Treatment of periodontal disease at home

The treatment of periodontitis in the home seems quite tempting lesson: no need to go to the doctor and endure the not always pleasant manipulation, involves the use of cheap and natural products. How effective are these methods and can get rid of this unpleasant and very dangerous disease? Answer to this question in this article.

Periodontitis worse caries

Лечение пародонтита в домашних условияхPeriodontitis on the frequency of diagnosis takes the second place after caries, but tooth loss occurs more often because of this disease. The reason is that in this disease is the destruction of the supporting ligaments of the, atrophy of the jaw bone, suppurative processes. The consequence of all of the above is the first loosening of the teeth, and then hair loss. With esteticheskoi point of view, periodontitis looks terrible blackened or yellowed at the base of the teeth, Tartar, bad breath. For this reason, to treat the disease as soon as possible, in this case, the probability of preserving teeth and maintain overall oral health is very high.

What causes periodontitis

Before to treat periodontitis, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of the disease and eliminate the causes. Otherwise, count on achieving success.

Improper oral hygiene, lack of regularity of dental care the occurrence of periodontitis is inevitable.

For many years at the base of the tooth to accumulate plaque, which eventually thickens and turns into Tartar, called dental plaque. This formation contains many harmful bacteria that destroy the enamel and then the entire tooth.

If the stone is not removed, the first inflammation of the gums, which leads eventually to the formation of the tooth-gingival pocket. Communication gums with the tooth surface, in the cavity penetrate the bacteria, which from time to time causes suppurative processes. The apotheosis of this pathological process is the degradation of the tooth supporting apparatus.

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Home treatment

How to treat at home, periodontal disease is a mystery. Some suggest rinsing the mouth with decoctions of herbs, various oils, but few will tell whether these methods completely rid the patient of this disease.

Лечение пародонтита в домашних условияхIndeed, gargle infusions, decoctions of herbs can significantly improve the condition of the gums, strengthen them, but, unfortunately, completely eliminate the problem they can not. However, the use of such therapy is able to provide invaluable assistance in the treatment of periodontitis the dentist.

The main problem of such dental patients is the lack of skills of proper teeth brushing and willpower for regular hygiene of the oral cavity. It is very important to learn the optimal brushing technique, otherwise, even dental care can be inefficient.

Treatment at home and in dentistry

It is impossible to successfully treat periodontitis without removing dental plaque (stone) and cleaning of the gingival pockets. Only professional dental care can purify the formed cavity to eliminate bacteria growth in the deposits on the teeth. In addition, when surgical manipulation fails to restore the connection of the gums to the tooth, to stimulate the recovery of the supporting apparatus. Treatments at home will help to consolidate the effect and to rehabilitate the oral cavity.

X-ray examination is extremely informative and gives the doctor important information about the degree of destruction of bone around the teeth, allowing you to adjust the tactics of treatment.

Homemade treatments

Treatment of periodontal disease at home is a set of activities carried out independently, regularly and in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Consider the basic recipes used for rinsing and ready medical pastes and gels.

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Medicinal plants and medicated oils

Treatment of periodontitis in the home with the help of medicinal plants helps to relieve inflammation and heal damaged areas.

Лечение пародонтита в домашних условияхBest proven these recipes:

  • The root of comfrey (dry) pour boiling water and infuse for 12 hours. The infusion is filtered, rinsing is carried out three times during the day. In the result, subside inflammation and pain.
  • Oak bark reduces bleeding gums and inflammation. The proportions are as follows: a tablespoon of shredded bark in a liter of boiling water, boil for quarter of an hour.
  • Calendula and lime flowers mixed in equal parts, and then tablespoon of the mixture pour half a liter of boiling water. Rinse cold infusions should be held in the mornings and evenings.
  • Chamomile and sage are mixed in a 1:1 ratio and poured boiling water. Use the infusion after cooling. The filtered solution rinse your mouth for several minutes, paying special attention to problem areas. This reduces bleeding and the symptoms of inflammation. The course of treatment is two weeks.
  • Лечение пародонтита в домашних условияхThe great value has a gum massage. Thanks to him, the healing process and accelerate blood circulation, increased metabolism in the tissues of the gums.

    Well established massage using a mixture of fir and sea buckthorn oil. For this piece of bandage dipped in the oil mixture, put on the finger and massage the gums for about ten minutes.

    The best antiseptic of the essential oils – tea tree oil, in addition, it powerfully stimulates the regeneration processes. Apply a few drops of oil on your fingertips and massage the gums a few minutes.

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    Medical products for home use

    Can be very effective to treat periodontitis with dental tools in the form of gels or ointments. They have an antibacterial effect and promote healing of damaged Лечение пародонтита в домашних условияхtissues. Such drugs include:

    • Metrogyl-Denta;
    • The treatment;
    • Ortofen.

    All these products contain in their composition antiseptics and antibiotics, eliminate symptoms, improve the periodontal status and the effect on the cause of the disease. Very effective use of antiseptics. They are used for applications or mouthwash. These include: chlorophyllin, Miramistin, chlorhexidine, and dimexide.

    Treated salt

    The saline solution is prepared from the calculation: tea spoon with a hill of salt in a glass of warm water. After complete dissolution, you can begin rinsing. The treatment is not limited, ideally to the recovery. Salt not only promotes healing but also is a natural antiseptic, its solution has a healing effect and improves tissue metabolism.

    The abundance of natural and pharmacological agents leaves no place for the question — what is the at home to treat periodontitis. The only condition of success – a systematic implementation of the recommendations of the doctor and regular oral hygiene.