The red tip of the tongue: the causes of pathology

Language for all people is an important part not only as the organ responsible for the perception of tastes and helping to formulate sounds into words, but as a map of the human body. It is possible to see whether all is normal in the body or maybe have gotten infected.

Signs of a healthy language

A healthy tongue is usually pink in color, evenly moist and moving easily, without creating discomfort, and if there is red or numb the tip and there was a plaque, this phenomenon has its own reasons and need to go to the doctor, especially when it comes to the baby. Such symptomatology common to many diseases and only a specialist, focusing on all its subtleties and the results of the surveys will be able to put the correct diagnosis.

Reasons for change the color of the language

To see why the language has become red you need to consider a number of possible pathologies associated with inflammatory and infectious process, which is peculiar to this symptom.

It is capable to cause diseases such as:

  • Красный кончик языка: причины патологииStomatitis. Inflammation, which is characterized by the formation of ulcers in the mouth, the surface of the mucosa becomes red in the centers affected by the disease. There is often discomfort at the tip of the tongue may be red and not only he, but most of the surface of the body. As for the sores, they are in the process of development of the disease go to the sky and lips. The patient’s condition gets worse, there is a General weakness and a fever. From sores that spread across the surface of the mucosa, the meal is accompanied by pain;
  • Glossitis. Inflammation caused by the infection entered the wound or microcracks. When this happens, a burning sensation, especially in the tip of your tongue, which acquired a red hue. The next stage pathology it is markedly swollen, the taste buds are actually not functioning, and out of his mouth comes a bad smell. In addition, it hurts to talk and eat;
  • Glossalgia. Pathology arising from the application of a mechanical trauma of language, for example, if the dental intervention during prosthetic. She also appears in girls after 40-45 years, because the beginning of hormonal changes. If glossalgia the tip of the tongue tingle and sting, a stinging sensation. Sometimes there is dryness in the mouth and prolonged conversation the patient tires easily talk;
  • Herpes. A viral disease, which manifests itself not only on lips but also in the entire mucosa. Red language is starting to become from the edges and gradually becomes all one color, and then appears small bubbles filled with liquid on the whole surface of the mouth;
  • Allergic reaction. Intolerance occurs when the composition of the medication or food. Manifested by rash, redness of the tongue and General malaise;
  • Injury. When damage to the tongue or when eating too hard food, certain parts of it may be red, especially of the child and his delicate mucosal surface;
  • Красный кончик языка: причины патологииMastication of hard and dirty things with babies. A distinct red, swollen tongue can be a very small child after he ate his toys or anything else, it can become inflamed taste buds and cause discomfort to the baby. To prevent this, you need to monitor the baby during his games and to rinse the objects with which he is playing;
  • Scarlet fever in children. The disease is characterized by severe and most common in the early age of 10-12 years. The baby, who was diagnosed with this disease feels a lot of discomfort, it raises the temperature, develop a rash, and it hurts to make a meal. Furthermore, the defining symptoms is considered a raspberry tongue and sore throat and related process, and the main cause is a bacterium called Streptococcus;
  • Anemia (anemia). Occurs when the patient is a serious shortage of iron in the body. While taste buds on the tongue will atrophy, and he becomes smooth and it seems that the surface on red. Treatment need taking iron orally or parenterally;
  • The body’s response to antibiotics. This group of drugs can adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract of the child. In the language of a layer of plaque is white, the kid is naughty, not eating and little sleep. In this situation, you need to be examined by a physician to improve treatment.
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Красный кончик языка: причины патологииIt can be noted that after sunflower seeds, candy and hot food language often becomes red.

If the pain is not, despite the bright red surface of the tongue, you can rinse your mouth with decoctions of herbs, or soda-salt solutions. This way you can remove it swelling and inflammation of the mucous membrane.

When not considering external signs of any pain, including tingling and burning, then you need to go to the doctor for diagnosis. In some cases, will require the assistance of other specialists, like an allergist and a dermatologist.

Particularly important if complains of discomfort in the oral cavity of the child to prevent complications need to immediately head to the hospital.

The course of treatment

Any dentist will tell you that you need to treat first the disease, not its symptoms and then again become as it was before.

In addition, you will need to carry out hygienic procedure 2 times a day, which should consist of brushing your teeth and tongue surface. You should also rinse your mouth with special solutions or decoctions after every meal.

Красный кончик языка: причины патологииWhen mechanical damage to the language you can use special gels local effects to disinfect and alleviate inflammation, but the pathology caused by infection, you need to use General treatment, which will include antiviral and antifungal drugs. You need to figure out which of its species have penetrated into the body.

Is infection of such types:

  • Fungal;
  • Virus;
  • Bacterial.

To choose the right treatment for any type of infection can only doctor and he will monitor the progress of therapy.

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You also need to pay attention to dental structures, which can scratch the language. They need to extend and improve that the infection did not get into the body.

It should be noted that the treatment of any form of pathology will be conducted under the supervision of a physician and only he can properly diagnose and prescribe therapy, and to self-medicate is the right method to complications.