Treatment of gums with periodontitis folk remedies

Periodontitis is a severe pathology of the soft tissues surrounding the tooth. It all begins with a simple gingivitis, in which gums are slightly swollen and there is a small discomfort during hygiene procedures and eating. Then the problem is aggravated and causes a degeneration of bone tissue of the alveolar process. Against this background, increased periodontal pocket, and there are various germs and debris, which then cause destruction of the ligaments holding quite a healthy tooth. On this basis, the knowledge of how to effectively treat periodontitis the gums will be useful to anyone who wants to keep your smile healthy.

Symptoms of pathology

Лечение десен при пародонтите народными средствамиIn periodontal pocket microbes multiply and leave behind toxic substances which inflammation increases and the pus emerges, and with it the taste of metal and fetid breath. In addition, worse pain and in advanced cases, increased lymph nodes under the lower jaw.

Enhances inflammation, accumulated in the periodontal pocket, a layer of plaque and Tartar, which must be clean with tools or ultrasound in the dentist’s office. It must be done as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll have to undergo a long course of treatment and to rebuild the bone tissue.

Factors affecting the disease

Experts say these are the most common causes of periodontitis as:

  • Лечение десен при пародонтите народными средствамиLack of ascorbic acid and as a consequence of the inability of the organism to resist infections and pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Excessive accumulation of pathogens, which triggers a defensive reaction and produced substances able to destroy soft bone and tissue surrounding the tooth and the ligament that holds it;
  • Tartar. With poor oral hygiene teeth accumulate plaque, which can be cleaned with a regular brush. Deposits can be easily removed with daily cleaning, but if you do not perform this procedure, they harden and become dental stones and to remove them only in the dentist’s office.

All these causes can be prevented by oral hygiene and visiting the dentist for preventive purposes.

If it can’t be prevented, it is necessary to know what periodontitis gum treatment will be most effective and whether it is possible to use folk remedies for this.

Treatment of pathology

Лечение десен при пародонтите народными средствамиThe treatment of this disease should appoint a doctor, after inspection. Advanced stages may require bone grafting and the scrubbing of the stones and plaque by cutting the gums, followed by a long course of antibiotics, but in the early stages can be limited to professional cleaning and folk remedies from periodontitis.

If the dentist has determined the severity of the disease as an average, you may need only to clean, buy special toothpastes and gels, for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis.

In a lighter stage can be limited to professional cleaning and rinsing and lotions from recipes, but before applying them should consult a doctor.

Folk medicine for the treatment of

It is impossible to underestimate periodontitis, because it is a serious disease and if not treated in time, you can lose perfectly healthy teeth. In addition, the course of therapy cannot be interrupted immediately after removing the symptoms to the pathology did not come back again.

Regardless of the stage of the disease, to diagnose and to prescribe its treatment can only a doctor and with any severity of periodontitis is recommended to combine therapy in the clinic with the use of folk remedies medicine and then the effect will be much better.

Manual for the preparation of traditional medicine:

  • The oil from sea buckthorn and fir has a soothing and antiseptic effect. It is necessary to take components in equal quantity and mix them in one container. Next, you need to twist the bandage in several layers and heavily soak it with this mixture. After this, massage the gums and interdental spaces about 15 minutes. The movement should be smooth and accurate, not to hurt the already inflamed soft tissue, and this process can be repeated more than 2 times;
  • Лечение десен при пародонтите народными средствамиThe infusion of the buds of the Linden and calendula relieves inflammation and helps heal wounds. To make it, you need to take the flowers in equal proportions and put them in the pan, and then pour it with boiling water and leave in this state for half an hour. After that, the infusion need to strain that there is only the liquid part. Do a rinse obtained by the tool after each meal, but in General 3-4 times a day;
  • A decoction of oak bark is useful because of its main component, which has tannins and antioxidants able to reduce the inflammation and prevent its occurrence. He reduces the number of pathogens in the mouth. To prepare this broth should take 3 tablespoons of the main ingredient and pour boiling water. Then using the water bath to warm it for half an hour. This gentle method preserves the healing properties of oak bark in full. When the broth has cooled, it can be strained and the resulting liquid, if necessary add boiling water to it was not less than 250-300 ml. the best effect this remedy shows in the first two days, and it must be stored in a refrigerator or other cool place. A day can be used any number of times, but it is important that after a meal rinsing must be done;
  • Tincture of oak bark. Has all the useful properties of broth, but stronger antiseptic effect of alcohol and in it can be stored much longer. Of the minuses can be noted that doing it in advance, because the mixture should infuse for at least 7-10 days. Need to grind a tablespoon of oak bark and pour it to 500 ml of alcohol, and then leave to infuse. Apply tincture should morning and evening processing it gums;
  • A decoction of Linden and sunflower is well suited to remove the formed plaque and can soften the plaque at an early stage of its formation. You need to take 4 tablespoons of those ingredients which must be dried and grinded, and then pour a liter of boiling water and let cook for one hour. After which it you need to drain and rinse after hygienic procedures.

To use these methods can be no more than two weeks, and then come for a visit to the doctor, and for best results they should be combined with traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine

Traditional methods of treatment used at any stage of periodontitis and these include such drugs as:

  • Лечение десен при пародонтите народными средствамиCreams and ointments are fat-based. Doctors suggest not to use them due to the fact that they do not penetrate into the mucous membrane of the gums and due to fail in the treatment of diseases;
  • Gels. Unlike creams, they are firmly fixed on the mucosa and are well absorbed in the gums, but should be used after cleaning them from stones and plaque, but otherwise the treatment effect will be short-lived, and the disease itself will leak without any symptoms;
  • Toothpastes against periodontitis have a local impact. It removes swelling and reduces pain, but without removing the stones and plaque, the disease will occur without symptoms and eventually there will be unsteadiness of the teeth, which a cure is not so simple.

Regardless of which was selected by means of a periodontal disease, you must first remove the cause, and only then to combine traditional and folk methods of treatment, otherwise the problem will not go away and will gradually destroy the bone and the connecting ligaments of the tooth.

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