The sealing of the teeth and fissures of primary teeth: what it is and why you need

Increasingly, the first decay starts in primary teeth the youngest children: in two or three years, the first teeth can be lost because of the black dots. The causes of tooth decay can be many – weak nature of the enamel, lack of calcium and various vitamins during pregnancy, problems with children’s stomach.

To treat milk teeth seems to be «not accepted» — because they still will fall out. However, early tooth decay can then spread and permanent teeth, and premature loss is fraught with problems with bite and speech. Sometimes to keep track of the health of the oral cavity of the child is impossible, and one of the most effective ways to prevent the appearance of cavities – sealing of deciduous teeth of children.

What is the sealing of the teeth

Герметизация зубов и фиссур молочных зубов: что это такое и для чего нужноFrom tooth decay often suffer from «difficult» teeth, including chewing. They are fissure – slit-like grooves and indentations. The structure of some is such that these grooves to clean by yourself can be very difficult. They are pieces of food that become a «breeding ground» for the development of different bacteria. As a result of damaged enamel, a rapidly developing dental caries and rapid tooth loss.

What is the sealing of teeth in young children and how is it performed? In sealing the fissures are sealed – filled solid polymer materials to prevent contact with food. In the composition of the sealant for the teeth contain active fluorine ions that enhance the resistance of enamel against negative influences.

The sealing efficiency reaches 90%. The procedure is absolutely painless and is usually performed in one visit to the dentist.

Indications and contraindications

Both adults and children fissures prescribed for certain indications:

  • if fissures are areas of concern – they are deep and narrow;
  • if the other teeth have already began to manifest caries in the fissures;
  • in the absence of the opposite tooth or the appearance of caries;
  • in the presence of fissures, damaged by carious spots;
  • in the case of poor oral hygiene.

Contraindications applies deep decay – if a tooth is damaged, seal it cannot be in any case, you need serious treatment. But if fissures in children are wide enough to clean themselves and can do without the use of sealant.

In addition, in the sealed materials may include substances that can cause allergies: if a child is allergic, about this be sure to tell your dentist.

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When you need to carry out sealing

For the procedure, there are certain prerequisites.

Milk teeth

All the baby teeth finally erupt in the period up to three years. They serve for long: the active growth of the child «pulls» all the necessary minerals needed bone. Enamel sufficient nutrition is not obtained and remains quite fragile.

Герметизация зубов и фиссур молочных зубов: что это такое и для чего нужноTo teach children to use the brush you need from an early age, but kids don’t always understand the importance of this process and to deftly handle the brush can’t. The abundance of sweet food leads to the formation of acidic environment in the oral cavity, and this environment destroys the fragile teeth very quickly.

Dentists believe that the first fissure sealing of deciduous teeth should be carried out after the tooth to fully erupt from the gums – this is usually 2 – 2.5 years. Pull not worth it, because after the first caries sealing is useless.

Permanent teeth

The first permanent teeth appear after the age of six. Grow behind the milk molars-six. After ten grow small molars, after the twelve – second large.

The growth process is uniform can not be named. If one tooth has already come out, and the pair of contact yet, may suffer a natural process of self-purification. In such places faster, is formed of soft plaque in which bacteria can thrive.

The first two years after eruption of the permanent teeth have fragile enamel. She is not getting sufficient mineralization, porous and easily soluble in an acid environment. Poor oral hygiene, sweet, lack of calcium – all this promotes early tooth decay.

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Carry out sealing is recommended during the first six months after the appearance of the teeth when chewing surface fully erupted above the gum, while the enamel is still intact. The sealant will last from three to five years, after the procedure can be repeated. The main thing is to make it in time to prevent carious lesions.

The process of sealing

For children the procedure is totally painless, it takes 15 to 50 minutes depending on the complexity of the work. It consists of several stages.

  • Герметизация зубов и фиссур молочных зубов: что это такое и для чего нужноUsing a special electric toothbrush and mild toothpaste removes plaque, the surface is completely cleaned and dried.
  • Problematic teeth to protect from exposure to saliva from a swab, after which the enamel surface is covered with leveling gel. After a few seconds the gel is removed.
  • Through the probe on a dry surface sealant is applied. Within a couple of minutes, he «dried» under the lamp radiation.
  • Dental carbon paper checks prevents excess sealant proper closure of the jaw. If necessary, excess material is removed by a grinding machine.
  • To complicate treatment, can fissures, the bottom and walls of which are difficult to visually inspect, and in such cases, the doctor can not guarantee the absence of caries. Fill them with sealant will be difficult and may require mechanical expansion. The process is not the most pleasant, but to move it the child can.

    Is it worth doing

    No special recommendations since there is no insulation, the child can return to their former way of life. The only advice is to carefully monitor the oral hygiene, regularly brushing your teeth and visit the dentist’s office. If necessary, the sealing procedure can be repeated again and again, problem fissures treat many adults.

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    The final decision on whether to seal or you can do without it, will the dentist. In some cases, the feature of the structure of the fissure is that simply a good regular cleaning and strengthen with vitamins or fluoridation.

    Opponents of such manipulation are sure that the sealant is a tooth growing in favor of not going, but the damage it can cause. According to them, sealing the drugs have a negative impact on the growth process and may disturb the natural course of strengthening of tissues. Clinically this is not confirmed.