What teeth are children: schematic change of the constant

Despite the fact that there are many diagrams and tables that describe what teeth are children with dairy on the regular and when they fall, there are parents who do not know these subtleties. Is not attentive to the health of your child is a serious mistake that can result in abnormal occlusion and various pathologies in the oral cavity.

On the other hand, you need to understand that the body of each child is unique and do not need to strictly focus on the table, for example, if some children a change of milk teeth to permanent occurred early and others a little later, it is not a deviation. Because the development of the baby depends on many factors, such as climate, daily diet, use vitamins, etc., so deviations from the schedule within six months valid.

The types of molars and features of the eruption

Indigenous are called without exception, all teeth and divide them into milk and permanent, with the first children drop out and in their place appear the second, so mothers do not need to chew when they change, it is unlikely that the child will feel discomfort. This can be assured, since the root will gradually erode due to the pressure put upon it by the tooth Bud, which grows directly over it, for this reason, the process of change is not actually there, unlike the eruption in infants.

To better understand what milk teeth change in children and at what age this happens, you need to know as they are known in dentistry:

Какие зубы меняются у детей: схема смены молочных на постоянные

  • The incisors. They usually erupt first and take positions in the center and the side of them. In both jaws incisors only 4 pieces and they are used for biting pieces of food;
  • Fangs. Located behind the incisors on both jaws them in 2 pieces. The function of the canines included holding and tearing off pieces of food;
  • Premolars (small molars). In the mouth of an adult person of 8 pieces, four on each jaw. The function of the premolar is to grind food;
  • The molars (large cheek teeth). There should be 12 pieces with 8-coy, which is often not cut or appears defective and should be removed.
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Dairy dental arch different from the constant and it consists of 4 incisors, 2 canines and 4 molars in both jaws, and to dispel the doubts of parents about this issue, as does the rear chewing teeth, dentists are rushing to assure that the change will affect them. This will take a lot of time to the jaw of the baby was much wider, since it has to fit all the prescribed adult dentition, which is almost half more children.

In addition, to examine the question, what problems are humans, vary teeth will be no less useful than to know up to what age to last this process. Because of this, the baby can be formed malocclusion or tooth row is curved, therefore, in this period it is recommended to frequently visit the dentist in order to prevent such complications. With regard to the duties of parents in this moment, they need to see the mouth of his child to prevent the development of pathological processes.

When in children the eruption of the first incisors is late by more than six months or root permanent teeth begin to grow on-site children’s, the dentist sent for an x-ray to see how many they will begin to change.

Experts advise not to worry ahead of time, because how often do kids this process begins in the same age as their parents, so it is enough to remember childhood and to compare the situation.

The growth of permanent teeth

Change of milk teeth has a specific order and how they are changing can be understood by this diagram:

Какие зубы меняются у детей: схема смены молочных на постоянные

  • Initially, the eruption of permanent teeth in a child begins with the lower jaw and drop front milk incisors, and then the same thing happens with the top. At the same time next to the second baby molar is growing six (1 molar). The shift ends of these teeth around 6-7 years;
  • Further, the child begins the teething lateral incisors and lost root grow permanent teeth, and it happens around the time kids turns the age of 7-8 years;
  • Usually, in how many years do children vary the canines depends on their body, but mostly to 10 years 3 to fall, and in their place at the age of 12 are already permanent teeth;
  • Further, in the same 10 years the change will affect 1 and 2 molars and regardless of which of them will start falling earlier to 12 years in place of the milk teeth will be permanent premolar (4 and 5);
  • To 10-13 years in the neighborhood of 6-coy grows 2 molars
  • After 15-16 years, the children start teething 3 molars also known as wisdom tooth. It should be noted that he may not appear and after 25 years, so expect it.
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Following this pattern, you can roughly understand what the children will order the replacement of milk teeth to permanent. Thus, if the timing of eruption of a bit are different, then there is nothing to worry and to calm down enough to go to the dentist.

Tips when loss of milk tooth

Какие зубы меняются у детей: схема смены молочных на постоянныеDiagrams and charts allow you to know at what age the children start erupting permanent teeth, but the process can be carried out with delays and complications, if you do not remember such tips as:

  • During the change of milk teeth, it is recommended to show your child that they need to undermine and so the process will be faster;
  • When the eruption has already begun, but baby tooth does not fall out, you need to go to the dentist to have it pulled out it. This procedure will be painless and quick, so you need to calm your baby before a visit. If this is not done, then the permanent tooth may grow in crooked end, and will require long-term treatment;
  • After the tooth fell out, you must give the child a piece of cotton wool to he pressed to the wound for 2-3 minutes, and if the procedure took place in a dental clinic, you can not eat or drink anything for 2 hours. In the hole to form the tube from a blood clot and need to tell their child that it is impossible to remove the language or to understand with hands and other objects.

It should be noted that the milk teeth in children changed to permanent in the same sequence in which they themselves once cut, so it is enough to learn at what age should begin the process to be ready for it.

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Tips erupting permanent teeth

Doctors recommend the story of your baby during the change of milk teeth to permanent to the orthodontist to avoid possible violations. After all, at this point, the jaw is actively growing and at the slightest irregularities can be formed malocclusion. In addition, you should pay attention to such nuances as:

  • Какие зубы меняются у детей: схема смены молочных на постоянныеThe teeth will need time to get stronger, because hard tissue is still not fully formed, and pulposa capsule more than that of an adult. To avoid damage possible by removing from the child’s diet thick and viscous foods, such as nuts and toffee;
  • Infection and frequent illness can slow the process of change of teeth, and to avoid this it is recommended to give the child all the necessary vitamins and to follow a health;
  • If milk teeth started to fall out ahead of schedule, and standing still is not visible, you will need expert advice. This is due to the fact that temporary dental arch may move for a free spot and occupy all the space.

Understanding of what the teeth are and how much this happens is an important knowledge for any parent. During this period you need to care about the health of their baby and often led him to the dentist, because any deviation will affect its bite, and it is not so easy to fix.