The temperature in the eruption of teeth in children: how long does

The temperature in the eruption of teeth in children is a common symptom and what it can be and how many days will stay depends on many factors, for example, when cutting tools the process proceeds without any problems, but on the appearance of fangs, the body reacts painful. In addition, during this period the soft tissue is prone to inflammation and there can get infected, so you need every day to inspect the oral cavity of the baby to prevent complications.

Температура при прорезывании зубов у детей: сколько держитсяThe eruption of the first milk teeth in a child starts in 5-8 months and thus symptoms such as drooling, pain and itching in the gums and a high fever up to 38-39 °, and this is particularly evident in infants, whose bodies often react to this process.

It should be noted that such signs are not all kids and more than a quarter of them do not feel any changes and everything passes without much discomfort, but with the constant desire to chew. There are other infants whose body gives a pronounced reaction to the fact that teething and it consists in raising the temperature to 38-39 °, especially when I climb canines and what to do in such a situation to facilitate the child’s condition, contact your doctor. The remaining group of kids do not feel special changes, but this does not mean that parents have less to take care of them, because these bits and pieces need care and attention, so as not aggravated their condition.


To understand how many infants would last temperature eruption of the teeth, focusing on the processes that run during this action in the body, namely:

  • When teeth begin to appear, then as their growth allocated special substances which serve to loosen the soft tissue, and this leads to an inflammatory process;
  • This process is characteristic of secondary infections that enter the body due to a weakened immune system, and among them the most frequent bacteria causing tonsillitis, stomatitis, and pharyngitis.

Температура при прорезывании зубов у детей: сколько держитсяWhen the body is weakened, it triggered a defensive reaction and have a temperature when teething dairy and indigenous, so parents need to know why this is happening, because its increase could reach up to 38 ° and even 40 °, and this will cause even more discomfort to the baby. In addition, increased salivation have also their reasons. It protects the baby’s mouth from pathogenic microorganisms, because due to its composition of saliva has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect and it is an important point, because when immunity is reduced and baby is constantly chewing on the body can get infected.

How much temperature rises

Young mothers do not know whether it may be the child has a high temperature at emerging baby teeth, but it is important thing is able to affect his health. During this period, the fever is very rare and mostly it does not rise above 37 °, but regardless of the need to monitor the overall state of the baby.

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Температура при прорезывании зубов у детей: сколько держитсяFor some children the maximum temperature during the first dentition remains at the level of 36,6-37,5 ° and others carry this process much worse and may need medical help. In addition, heat is often accompanied by a refusal of food and screaming, crying and insomnia.

It is considered a pathologic deviation, when teething the temperature rises to 38-39 ° and often it is a sign of infection appeared, which have to be treated separately, but no matter how late it grew, the baby needs every six months led to the doctor. A pediatrician will perform a routine inspection and, if necessary, prescribe treatment, focusing on symptoms, or advise ways to solve the problem.

Often, when the temperature in the eruption depends on which teeth are going to appear better to prepare for this process to ease the child’s condition.

The discomfort

When babies cut first teeth, the temperature does not always rise, but if it occurs, it is usually not very high and remains near 37-38 °, but this raises the question of why the eruption of molars (molars) and canines the child often appears a fever up to 39-40 °.

In the first case it is connected with the area of the molar, because it has 3 roots and so they appear much longer and cause much discomfort. As for the fangs, or as they are called «eye teeth», their eruption accompanied by pain because of its proximity to the facial nerve.

How can hold a fever

Температура при прорезывании зубов у детей: сколько держитсяTemperature when teething is not insured by any one child and how long she will stay is during the process and usually after the symptoms quickly go away. During this period, the heat is mostly not higher than 38 ° C and it rises in the evening and morning, but it can be easily treated with medication. It should be noted that the temperature lasts from the teeth usually as long as necessary for the completion of the eruption, but if you were developing an infection, then it is not limited and the problem can be solved is by rinsing your mouth with antiseptic solutions and a visit to the doctor.

Teething it is important to monitor how many days lasts the temperature, because when it is above 38 ° C and persists for more than 3 days without succumbing to knocking the medication, then the child can have serious complications associated with the cardiovascular system.

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Ways to reduce

When the baby teething and fever to 39 degrees it is urgent to begin to address the health of the baby. You first need to eliminate colds and other diseases that exhibit this symptom, and for this purpose it is recommended to visit the pediatrician.

Next, you need to ventilate the room and it is desirable to humidify the air, it is possible to use special sprays or hang wet bed sheets. Then the baby should be given warm water and remove his clothes. These actions should bring down the temperature of the baby, but if after a while (1-2 hours) it is not passed, then you can do the next step.

Treatment with medication

When children have tooth temperature lasts for a long time, it is necessary to bring down, using medicines and is best for this purpose, suitable:

  • Температура при прорезывании зубов у детей: сколько держитсяThe paracetamol. For small children it comes in the form of syrup. You can also buy products based on paracetamol, for example Panadol or Nurofen. These medications quickly bring down the temperature and their composition is safe for children. When the temperature is above 38 °, the child can give the dose recommended for children, seeing it in the manual or after consulting with your doctor. In addition to the tablet form and syrup, you can put the little candle and in half an hour you will see the result;
  • Ibuprofen. Happens when the medicine based on paracetamol, after a while and not had the desired effect, and in such a situation, you need to change the drug. For this purpose it is possible to apply means which are based on ibuprofen and best suited baby Nurofen. Parents should be careful before you use this medicine as per the contraindications listed the age of 1 year;
  • Nimesulide. This remedy well is the temperature, but it is more toxic, therefore, without the appointment of a paediatrician to apply this medicine is not recommended. Of the most popular representatives can highlight the nays and nimesid;
  • Seduksen. In addition to antipyretics, baby you need to calm down and it does not interfere with the sedative. For a child will need a quarter of a pill, after which he will become much calmer and will be able to sleep well.

Thus, when you climb the teeth and there is a high temperature can no longer think about what to do, and immediately begin to help the child focusing on this list. As for aspirin and dipyrone, then it is better not to use at such a tender age, because the drugs are too toxic.

To alleviate the condition of the child when teething is the responsibility of every parent, but without consulting the doctor it is not recommended to give babies medicines and in this situation you can use physical method.

A physical way to alleviate

To avoid the risk of drugs, can make such methods of physical coercion:

  • Температура при прорезывании зубов у детей: сколько держитсяA rubdown. It can be done at least every 2 hours and prepare soft cloth and water at room temperature. Then undress the baby and start rubbing. Special attention should be paid to the hands, feet, armpits and groin area, as well as knee and elbow joints. Doing this procedure to make sure that the baby is not too cold, otherwise he might get sick;
  • Shower with warm water. This method is recommended to be 2-3 years after the procedure, you will notice that the baby has become easier both physically and mentally;
  • Constant fluid intake. If the baby will always drink cool or slightly acidic water, the temperature it will drop a bit and dehydration is no longer a threat.
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First, you need to prevent the increase of temperature while teething, and then start to reduce it. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, but you need to be patient.

Situation to reduce the temperature

Despite the fact that doctors do not recommend to lower a temperature less than 38 °, but in addition have a thermometer to look at the overall condition. If the child strongly cries and feels bad, you can give him a weak analgesic and sedative, he was able to sleep peacefully. In addition, if babies under 6 months of age have the neurological disease, the lower the temperature need to be mandatory.

Whether teething a fever or not is an important issue for all parents, and not to hurt the child to show him to the pediatrician, and then, following the instructions of the doctor, to help him through this difficult period.