Vector therapy in dentistry: treatment of periodontal disease

Inflammatory processes in the gums require quality and timely treatment. Often surgery is performed, which pushes patients to interrupt treatment. Painless cure of periodontal disease in a single session will help the treatment Vector.

Gum problems

Most often there are two types of gum disease is gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the tissue around the tooth. The symptoms of this disease faced by almost every Вектор терапия в стоматологии: лечение пародонтозаwoman during pregnancy. For gingivitis characterized by superficial inflammation of the gums that leads to tooth loss in the event of timely treatment.

Periodontal disease is characterized by degenerative tissue changes that lead to exposure of the root of the teeth. This, in turn, is the cause of tooth loss.

Gum disease causes serious discomfort and force the patient to abstain from certain foods, which may damage the already irritated gums. For the treatment of these diseases are both surgical and non-surgical methods. The most popular camera Vector, which is effectively used for the treatment of periodontitis.

For diseases of the gums characterized by the following symptoms:

  • bleeding;
  • swelling;
  • pain while eating;
  • loosening of the teeth;
  • the loss of teeth.

Periodontal disease require prompt treatment. Otherwise, untreated periodontal disease will lead to tooth loss.

Cause of inflammation of the periodontium is most often a bacterial infection which the body’s immune system alone can not handle.

Вектор терапия в стоматологии: лечение пародонтозаThe cause of the infection is often plaque, Tartar and other deposits which are favorable environment for bacteria.

In addition to the loss of healthy teeth, untreated periodontal disease, there is a certain risk of the following problems:

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  • cardiovascular disease;
  • stroke;
  • digestive problems;
  • inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract.

Disease in the initial stage is much easier to treat than advanced forms of inflammatory processes of the gums, therefore, if you notice the first symptoms, you must consult a doctor.

Treatment of periodontal diseases

Many people refuse to qualified treatment, thereby independently agreeing to the loss of teeth. This is due to the fear of treatment, which, in the opinion of patients must be very painful.

To treat the problem using the following methods:

  • remove deposits under the gum tissue and treatment of pockets;
  • splinting of teeth;
  • patchwork operation;
  • vector therapy.

The first three methods involve a discomfort and unpleasant sensations, while the system Vector used in dentistry to treat gum allows you to quickly and painlessly solve the problem.

Features vector therapy

Gum disease develops due to pathogenic microorganisms due to plaque or Tartar. Brushing helps to remove accumulated only on the enamel, but the space between tooth root and gum cleaning not be. For cleansing periodontal pockets surgical methods are used, however, this procedure is very complicated, time consuming and painful.

Вектор терапия в стоматологии: лечение пародонтозаThe unit Vector operates on the principle of ultrasonic vibrations. Precisely directed ultrasonic waves act directly on the tissue while not harming the gums and the tooth root. For cleansing periodontal pockets uses a special composition, which serves as a conductor of ultrasonic vibrations.

Vector therapy in modern dentistry allows you to achieve the following result:

  • professional teeth cleaning and effective removal of hard deposits and plaque;
  • treatment of periodontal disease;
  • prophylactic therapy of gum diseases;
  • treatment of inflamed tissue around the tooth or implant.
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During treatment of the affected area used polishing slurry, which cover the teeth to protect from further infection. Brushing your teeth with the help of vector therapy allows you to delicately remove all of the deposits and stop the progressing of the inflammatory process.

The unit vector for the treatment of gum disease allows you to completely disinfect the entire mouth at the micro level in just one session, thereby kupirovan inflammatory process.

The advantages of vector therapy

Procedure Vector in modern dentistry is used to reduce the depth of periodontal pockets and has virtually no contraindications. Vector-therapy is also shown during pregnancy, for the treatment of inflammatory processes of periodontitis. The only contraindication is the wearing of a pacemaker, which under the action of ultrasonic vibrations may not work properly.

  • Вектор терапия в стоматологии: лечение пародонтозаDuring the procedure, the patient does not feel pain, with no psychological discomfort, as it does not require the injection of anesthesia.
  • The Vector used in dentistry, is the only method used for hygiene and prevention of oral cavity in the presence of the crowns and implants.
  • Dental device for treatment of periodontal diseases Vector stimulates the reduction of periodontal pockets, resulting in the recovery and attachment of gum tissue to the tooth root. Swelling, bleeding and inflammation are after the first session.
  • Only one session of vector-therapy is enough to keep the patient’s quality of life has improved significantly. After the procedure is bleeding, disappears bad breath and discomfort during eating.
  • Using the apparatus and carried out effective deep cleaning of teeth and if necessary, set the micro-seals, which hide small cracks in the enamel.
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    After the procedure should be regularly checked by a periodontist. Treatment of periodontal disease and periodontitis by the Vector is performed in one session, but in advanced cases may require repeated therapy, which can be carried out not earlier than six months.