The treated teeth: if sick, do I need to treat them, prosthesis?

«Whether to treat milk teeth? Hurt if damaged milk teeth in children? Harmless methods of treatment?» is not the whole list of questions that arise from their parents.

The «Milkmen» small «life». Every parent knows that they will sooner or later change to permanent. Therefore, it argued that treatment of milk teeth is optional. It is actually much more complicated. Dairy – base for healthy growth of permanent, they affect the proper formation of the bite.

You need to treat milk teeth? Yes, and not only to treat, and daily to carry out prevention of diseases, so they survived to change on their own. One should be careful to take care of the oral hygiene of the child, because the enamel in children are not fully formed and pathogenic microorganisms attacking healthy tissue, causing tooth decay.

The specificity of the treatment

The causes of their diseases same reasons.

  • the rapid development of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • abuse of sweet and sour foods, particularly those containing refined sugars;
  • the poor hygiene of the oral cavity.

Лечение молочных зубов: болят ли, надо ли их лечить, протезировать?Doubts about whether or not immediately after the detection of caries to treat milk teeth will shatter, if you know what complications this disease can cause:

  • caries can lead to pulpitis and tooth loss;
  • absence of teeth – incorrect generation of occlusion and malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract due to insufficient chewing of food;
  • the germ of the permanent tooth may be completely destroyed due to the spread of infection.

The treatment of primary specific due to the fact that they are not mineralized and the pulp is exposed. According to statistics, most often by caries affects the milk molars. Their chewing surface and very bold, so it is difficult to completely clean. The holes accumulate bacteria, plaque and caries develops.

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Can sore teeth if the caries is not visible? Yes, it happens that the child complains of pain, but the visible signs of the disease there. In this case, the decision about whether it is necessary now to treat milk teeth should be taken by the dentist. Based on diagnostic data, it will determine the localization and degree of development of pathological process, as well as develop a treatment strategy. Depending on the stage of the disease can be filling, any type of amputation, prosthetics, or delete.

Parents are required to correctly configure the child psychologically. The child felt less fear, you need to talk to him on topics: painful to treat and to pull out the baby teeth, what will the physician do, what results are expected from therapeutic procedures, etc. the more information you get a little patient, the less his anxiety.


Лечение молочных зубов: болят ли, надо ли их лечить, протезировать?With early detection of dental caries, treatment can be quick and effective. The dentist applied a fluoride varnish, which protects tooth enamel and stopping the process of destruction. Does it hurt in such a way to treat milk teeth in children? Of course not. And this is the main advantages of the procedure.

When the decay has spread some more, perhaps the use of drugs based on silver. The method is effective in the event if no damage inside. The decision about whether it is necessary to treat in this way, the teeth must be taken after consultation with doctor: after the procedure, the enamel turns black, the color will persist until a natural loss.

If treated carious teeth in children with the help of sealing? Yes, if silver hold it’s late, and there is internal damage. The doctor removes the decayed areas and puts a seal which can be special quick-drying paste. Many parents are concerned about the question of whether sick during this procedure, baby teeth. Filling is performed under local anesthesia, pain is not.

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When tooth decay extends deeply, it causes inflammation of the bundle of vessels and nerves the pulp. This condition is called pulpitis.

Лечение молочных зубов: болят ли, надо ли их лечить, протезировать?Whether it is necessary when the pulp treat teeth children? Yes. In modern hospitals, this use of vital or devital extirpation. The difference is that in the first embodiment, the neuro-vascular bundle is removed at once, and the second – the first outbreaks were sacrificed, and the next appointment is deleted.

The channels are carefully processed mechanical and medicamentous way. Inflamed pulp is removed, and the wound cleansed with antiseptic. Then the channels are filled with anti-inflammatory paste, which after some time resolved.

The second method of vital amputation. In this scenario, is removed only the tip of the pulp, and a root part, we introduce a special treatment medication. It not only keeps the «nerve» alive, but also blocks the pain during and after treatment.

To treat the pulpitis milk teeth in children vital or devital method will be determined by the doctor, much depends on the extent of inflammation of the and practical experience the dentist.


Prosthetics in children – rehabilitation, preserving the function and structure of the dentition, its aesthetic appearance.

Is performed under local anesthesia or General anesthesia.

Лечение молочных зубов: болят ли, надо ли их лечить, протезировать?Dentures milk teeth is used in cases when they:

  • lost due to injury;
  • completely destroyed because of tooth decay;
  • the number changed due to pronounced inflammation.

Children’s frontal prosthesis is performed using strip-crowns. Cap is individually filled with a composite composition, and is placed on the incisor or canine. The composite hardens under the action of the curing light. After the cap is thrown, the surface is treated with a grinding machine.

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Molars restored with crowns made of medical steel. Since they are invisible to the surrounding area, color doesn’t matter. Metal crowns are cheaper than usual. Due to this children’s dental prosthesis, made possible a reliable and low cost recovery.

Regardless, sick or damaged baby teeth, a regular visit to the dentist. Often the disease can be detected only with special equipment and the appropriate knowledge. From an early age to familiarize your child with the hygienic procedures for the oral cavity, to produce to them a habit. Then the question about whether it is necessary to treat the patients milk teeth in children is not likely to be relevant.