There was a bump on the gums with pus: what to do?

Patients of the dental clinics treat such a complaint as a lump on the gums the child or adult. In this article, we are going to talk about where on your gums is a lump on the gums with pus that hurt when pressed, what to do if inflated in the lower jaw the ball on the gums.

Patients have noticed that over the tooth they have a white bump on the upper or lower gums, which does not necessarily hurt when pressed. In science it’s not called a hard lump on the gums. Exploring such education, the doctor calls it a cyst.

We determined that the ball is about one tooth on the gums – it’s a cyst. Inside it is filled with pus. But we will use both terms, so that readers could focus better on the issue of treatment.

The causes of the disease

Have lump with pus on your gum or have a child about the tooth or mouth, the lower jaw inside or between the folds of the mucosa? Read where it appears. Consider the reasons why you may receive this pathology (purulent bump on the gums) and what to do if it is discovered.

  • Caries or pulpitis
  • Появилась шишка на десне с гноем: что делать?First, the patient is faced with caries, that is, damage to the outer shells of the tooth, and then with the injury of soft tissues of the masticatory organ – pulpit. If you ignore the treatment of these diseases, the next step is periodontitis, inflammation adjacent to the tooth tissues. There begins the inflammation that eventually triggers the appearance of an abscess of the periodontium. In this place of the body pus has nowhere to drain, so it begins to accumulate in the gums. His quantity is increased until, until it forms a bump on the gums that will all exudate. This formation resembles a cyst.

    Note that pulpitis and periodontitis, though, and leads to one complication, have a different course. Pulpitis affects only the soft tissue of the teeth, while periodontitis spreads to the surrounding tooth tissue. Pulpitis can go into periodontitis, if a person ignores the treatment of the disease. In this case the nerves and connective tissue of the tooth will certainly die.

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  • Sealing of root canals
  • We have repeatedly noted that this procedure has many complications. One of them is the formation of cystic bubbles. Although this is a technically simple process, about 70% of cases the sealing of the canal are unsuccessful and the person is faced with complications. The reason lies in the fact that the doctor is not completely fills the canal with a filling material. In those places where the channel is not filled with material, can develop parasitic forms of bacteria. They cause infection and decay that extends further from the tooth to the surrounding tissue. When the number of pus becomes critical, as in the previous case, it breaks under the mucosa and forms a cystic formation.

  • Perforation of the tooth
  • Появилась шишка на десне с гноем: что делать?This relates to the error of stopping of root channels, although this complication can occur after other types of treatment. During the study of canal chewing on the doctor is it a special sharp tool. Perforation is accidental slippage of the tool and the creation of undesirable holes in the dense tissues of the tooth. In this «hole» can also get stuck bacteria, leading to further inflammation.

  • Periodontitis
  • In this case we are talking about periodontal abscess. In such a situation around the tooth forming deep pockets. Food gets stuck in them, which later leads to the development of cysts. Pus comes under the mucous membrane and grows a bump.

  • Other reasons
  • We have mentioned only the main points. Lump on gum after tooth extraction can also occur as a complications and evidence of the presence of purulent process in the jaw, between the cheek and gum, lip.

    Появилась шишка на десне с гноем: что делать?A bump on the gums of the child, there for the same reasons as an adult. Children’s bodies are fragile, so do not ignore this disease. Noticing the first signs of cystic formation in the mouth, hurry up with the baby to the doctor.

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    Next, we’ll talk about what to do if the gums of the child or adult appeared (got) festering lump. If the patient is a child or an adult, the essence of events is the same, if appeared on the site of an extracted tooth or over a tooth unpleasant bump. Read on.


    Cyst on the gums – the phenomenon unpleasant and few want to leave it without treatment. Sometimes, a bump on the gums is broken and in the mouth poured all of its contents. The patient may rejoice that his suffering is complete, but it is not that because the cyst appears in the presence of purulent inflammation. Even when a cyst has been eliminated, the inflammation has not disappeared, so the wound will constantly exude pus.

    No need to wait for such an outcome – finding the hardened white education, in a hurry to the dentist for help.

    What commonly happens at the reception:

  • Surgery
  • It’s clear that the doctor reveals the cyst to release the organism from the pus. Do not try to do it yourself. The doctor will take care not only that the operation went smoothly, and that the purulent exudate was not included in the blood vessels, because any infection in the lower or upper jaw in the skull is undesirable. It is especially dangerous when the cyst appears on the gums of the upper jaw. This bone and her organs are in close proximity to the brain.

  • The treatment of the patient’s tooth
  • We have already noted that the disappearance of the cysts does not solve the problem. The doctor will determine what the cause of the problem, and then prescribes a treatment according to the diagnosis. If there were periodontitis and pulpitis, the right decision is to remove all the contents of the channels and fill them with a filling material.

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    Substandard treatment

    Появилась шишка на десне с гноем: что делать?If the channel was previously sealed poorly, then you need to remove everything and repeat the procedure. We already described how to fix everything in this situation:

    • therapeutic decision. This is the case when the whole procedure is done from scratch. First, the doctor removes traces of primary canal filling, and then repeat all the steps again.
    • resection of the root apex. This treatment, during which a doctor removes only the tip of the root of the masticatory organ. This operation is relevant in that case, if a bad seal occurs only in this place. The surgeon makes a small puncture in the gums, through which enters a special tool. This method is good because it allows you to save the patient a lot of time and money;
    • two-in-one. In some cases it is necessary to apply therapy, and surgery. But it is very rare on such a decision, the doctor must inform the patient before treatment.

    In this article, we briefly discussed what it means when your gums on the jaw near the tooth or under a white bump with pus and it hurts or doesn’t hurt. Even if the lump appeared inside the mouth on the lower jaw, do not panic, but go to the doctor.