Viral stomatitis in children: symptoms and treatment of the child

In today’s world we are often faced with a variety of pathogens causing disease. Contact with the virus, including. Our immune system works as a guard at the entrance of penetrating pathogens. And sometimes defenses don’t work against the weakened state (illness (measles, flu), stress, and other factors), thereby causing development of the disease. Viral stomatitis is manifested in the child in the oral cavity inflammatory symptoms. Causes inconvenience in everyday life on the background of pain and discomfort. Treatment of viral stomatitis in children are tools, aimed at addressing the causes and pathogenetic manifestations, antiviral therapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, herbal infusions and other methods of influence.


Often the emergence of a viral disease in a child caused by weakness of the immune system. Infants, children of preschool and school age. The effect of causal factors in stomatitis virus begins to exert its influence after situations that triggered the decay of immunity. These include infectious diseases, hypovitaminosis, nervous overstrain. The basic points, predisposing to the action of etiological factors:

  • diseases of the organs and tissues of the oral cavity: caries, its complications, diseases of periodontal tissues and the delayed examination at the dentist;
  • the decay of the immune force;
  • the irritating the mucous membrane of the food;
  • malocclusion;
  • stress, hypothermia;
  • hypovitaminosis and lack of minerals;
  • inappropriate hygiene of the body;
  • infectious diseases in the past;
  • Pets are like vectors;
  • contact with patients with acute symptoms of the disease;
  • injuries from mechanical action in the mouth;
  • on the background of treatment with antibiotics;
  • sleep disorders: lack of sleep or increased activity.

Вирусный стоматит у детей: симптомы и лечение ребенкаViral stomatitis in children occurs mainly after suffering a herpes infection, measles, adenovirus infection, influenza, or after contact with the media (droplet transmission, household items, toys, tableware, personal hygiene items), provided the reduced barrier forces of the body. As a rule, immunity up to 3 years the child is reduced and because if the media is present in the family – a high risk of infection. In adults, the manifestations may last from 3 to 14 days. In this period stomatitis virus in an adult especially contagious for the child. After a period without manifestations stomatitis virus transformered to the stage of clinical manifestations, and after 8 days of symptoms stomatitis virus transformirovalsya in a form that is not dangerous for children.

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The symptoms of the disease

Often viral stomatitis are similar to other diseases, referred to in the oral cavity: influenza, ARVI, tonsillitis. The child has stomatitis virus causes severe painful events. Viral stomatitis is indicated by the following similar symptoms:

  • unbalanced state: the nervousness, the defect of sleep, moodiness, tearfulness, lethargy;
  • hyperthermia;
  • a decay of appetite;
  • pain in the head and throat;
  • painful, slightly increased lymph nodes;
  • pain in the mouth, aggravated by eating;
  • unpleasant odor from the mouth;
  • bleeding gums, Spokane mucosa, painful sores with a touch, when removing which there is bleeding;
  • the increase in saliva, pain on swallowing.

Rash stomatitis virus can be identified on the gingival mucosa, lips, palate, tongue on day 3 from contact with a carrier, in the form of rounded vesicles with transparent content surrounded by swollen and reddened base, after opening ulcers covered quickly bloom. The stomatitis virus quickly associated infection present in the mouth, causing the development of purulent inflammation. In case of accidental injury appears quickly bleeding from the wound surface.

Вирусный стоматит у детей: симптомы и лечение ребенкаThese characteristics clearly can be seen in the photo:

Over time, with stomatitis viral child refuses to drink liquid and take foods that may lead to asthenic condition of the body. If time does not provide treatment, possible complications in the embodiment of necrotic ulcers of the mucous membranes.


At the initial stage of the development process often viral stomatitis can be confused with angina at the background of the common symptoms. Difficult to diagnose in young children because articulation skills are still not developed. Older children are specified points that could provoke the decay of immunity, as well as contact with ill person. Examination of oral cavity in infant will give the following information: swelling, redness of the gums, small size ulcers, severe pain upon contact (showing tears).

It is also dangerous dislocation of viral transformation on the remaining part of the mucosa and organs of the mouth: the gums, palate, tongue, with the transition even on the nose. Because the parents had noted these symptoms and treatment to start at home, high probability of complications in diagnosing. A child is forced to drink hot liquids for the throat, worsening the condition of the damaged mucosa thereby.


How to treat stomatitis in a child? Taken into account the following factors: time of treatment, age category, immunity. Apply:

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  • irrigation of the oral cavity anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs;
  • treatment of the affected areas in correlation to the stage with an ointment, oil solution;
  • correction of symptoms (pain, hyperthermia): analgesics, antipyretics.

At the dentist for children is carried out irrigation of the wound surface with a solution of chlorhexidine digluconate of 0.05%. Then possible to gently remove plaque and gently smear the oil solution of vitamin A, E; sea buckthorn oil. An important feature of therapy is the application in the period of ulcers wound healing gels and ointments. To the common therapy prescribed use of antiviral drugs: acyclovir per os.

Immunomodulatory effects to stabilize barrier functions: immudon per os. You need to use drugs with antiviral and immunostimulating activity: Viferon, genferon ® and others. To promote healing is prescribed vitamin therapy directional: aevit (vitamins A and E). Antipyretics (Panadol) and analgesics (Analgin) in the presence of appropriate symptoms, use according to instructions.

Treatment at home

For home use used medicinal herbal teas as a rinse: chamomile, sage, calendula has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. And also you can use for treatment method of pristinia products of industrial production: Miramistin, tantrum Verde. Miramistin may be used for rinsing. Photos of the drug is inserted below.

Вирусный стоматит у детей: симптомы и лечение ребенка

Drug therapy is performed without the use of antibiotics unless secondary infection and subsequent inflammation purulent character.

Peculiarities of irrigation of viral stomatitis in children: the use of a rubber pear. It is important to give as much fluid as possible to the child, because the stomatitis is inherent in the expressed symptoms of intoxication, which subsequently lead to dehydration, which is manifested in the weakness of the child. Child nutrition in stomatitis virus should be balanced: consistency of cream, and sour cream. The emphasis is on dairy products, cereals. Meat and fish must be pre-minced in a meat grinder.

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Excludes use with stomatitis virus can cause allergies products and annoying food. Hygiene: the child must be separate utensils and for washing. In infants with stomatitis virus produce wash mother’s breast before each feeding. Possible contact of the child with other family members limit. I was recommended to go to the family of antiviral course of prevention to avoid getting infected.


Viral stomatitis is a disease of infectious etiology. To prevent infection it is necessary to restrict or not to contact a carrier of this disease. In need of a permanent oral hygiene, the body in General, preventive check-UPS from specialists, the dentist 2 times a year. Also an important point in the prevention stomatitis virus is to maintain at the optimum level of protective properties of the body: diet and lifestyle. Eating fruits, vegetables, herbs. Finding outdoors, playing sports.