What to do when the flux on cheek how to treat

Rare to meet someone who would not be afraid of the dentist. So if you’re having tooth pain people are in no hurry to go to the doctor and start the course of the disease. But when there is flux on the cheek, and need to know how to treat him, to see a specialist is still necessary.

Dental abscess (abscess) – an inflammatory process in the root of the tooth that reaches the surface of the gums in the form of purulent pouch, and is accompanied by severe pain. Formed usually as a result of running caries, or pulpitis. Usually accompanied by swelling, which can greatly cheek swelling. If you don’t know what to do if the gums are swelled, flux, be sure to soon visit the dentist to avoid further complications.

As there is a flux

With the defeat of tooth decay the bacteria penetrate into the tooth cavity. If at first, it causes severe pain, then when the tooth starts to die it goes. The patient calms down and goes to the doctor to treat the disease. Inflammation becomes chronic. Infection continue to multiply, and gets to the periosteum. The gums become inflamed, and it is going festering mass coming out in the form of cones.

Causes of a flux

  • Что делать при флюсе на щеке: как лечитьTrauma to a tooth.
  • Advanced forms of caries.
  • Violation of the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity.
  • Inflammation in the gingival pocket (the space between the gum and the tooth).
  • The spread of infection through the bloodstream in inflammatory diseases of the body (tonsillitis, furunculosis).
  • Temporary filling with arsenic, which time has not changed.
  • Cyst of the tooth.

Diagnosis of the disease

The doctor will do oral examination, listening to the complaints of the patient. To clarify the diagnosis performed x-rays of the affected tooth. If the flux is in the upper jaw, the swollen lip, lower eyelid, pain may radiate to the ear. When localizing bumps on lower jaw swollen cheek and nearby lymph nodes. Toothache can be added and the head. Methods of treatment depend on the stage of the disease and its causes. The dentist determines whether there is an opportunity to save the tooth or it should be removed.

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Symptoms of flux

  • Что делать при флюсе на щеке: как лечитьToothache, worse while eating and pressing.
  • Education on the gums of the purulent SAC.
  • Swelling of tissues surrounding the tooth.
  • The swelling of the cheeks, lips, lower eyelids, chin, and submandibular lymph nodes.
  • Increased body temperature is 37 — 38C.

Usually children and older people are easier to tolerate manifestations of periostitis.

Stage flux

  • In the initial stages there is pain in the tooth or the gums. Purulent manifestations may not be. Treatment consists of antibiotics, thisprocedure, rinse the mouth.
  • If you already have swollen cheeks or nasolabial area, there was a flux what to do? Without treatment, the surgeon-dentist will not do. The abscess is opened and put in temporary drainage. Inflamed area treated with disinfectants and prescribe a course of antibiotics. If necessary, take painkillers.
    When there is a dental abscess and swollen cheek, what not to do? Forbidden warming lotions or compresses, heat supports the development of the inflammatory process. Strictly forbidden to make their own antibiotics. Take medicines only as directed by your doctor. 3 hours before visiting the dentist not to use pain relievers to clear clinical picture. If you did an autopsy ulcer, you can’t drink the aspirin contributes to bleeding.

Possible complications

Что делать при флюсе на щеке: как лечитьWhat to do when running flux of the tooth? If time is not treated, the pus may spread into the soft tissue and cause abscess formation. Further purulent enters the facial region, the neck or internal organs, develops cellulitis. This condition is dangerous to human life and it is very difficult to treat. It is not excluded fatal.

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First aid

If swollen cheek, got out flux and there is no way to see a doctor, what to do? To cheek it is necessary to apply ice or cold water bottle, this will relieve the pain. Will also help the drugs «Helped», «Aspirin», «Paracetamol». Rinse the mouth need to do, «Chlorhexidine», «Furatsilinom», and a solution of potassium permaganate. But to cure abscess these procedures can not, and will only give temporary relief.


To cure purulent flux is not. But what do you do if you got a festering abscess? The sooner you visit your doctor, the easier the treatment will be. The doctor will explain what to do with the flux. To each patient an individual approach is applied. Medication prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, antibiotics, compresses and lotions with ointments.

Что делать при флюсе на щеке: как лечитьAnti-inflammatory drugs help reduce swelling, provide pain-relieving effect, some lower temperature. This «Diclofenac» and «Nimesil», «Diazolin».

After opening flux oral cavity rinse «Rotokino», «Hlorgeksidinom», «Furatsilinom» or soda solution. To do this procedure after each meal.

To treat the disease with antibiotics effective in the early stages and in the postoperative period. Take them whole should be prescribed a course of 5 to 10 days. This files most often prescribed «Doxycycline», «Ampiox», «Tsifran», «Lincomycin».

Ointments are used as a compress on the sore spot. The bandage is applied a small amount of ointment or gel and applied to the inflamed gums where the flux came out. You can use «Levomikol», «Metrogyl Denta», «Demixed».

What should I do if there is flux on the cheek, can be defined only by the dentist. But even after the treatment, the flux on the cheek doesn’t come immediately, the tumor will be gradual.

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Treatment of a flux in children

If the flux on the cheek in a child should see a pediatric dentist to find out what to do with it. Earlier the baby teeth removed immediately, now possible carry out medical procedures. Treatment with antibiotics and physiotherapy.

Premature removal of teeth can disrupt the formation of malocclusion in children.

How to cure abscess in a child on the cheek will be determined by the doctor.

Traditional medicine

Что делать при флюсе на щеке: как лечитьTraditional medicines can come to the rescue when inflated flux, and you don’t know what to do. Decoctions of herbs can help relieve inflammation and help in wound healing. Some plants can reduce toothache. But use them only in the comprehensive treatment with drug therapy. Here are some of them:

  • the infusion of oak bark, sage and St. John’s wort;
  • the leaves of green tea and sage, plus salt;
  • a decoction of the root calamus;
  • lubrication of the gums an extract of propolis or honey.

What to do if the abscess burst?

Sometimes ulcers spontaneously opened and the pain goes away. But that is no reason to postpone a visit to the dentist. After a time, again a bump filled with pus, and discomfort will resume with complications.


To prevent periodontitis it is necessary to observe following rules:

  • Timely dental treatment.
  • Hygiene of the oral cavity.
  • To remove Tartar. Underneath accumulate pathogenic microbes.
  • Rinse your mouth after meals.
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Visit the dentist regularly.