The smell of ammonia at the mouth: causes

The odor exhaled air from the oral cavity is a symptom of a number of diseases. One of the most unpleasant smells to others — the heavy smell of ammonia from the mouth. When it appears, the interlocutors begin to avoid the person smells bad. It may have a negative impact on your personal life and establishing social ties. And most importantly, the ammonia smell emanating from his mouth, points to health problems, sometimes serious.

Causes of the ammonia smell

When there is the smell of ammonia from mouth — the reasons can be many, but the most common are:

  • Запах аммиака изо рта: причиныStarvation or malnutrition. When a person eats and drinks water in insufficient quantities, it adversely affects the work of the kidneys. The output of the final waste products through the urinary system is broken and appears sharp smell of ammonia from the mouth. In this case, the situation can be relatively easy to fix, just need to improve your eating habits.
  • Protein diet. A large amount of protein in the diet creates additional stress on the liver and kidneys. Thus a quick breakdown of adipose tissue provokes the appearance of ketone bodies, and odor. The problem can be solved by drinking more water.
  • Diabetes. A serious disease in which the breath may smell of ammonia. The kidneys remove excess amount of sugar. Increased thirst and frequent urination — causes to think about dehydration of the body tissues. Diabetic odor can warn of the beginning of coma developing in the setting of low glucose levels.
  • Pathological processes in the kidneys. The kidneys filter that fights through all the final products of vital activity. A malfunction of these organs is often the cause of the aroma of ammonia. Observed this symptom in diseases of the renal tubules, failure, and degenerative processes.
  • The use of prescription drugs. Cause the smell can drugs and vitamins, especially if they contain nitrogen and amino acid.
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    Detection of odor in the home

    Sometimes the person may not immediately understand whether there is a note of ammonia in exhaled air, and to ask friends and family embarrassing. To deal with this by applying 1 of Запах аммиака изо рта: причиныa few simple tests:

  • Under the tongue is put a cotton pad or a piece of tissue paper. Remove after 5-10 seconds. If the smell is there, he will immediately be felt.
  • You can smell the toothpick or floss for teeth, after a couple of minutes after application.
  • Sniffing licked the spoon.
  • You can go to the dentist, which will identify the presence of odor with the help of special equipment.
  • Recognition of the underlying disease

    Sometimes people do not immediately drew attention to the appearance of symptoms. Statistics show that in most cases, the cause of the odors associated with pathologies in the oral cavity (about 80%), such as dental caries, stomatitis, gingivitis and fungal diseases.

    Diseases of the throat and respiratory tract cause a bad aroma in approximately 10% of cases. The other 10% are associated with more severe systemic disorders.

    Sometimes fetid breath is not felt throughout the day. For example, it is present on an empty stomach and after eating disappears. If his presence continuously, as soon as possible to consult the doctors.


    Before the appointment of treatment it is necessary to identify the root cause and guide the process to cure this disease. Permanent aroma associated with pathology of the teeth and gums, digestive system, liver, kidneys, lungs and bladder — cure, eliminating major disease. If the smell is intermittent, it can be eliminated as necessary. To quickly get rid of it, you can chew the coffee bean. Should be cleaned 2 times a day except teeth and tongue.


    Запах аммиака изо рта: причиныMostly used solutions and aerosols that suppress the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, antiseptics and anti-inflammatories. Common options — a solution of chlorhexidine, Miramistin, hexetidine, stopangin.

    If the suffocating scent — not the result of a dangerous disease, you can use a mouth rinse decoctions and infusions of herbs and medicinal plants (St. John’s wort, strawberry, Oxalis). Effective is drinking of cranberry.

    Preventive measures

    To prevent the odor of ammonia from the mouth, should notify the reasons for its appearance:

  • Запах аммиака изо рта: причиныTo visit the dentist at least 2 times a year.
  • To prevent the running process in diseases of any internal organs, especially contagious.
  • Special attention should be paid to the hygienic procedures of the oral cavity.
  • Stick to the diet.
  • The diet should be varied and include vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • In addition to the teeth, you should brush your tongue.
  • If too dry mucosa of the mouth, it is advisable to use the funds for its moisture.
  • To lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • No need to ignore such a signal — the appearance of the ammonia stench may indicate the development of serious illness. So it’s important to consult a specialist.