Tongue scraper and brush for cleaning

Carrying out daily hygienic procedures of the oral cavity, a focus only on the teeth, completely forgetting about the language. However, dentists all over the world is recommended for cleaning teeth and tongue. This is an important moment in the daily care of the oral cavity.

The necessity of the procedure

Скребок для языка и щетка для чисткиThe need for daily cleansing of language is confirmed by many scientific writings, where they say the benefits of this act to ensure the prevention of many dental problems, including caries with its effects, various inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes and other soft tissues.

The tongue is a muscular organ of the mouth, perform the functions of:

  • recheobrazovaniya;
  • forms chewed food into the clot and pushes it into the esophagus;
  • gustatory function responsible for the sense of taste through taste buds.

Appearance uniform, has microporosity and a space where there is a favorable moist, nutritious, oxygen-free environment where they can develop pathogenic microorganisms.

In the mucosa of the oral cavity are normal bacteria needed by the body and opportunistic that with reduced immunity can become pathogenic. For Example, Str.Sanguis is the cause of development of dental caries.

People, cleaning the tongue, 8 to 10 times have less inflammatory pathology of the oral cavity. If it does not perform, it increases the chance.

  • inflammation of the gums, mucous membranes of the mouth, tooth decay;
  • the formed plaque and Tartar leads to bad breath;
  • when speaking with the stench RAID active people feel uncomfortable in communicating with loved ones.

Why clean the tongue?

  • Removes pathogenic microflora with a touch.
  • With regular massage of the tongue during brushing is the stimulation of many internal organs.
  • It is easier to prevent illness, thereby fulfilling the prevention of different kinds of inflammation of the mouth.

Please take note, when the resulting coating on the tongue in the body likely there is a failure in the digestive system.

Proper cleansing

  • Скребок для языка и щетка для чисткиOnly when you cleaned your teeth and you rinse your mouth, you can do it cleaning.
  • This procedure requires a special scraper or a spoon, brush. It is necessary to first clean the lingual root, and then its the end of the one-way traffic. To clean first one half, then the next. Should move smoothly with little pressure.
  • After the longitudinal purification is necessary a couple of times with a brush handle tongue transversely, it is permissible to use toothpaste.
  • Then the mouth should be rinsed.

Vacuuming need?

Now there are a lot of different Goodies for hygiene of the oral cavity. Any person chooses at its discretion. Using the item correctly, the effect of purification will be the same.

A tongue scraper is one of the main places in the process of cleaning. It consists of plastic, has the form of a nozzle with locomotorium tip. It perfectly removes plaque on the tongue, cheeks. Using rinse, the cleaning quality will be better. Treatment with hot water and soap after each use is required. Is changing it as well as a toothbrush.

Скребок для языка и щетка для чисткиYou can apply for this hygienic measures the brush–scraper. It is a combination of two subjects in one. Form it is oblong in shape and rounded, with soft bristles. The flatness in her form greatly simplifies the purification process, the most important thing is not to provoke the gag reflex. One party also may have a rubberized or plastic wave-shaped strip, the other covered with bristles.

Toothbrush cleaner our language is also quite suitable. Her head has several functions. Front side covered with bristles, and the rear is represented by a rubberized tab, very easy to cleanse. Change your toothbrush is necessary once a quarter.

Even the care of the oral cavity can be carried out with a special spoon. It has a elastic plastic of the head with the tip in the shape of a spoon, with which you can delicately and effectively carry out the cleansing procedure.

What about the children?

The clear language of a newborn is not necessary. But when the first tooth appears, dentists recommend to do it. Simple brush for language processing is not suitable. Until eighteen months of age, the child cleaning the teeth and the mucous membrane is carried out with a brush of the fingertip. The working surface of such a brush is represented by lint from silicone, or be corrugated.

When the hygienic procedure for the child, this brush is worn on the finger and not the sharp clean movements in the same sequence as the adult. In the least processed of the cheeks and rinsed his mouth. Cleaning not recommended the use of toothpaste.

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