Treatment of the flux on the gums with folk remedies

Currently, anyone had problems with the oral cavity. It is not important, evolving technology or not. The most common problem is the formation of the flux on the gums. In fact it is simple inflammation, which flows into the swelling of the gums and numerous pain. To get rid of all ailments, you can use a folk remedy for a flux. They can not only reduce discomfort, but also to get rid of painful sensations. Such problems are faced even a few decades ago. This implies that over the entire period of mankind’s collected a huge amount of medical supplies and prescriptions.

The causes of the disease

Лечение флюса на десне народными средствами

The most simple and common reason is tooth decay on tooth enamel. It is the deformation of gingival tissue and the occurrence of the disease. Also do not forget the poor treatment and incomplete process. They provoke a variety of pain and destruction of tooth enamel. If to speak very simply, the hole penetrates the infection, which causes inflammation. No less common causes are periodontitis and politic.


First, the occurrence of swallowed gum with a subsequent increase in pain. A few days may experience an abscess, a kind of pus. To avoid this, you can use the flux treatment folk remedies. They will help to get rid of a toothache and to experience the fullness of life.

Second, high temperature. She reaches 38 degrees, and sometimes more. Severe pain may be transferred to the head, the eye and the ear. Your condition will be very sluggish and tired.

Third, there is fistulous course in the gums. Through it comes the purulent formation, which is not very nice. Small features should include the cessation of inflammation in this scenario. This is the most difficult stage, which causes numerous pain and becomes chronic. In this connection, you need to treat the flux on the gums folk remedies. Only such approach allows to reduce the formation of impurities on the tooth enamel.

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Лечение флюса на десне народными средствами

Now there are two ways of treatment:

  • conservative –its base is built on the treatment of expensive drugs;
  • operational – involves a small incision and installed a drainage. This is necessary in order to pus formation out without difficulty. If the main reason is a toothache, then just delete.


Diagnostic operations are performed on a visual basis, with a simple x-ray. This is necessary in order to confirm the disease and to establish the stage of development. If this is not done, we will have to resort to folk remedies from the flux on the gums.


Here we come to the interesting part. Let’s look at some of the popular means by which to get rid of a toothache and to cure the flux:

  • The first thing is the Assembly tool. It is a mixture of oak bark, calamus root, sage leaves and nettle. Last we need to take 10 gr. All this should fill in a small jar and pour 1 ml. of boiled water. Leave to infuse for 2 hours. After this infusion should strain through cheesecloth and use as directed. Rinse your mouth as often as possible, until the pain disappear;
  • Also do not forget about the healing compress. For its preparation you need to take 300 gr. vodka or boiled water and pour in six tablespoons of the mixture. In the latter part of the sage, goričnike and Senegalese. After that, all mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. Leave for several hours and strain the resulting texture. Use this folk remedy for toothache and gumboil is very simple. You need to take a cotton wool moistened in the solution and apply to the aching tooth;
  • A decoction Melissa is very popular. To make it, take 4 tablespoons of powder and Melissa is poured into two glasses of boiled water. The mixture needs to steep for 4 hours. Then it is filtered into a small container. Ready Otar designed to rinse the mouth;
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    Лечение флюса на десне народными средствами

  • The therapeutic composition is a mixture of one teaspoon of sugar, salt and five drops of vinegar. If desired, add black pepper. This mixture boil on the fire until a thick consistency. At the stage of cooling the composition to attach to the sore spot and hold for a few minutes. The pain should go away;
  • The most complicated treatment for the flux on the gums folk remedies include tincture on the basis of the Highlander. For its preparation you need to mix two portions of knotweed and one Cup of water. This mixture must be put on fire and bring to a boil. At this stage, it must pass 5 min After cooling and straining can be used for other purposes. That is to rinse your mouth. This method is very well relieves toothache and syndrome;
  • Often use sage leaves. With ago known that they have curative and preventive properties. Because of this, modern physicians and used for the treatment of the flux on the gums. For the preparation you will need green tea and sage in equal amounts. This mixture should be brewed and left to stand for 30 minutes. After that, all strain and add one spoon of salt. According to the composition need to rinse your mouth throughout the day. The more the better.
  • Prevention

    The disease appears due to the neglect of dental health. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow some tips:

    • brush your teeth morning and evening;
    • toothbrush buy soft;
    • pasta must be fluorine;
    • to visit the dentist less frequently than 2 times per year;
    • eat fruits and vegetables.