The smell of acetone breath and the reasons for its taste

In the mouth there are a lot of microorganisms, which remain in balance if a person is healthy, but when the body failures happen, the bacteria begin to increase in number, leading to a variety of disorders, including bad breath. This symptom cause and other causes on the type of problems with the stomach and endocrine system, as well as weak production of saliva, but each of them has its consequences, and an individual course of treatment.

What’s that smell?

Most of the pathologies have their own flavor that simplifies the diagnosis and allows a point to appoint examination. For example, the smell of acetone breath indicate serious violations in the body, but it can also be the consequence of excessive alcohol consumption, and in any case need to be examined by a doctor to identify the reason why there is such a nasty symptom.

Diabetes as a cause of bad breath

It is believed that diabetes is one of the most frequent reasons because of which there is the smell of acetone breath and share it is of two types:

  • Запах ацетона изо рта и причины его привкусаInsulin-dependent (type 1). Is that the pancreas does not produce needed amount of insulin, so the sugar level increases. This pathology is often due to a genetic predisposition, which explains its presence in children. Because of this, the smell of acetone breath may be even at a very early age;
  • Non-insulin dependent (type 2). Different from 1, but only that in this case the insulin is produced in full, but the body does not want to accept sugar level rapidly starts to grow. This disease occurs only in adults and it is also characteristic smell of acetone breath.
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For both types of diabetes characterized by a constant desire to go to the toilet due to the fact that the sugar goes through the kidney and so they are constantly busy. The second symptom is constant thirst even after drinking large amounts of water, it does not pass. This happens due to the excessive work of the kidney and occurs as a consequence of dehydration, and it also improves the taste of acetone your mouth.

Furthermore, in diabetics there is a symptoms:

  • Sleep problems;
  • Weakness;
  • Itching.

The smell of acetone breath in diabetes occurs due to the increase of acidity and increase of ketone bodies in the body. In addition, this fragrance can mean the approach of a hyperglycemic coma. It occurs because of a critical shortage of insulin, but not immediately, but gradually and mostly they come in this order:

  • In a patient with diabetes increases the heart rate;
  • Pupils are narrowed significantly;
  • The skin is pale;
  • There is discomfort in the stomach.

Запах ацетона изо рта и причины его привкусаWith the rapid increase in glucose, the body begins to burn fats, and during this process are ketone bodies, which are considered a toxin and if they gather in large numbers, there may be dire consequences. The person feels a strong toxicity, and thus can lose consciousness and even lapse into a deep coma, and the mouth appears smell of acetone.

It is necessary 1 time a year to do a full examination with blood tests, urine and feces and then there will be questions why the smell of acetone breath.

Other factors causing halitosis

In addition to disruptions in the endocrine system caused by diabetes, causes the acetone taste in your mouth can be:

  • Wrong’s work the kidneys. They should withdraw from the body decay products and if this is not happening, then the culprit might be nephrosis or abnormal deformation of the structure caused by changes of the seminiferous tubules. These abnormalities are associated with disruptions of metabolism and therefore the analyses will be discovered concentrate the ketone bodies, because of which mouth there is the taste of acetone;
  • Malfunctions of the thyroid gland. Because of this, a person accumulate thyroid hormones. They are responsible for many processes, including the increase of sugar and fat breakdown, and will cause a chemical smell coming from the mouth;
  • A wrong diet. Occurs more often in girls during the diet with high amounts of protein and lack of carbohydrates. In addition, frequent starvation becomes the reason why a taste of acetone your mouth. The body compensates for the lack of food for its protein and fat, and because their degradation increases the sugar level and there is a corresponding flavor;
  • Запах ацетона изо рта и причины его привкусаThe use of alcoholic beverages. After drinking alcohol often there is the smell of acetone breath, so many people think that drinking people drink everything, but in reality all the problem about the decay products. The liver, removing alcohol from the body, splits it into components, one of which is vinegar (acetaldehyde), and because of this stands out the characteristic smell and he will leave only after the complete elimination of alcohol from the man. The whole process usually takes from 5-8 hours to 2-3 days, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, and the age, weight and other characteristics of drinking. Until this period ended, to remove the stench does not work completely, and you can only mute it, for example, brushing your teeth, green tea and chewing gum or candy;
  • Infection. When it goes into the chronic stage there is a rapid breakdown of protein and it is also one of the reasons the taste of acetone in my mouth.
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This symptom is the smell of acetone breath itself is harmless, and can cause is that the negative attitude of the surrounding people. When it comes to kids, for them it is much more dangerous than for adults. Taste of acetone in my mouth, may cause them to act up, it can also cause insomnia and loss of appetite, so if you experience such symptoms, it is imperative to go to the doctor to find out its causes.