What to do with the fallen milk tooth: what to do?

When the family has a child, the peace of mind of parents comes to an end. Especially hard the kid is experiencing problems with teeth. First, discomfort delivers their appearance, which is very welcome. Another problem is the change of milk on the already permanent. The teeth gradually turns to fall. Here the question arises: what to do with the fallen milk tooth?

When milk teeth fall out?

The process of changing all the deciduous teeth for permanent dentition every kid happens purely individual. The timing of deposition may also be slightly different. In most cases the first tooth falls out in 6-7 years, but there are slight deviations from the norm. Everything will depend on the development of the jaw apparatus of the child and how healthy are milk teeth.

Что делать с выпавшим молочным зубом: куда девать?Milk begins its formation in the womb, but a permanent bite begins its development after birth. How fast will form the beginnings of a permanent teeth, will depend on the period of change in primary dentition to permanent.

Many parents are lost and don’t know what to do with already fallen baby teeth of his beloved child. Some, not knowing what to do with the first fallen baby tooth, just hide it in a box of memorabilia. Others give the teeth a mouse or a fairy.

Deciduous and permanent teeth also differ. In dairy bite the child grows only 20 teeth, 10 on each jaw. In the formation of the permanent dentition, the jaw grows and expands. Grows permanent teeth is 32. Many parents believe that the change of the bite is quite painful for the child. But the thing is that before to fall out, milk bite resolve all roots.

The teeth themselves become loose and fall out completely painless. However, when the change of teeth there is also a danger of swallowing his kid.

If a child swallows a baby tooth, you should immediately consult a doctor who will help solve the problem.

In what order fall?

Sorting out the question of what to do with the first fallen baby tooth, you need to know when they begin to fall. Most often this happens in 6-7 years. Every process is different. However, the consistency of this all is always the same. The first rising sixth teeth.

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Что делать с выпавшим молочным зубом: куда девать? They are not dairy. After starting to loose lower incisors, then top. Further, the first and second premolars. The latest change fangs. Later the second molars erupt. To 14 years the child is fully formed permanent dentition. Therefore, parents have enough time to figure out what to do with all the fallen baby teeth of your child.

There are situations when teeth do not grow absolutely or exactly between them there are small gaps. Many parents, it’s scary. But this situation in the milk bite does not mean that the permanent teeth will also grow unevenly. Milk teeth sooner or later fall out and permanent will grow depending on how much they will place in the jaw. If they are large or the child small jaw, it is quite possible the development of some abnormalities in the formation of the permanent dentition. However, with proper attention and prevention of maxillary anomalies with malocclusion can be avoided.

Signs relating to the teeth

Returning to the question of where exactly to do with all the fallen baby teeth of their beloved child, many parents pay attention to people’s signs. Where it is possible to put the first dropped out tooth? To calm the excited child, the parents are even willing to invent all sorts of tales and the whole ritual. It is becoming very popular in the matter of what to do with the first milk tooth that just fell out. What to do with this miracle, everyone decides for himself. But the most famous are the signs that all the fallen teeth should be given to the mouse. While the tooth is necessary to give the mouse as fast as possible. Then she will bring the baby good new tooth. He will be strong and the healthy.

Что делать с выпавшим молочным зубом: куда девать?There is another view that the first drops out the unnecessary tooth. Therefore, it is necessary to dig deeper and longer to find that all the remaining teeth were very strong and completely healthy.

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So, what to do if tooth, parents decide on the basis of their fantasies and emotional condition of the child. All you need to do to be able to calm the child and convince him that the new tooth will grow even better than it was. In most cases, these tales help children quickly forget about the tooth falling out, but there are situations when to calm the child is simply impossible. Then you can show him your permanent teeth and tell a story about how they came to you.

The child will be interesting to listen to and he will be able to understand that not everything is as scary as it may seem at first glance. Then the kid will be able to calm down quickly and even give the mouse your own tooth. You can also make up a story about the good gomulicki who collects teeth of all your family members, and then compares those healthier and more beautiful. The main thing — to interest the child and make him forget about such an unpleasant situation.

If the milk tooth fell out still

The actions of the parents at the time when the child lost her first baby tooth, should be directed towards rapid restoration of normal emotional condition of the child. This is especially true when the child this tooth is swallowed.

When the question arises what to do if a child swallows a tooth, it is advisable to consult a doctor to find out all the tooth fell out or just piece of it. Some kids don’t even notice I swallowed a tooth while parents will not notice his absence.

So what to do when the child dropped his first milk tooth? In such emergency situation, parents can also greatly worry about the fact that the boy’s bleeding wound.

This is simply because in the mouth is a sufficiently large number of blood vessels, which, with the change of teeth just burst. But even this bleeding as quickly as possible to stop. This form of gauze cloth and gives the baby to stop her. If after a few minutes the blood stops, then everything is fine. If the bleeding continues, it may indicate problems with blood clotting. In this case, should immediately contact the pediatrician.Что делать с выпавшим молочным зубом: куда девать?

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Many parents due to their ignorance give the child to rinse the mouth with regular hydrogen peroxide. But this is the wrong action. The wound in the first days you need to rinse only weak saline solution. If the tooth fell out and you didn’t notice and don’t know what to do if a baby swallowed a fallen baby tooth, it is better to go with this problem to the pediatrician or to a pediatric dentist. However, if the baby has no complaints, it is likely swallowed the tooth just come out of the body naturally.

Every family has its own traditions and understanding of where to put the fallen baby tooth. But for a child the process of change of teeth should not be associated with something painful and unpleasant. Parents, first and foremost, don’t panic and think what to do when the child has already lost her first tooth. You need to calm yourself and baby. Sometimes it is not so simple. So the magic tooth fairy still needs to be present in every family.