Tongue-tie in a newborn

If a kid acts up and refuses breast feeding, most parents condone this behavior pain in the tummy or psychosomatic problems. Most often, the pathology of the structure of language noticed during the inspection of doctors. Meanwhile, it is short frenulum becomes the main obstacle between baby and breastfeeding.

What is the problem?

Короткая уздечка языка у новорожденногоFrenulum – a thin ligament between the lower jaw and tongue. The «right» tie reaches the middle of the language, and if it is attached to the tip is to consider it as short. Cropped jumper will primarily affect the mobility of the tongue and «wrong» moves it forward

Usually this pathology even notice in the hospital and immediately eliminate it, but often problems are detected the parents after discharge. The easiest way to notice a short frenulum in children who are breastfed. The symptoms can include the following:

  • the baby cannot hold the breast in your mouth for a long time;
  • during feeding, the mother feels pain and discomfort: the child is constantly chewing and bites the nipple;
  • the low activity of the baby with continuous feeding;
  • after eating baby spits up, the problem starts with the tummy, colic;
  • the child is constantly hungry and not gaining weight;
  • due to the fact that the baby bad sucking the breast, the mother begins lactose.

Causes and consequences

Short frenulum (jumper) language in the newborn is congenital malformation, and occurs once per thousand infants, often suffer from the boys.

Короткая уздечка языка у новорожденногоOn the formation of the frenulum affects a huge number of factors:

  • the course of pregnancy;
  • heredity;
  • behavior future moms, bad habits, and improper diet;
  • early morning sickness;
  • the use of hormonal medications or antibiotics during pregnancy (especially first and last trimester);
  • stress and depression;
  • injury;
  • infection;
  • age pregnant most often, the problems appear in babies born after forty.

Tongue-tie such a structure in newborns leads to OGRANICHENNOY the mobility of language that affects primarily on the sucking function, and malnutrition leads to stunted growth and development.

It adversely affects psychology: feeding the baby is experiencing discomfort, irritation and pain, therefore the mother’s breast is associated not so much with food, but with unpleasant consequences.

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Короткая уздечка языка у новорожденногоHave a lot of trouble and the share of breastfeeding mothers: the child pressed her mouth directly to the nipple, not the entire halo. Trying to get food the baby is off the breast, then again the application requires; cries, bites and can act aggressively.

If the problem is not corrected in infancy, the second wave of unpleasant consequences will emerge closer to three years: short frenulum prevents the proper formation of the bite and teeth, there are speech problems – some sounds child say can not. If you do not eliminate the trouble in time later to rectify the situation fail and Lisp, most likely, will remain forever.

How to check the bridle

The optimum length of the frenulum of the tongue in an adult is about 2-3 cm, for a baby is at least 8 mm. Determine the length you can visually by simple inspection: it is necessary to pull a little lower lip of the baby, so he opened his mouth. Tongue-tie should not be too close to the gums.

Improper bridle while crying the baby’s language will develop in the form of a boat. If there is a jumper near the tip of the tongue and he barely touches the lips – probably a necessary correction.

Easier to spot the problem in children after two years, during the formation of speech. When the child pronounces some sounds incorrectly, parents rush to children’s speech therapist, and it is this specialist detects deformation of the jumper.

How to fix?

Короткая уздечка языка у новорожденногоIndependently from the disease can not get rid of and need the intervention of professionals. But especially do not worry: to fix the problem very easily, contraindications and adverse effects not available.

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To get rid of this congenital anomalies using two methods: a simple surgical intervention or a complex of articulation exercises. Babies-infants, the frenulum is usually trimmed with a laser or with scissors, often the procedure is performed in the first days of life.

To cut the jumper must be in the first week: after some time, the mouth becomes more susceptible to surgical interventions. This happens because blood vessels close to the far end podjazykovoj strand, near the root of the tongue. Early surgery is easy, to calm down the baby helps the mother’s breast.

The procedure takes a few minutes for the anesthetic during surgical intervention is not used: nerve endings in the tissues of the mucous membrane has not yet formed, so the pain the baby will feel it. The incision heals in about a day, surgical sutures will resolve quickly, and the seam will not cause any discomfort.

In any symptoms cropped jumper to tell about your suspicions need the pediatrician during routine examination: to diagnose the anomaly will surely be able doctor. It is desirable to carry out the correction of up to one year, if the defect was detected after three years is necessary to address to the surgeon or the dentist-orthodontist. After five years of operation are rare, the skills the child has already been formed and the correction will be able to save the child from problems.