The transparent bubbles in the mouth in the sky

The oral cavity is a mirror of the human body, which reflected the signs of infectious diseases, failures in vital systems and organs. In the mucosa can form ulcers, plaque, bubbles or cracks.

Because some diseases can appear transparent bubbles on the mucous membranes in your mouth? Cause of pathology can serve several ailments.

Burn mucous membranes

When drinking too hot liquids or food may burn the mucous membrane. Прозрачные пузырьки во рту на небеThere are 3 stages of lesions:

  • Redness of the tissues.
  • Appears watery, transparent bubble on the mouth.
  • Death and the rejection of the burned tissues.
  • If the burn is mild to moderate oral cavity need rinsing with antiseptic solutions, can make application anti-inflammatory gel on the affected areas. To heal, you should refrain from eating irritating foods that the blister didn’t show up, and the sky formed an ulcer.

    Herpetic stomatitis

    The disease causes the herpes virus, when it blisters with cloudy fluid on the palate, tongue, inside the lips, cheeks, mouth feels burning and itching. Can also marvel at the nasolabial triangle. Before the appearance of bubbles patients feel malaise, increased body temperature, mucous membranes sore and itchy, inflamed regional lymph nodes. Lesions are usually multiple, may coalesce into one vast hearth.

    After some time, the bubbles on the mucous membrane of the mouth spontaneously opened. In their place are erosion, upon accession infection may develop inflammation and ulcers to form. According to the severity of herpetic stomatitis can be mild, moderate and severe forms.

    Treatment is aimed at suppression of herpevirus. Patients prescribed regular treatment of oral cavity antiseptic on the affected areas cause the anti-inflammatory and pain medications. Inside are immunomodulators, vitamins and antiviral drugs.

    Dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring

    Is a skin disease caused by dysfunction of the intestines. Patients painful blisters on the skin and mouth mucous membranes. The external signs are very similar to a cold sore. Прозрачные пузырьки во рту на небеRashes come in different size and type may be tense with clear fluid, crusted, can be in the form of papules. Their appearance is preceded by General malaise, chills, itching, burning. Localized vesicles most often on the hard palate, the cheeks in the mouth. The disease is chronic in nature, so occasionally relapse.

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    After 3 days the bubbles on the mucous membrane of the mouth are opened to form erosion. After 3 days the wounds heal in their place remains inflamed area or a small scar.

    The disease can develop at any age, but most often affects men 30 -40 years. For the treatment prescribed drugs sulfonic series, vitamins, antihistamines, corticosteroids, special diet.

    Vesico-vascular syndrome

    People suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular disease in your mouth on the cheek, soft palate, the language can appear dense blister. It looks like a single red bubble, which is in the mouth up to 2 days. Such a manifestation is called gallbladder syndrome. The reason for the formation of blisters – rupture of small blood vessels in the oral cavity by increasing the blood pressure.

    After perforation of the bladder formed by erosion, which epithelialized 3-5 days. When infection occurs the abscess is formed deep trophic ulcer.

    Vesico-vascular syndrome occurs most often in women older than 40 years. The treatment is carried out under the supervision of a cardiologist.

    Exudative erythema multiforme

    Inflammatory disease of the mucous membranes and of the skin called erythema. The acute course is manifested by the formation of bubbles, papules, blisters in the mouth. For pathology with the appearance of long periodic Прозрачные пузырьки во рту на небеrecurrences. Localized rashes most often on the inside of the lips, cheeks, tongue, soft palate, floor of the mouth.

    Before the appearance of bubbles patients complain of General malaise, a temperature increase from 37 to 38, burning sensation in mouth, aching throughout the body. After appear erythematous spots that formed a bubble filled with serous fluid. Always present pain. Patients can’t talk or eat.

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    Blisters in a few days opened in their place are formed erosion, covered with fibrous plaque. When infection is the inflammation of wounds, sores covered by a yellow-gray patina, which is located in and on the teeth, the tongue. Inflamed regional lymph nodes, increased salivation.

    The aggravation lasts 2-3 weeks, healing of erosions occurs in 7-10 days without scarring tissue. Treatment consists of reception desensibiliziruyuschee, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins. Locally, spend antiseptic treatment of the oral cavity and erosions. A severe form of erythema being treated in hospital under medical supervision.


    The mouth appeared flaccid bladder is transparent, what is it? It can be a manifestation of autoimmune disease – pemphigus. Hurt her most people over the age of 50. The disease is of several types:

    • Прозрачные пузырьки во рту на небеPemphigus vulgaris manifests the holistic formation of bubbles, can join a candidiasis, you will see white cheesy plaque. Mouth odor. Later, the rash spreads throughout the body.
    • Pemphigus foliaceous. After opening the bubbles covered plate crusts, which are constantly forming new lesions. Formed a thick layer of crusts. If infection occurs, patients with rapidly deteriorating health, increased body temperature. Mucous membranes are rarely striking.
    • Vegetating pemphigus. When opening the bubbles formed by erosion, covered with crusts. It may be folding tongue.
    • Erythematous pemphigus. The first rash appear in the center of the face, taking the shape of a butterfly. The bubbles are covered with crusts at the rejection of which left scars. Later, the disease takes generalizovannoe for.

    Pemphigus is a dangerous disease that is benign or malignant, and therefore requires immediate treatment by a dermatologist and dentist.

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    Epidermolysis bullosa

    It is a genetic pathology that affects newborn children. The disease has several forms (simple, edge, dystrophic), depends on the clinical manifestations. In all its types observed islinenote of the skin and mucous membranes, with a minor injury may form a transparent vial of liquid in his mouth, in the sky, any area of the body.

    First, there is a tense blister, filled with turbid fluid in the affected area in your mouth. After its opening formed a painful erosion and ulcers, can join a candidiasis. After healing the deep wounds of scar tissue and cause deformation of the mucous membranes and malocclusion.

    Pathology can affect any internal organ, skin, bones, eyes, hair, and nails. Unfortunately, the pathology is incurable.