket between the tooth and the gum is completely closed.

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Often enough one procedure to kill all disease-causing microbes and to remove inflammation of the gums, therefore, to go again to the reception is not necessary. The result of the laser on the surface of the soft tissue forms dense fotogalerien film, designed to prevent the ingress of bacteria into the pocket, and not to reappear inflammation.

After removing all the damaged areas, it will be necessary to restore bone tissue, which in advanced stages of pathology is significantly decreased, thereby exposing the roots of the teeth. Карман в десне между зубами: как лечитьFor this purpose, amino acids and osteogenic drugs and if the treatment of the connection between the teeth and soft tissues are restored, the therapy is considered complete.

If the depth of the cavity between the tooth and the soft tissue more than 5 mm, then conventional methods may not be effective and will have to have surgery. To clean these pockets uses a patchwork method. In the process for this surgery the gums are cut and peeled from the tooth, and opened the cavity to clean and disinfect. Then the soft tissues are sewn back. The results of such operations are mainly positive, but the negative factors are the transferred patient stress and a long recovery.

Prevention of periodontal diseases

To the periodontal pocket, again, not inflamed and not have to re-undergo treatment, you need to follow simple rules of prevention, such as:

  • Add to daily hygiene, cleaning interdental spaces floss (thread);
  • To use course (not more than 1 month) pasta with the presence of abrasive particles to remove deposits from tooth surfaces;
  • Come for a visit to the dentist 2 times a year.
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These rules can save the soft tissues surrounding the tooth from inflammation, and preventive visits to the dentist will save and other dental pathologies.