When cut first teeth in infants?

The beginnings of the milk teeth are formed the child during the stay in the womb. It is therefore very important and what is pregnant woman enough in her diet essential minerals. First the teeth usually appear at 6-8 months, but these dates may vary slightly due to individual peculiarities of the baby and various chronic diseases.

The symptoms of teething

The child’s body gradually adapts to soft foods to more solid. To do this, begin to grow milk teeth, and formed temporary occlusion. Usually when cut first teeth in infants, what are the signs of their emergence in young children?

  • increased salivation;
  • redness, inflammation, itching of the gums;
  • swelling and soreness of the mucous membranes;
  • temperature rise;
  • the child is Moody, bad eating, and restless sleep.

Когда режутся первые зубы у младенцев?These symptoms appear 3-7 days before the eruption of the tooth. Some kids tolerate this period easy, others harder. Due to the itching of the mucous membranes children often chew on toys or their own hands, trying to massage inflamed gums.

Increased salivation and itching may occur when Candida stomatitis in a child. Therefore, we must carefully examine the oral cavity of the baby. With the development of infectious diseases on the gums, inside the cheeks, lips, tongue appears white patches like curdled milk. After its removal remains a bleeding erosion. If there are signs of a yeast infection, the baby needs to show a pediatric dentist. Advanced forms of candidiasis can become chronic, nekroticescoe the form, hit the digestive tract and outer genitals.

When babies cut first teeth may appear non-specific symptoms are diarrhea, runny nose, wet cough. Due to increased saliva skin on the chin, neck and chest can be irritated, appears urticaria.

During the growth of the teeth of the child reduces the overall immunity of the child can often suffer from catarrhal diseases.

Violation of the chair that leads to accumulation of large amounts of saliva into the stomach. But diarrhea, fever and vomiting can occur with food poisoning, coli contamination. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the child with worsening of symptoms, call a physician immediately.

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In what order to cut the baby teeth

When the first milk teeth appear in babies, at what age usually make temporary crowns. The beginning of the growth of dairy units is in the middle of the first year of baby’s life and ends by age 3 years.

Когда режутся первые зубы у младенцев?Normally teething in babies the order in which the children leave the crown? First cut the lower Central incisors, followed out opposite crowns in the upper jaw. Cut first teeth usually in pairs with a short interval between the antagonists. The period of growth necessary for 6-8 months.

Then mom finds in the mouth of their babies lateral incisors. They grow identical to the first crowns, with similar symptoms. It happens in 7-9 months.

Then mom see the emergence of permanent teeth in a child, above the surface of the gums break first premolars. The child they are cut a little more complicated than the first tooth. Begin to grow crowns crowns lower the number, the 7-14 days appear similar unit of the upper jaw. Premolars is expected to grow by 9-10 months.

When, at what age cut first fangs of the child, painful if these teeth appear in children? 10-12 months make their way through the bone tissue of the jaw first teeth. These units grow hard, often there is an inflammatory process, acute pain. The fangs can Когда режутся первые зубы у младенцев?appear one at a time with a long interval, other than temporary crowns.

The age at which children are cut the second molars? These crowns grow in 12-24 months. Every kid in the timing of the appearance of the teeth can vary, but 2-3 years should be 20 milk units. Function milk teeth until 6-7 years, then they are replaced by the permanent crown and the bite is formed.

When the first milk teeth appear in girls and boys? In girls, the eruption of dairy units starts a little earlier than their peers of the opposite sex. This is due to hormonal levels in children.

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Deviations from the norms

Can a baby cut teeth in 1 month? Often found too early the first milk units, sometimes babies are born already with teeth. This is due to the hereditary predisposition, individual characteristics of the organism. These crowns are more prone to destructive carious processes and often perishable.

There are cases too of late appearance of incisors in infants when the first teeth erupt only after 1 year. Stunting can be caused by recent viral infectious diseases, genetic factor, heavy pregnancy, presence of chronic pathology of the thyroid gland, disorders of mineral and electrolyte metabolism.

Teeth can grow in the wrong order, sometimes disturbed the balance of their appearance. It threatens malposition of adjacent teeth, the malocclusion, abnormal growth of the jaws.

Когда режутся первые зубы у младенцев?What about when children incorrectly cut first teeth how to help your child? Minor deviations from the norm are not considered pathology. Longer periods of absence time units is the reason for consulting a pediatric dentist, if necessary, the doctor makes an x-ray to determine the cause of stunting. The main reasons of violation of terms of eruption: rickets, edentulous or incorrect position of dental germs, impacted, supernumerary teeth.

It is important to monitor the health of milk teeth need regular hygienic procedures. Early removal of temporary units may lead to difficulties and incorrect growth of permanent crowns, the formation of pathological occlusion, deformation of the jaws. If signs of tooth decay, the child must show the dentist. The doctor will re-mineralization of enamel, which will help to save the temporary teeth to change their permanent.

What to do for toothache

In order to facilitate the emergence of the first teeth of the baby can give him a special silicone ring filled with gel. Toy pre-put briefly in the refrigerator to cool. Rough silicone surface of the ring massages gums itchy, cold reduces swelling and inflammation. To purchase such a tool is possible in a drugstore or specialty store.

Когда режутся первые зубы у младенцев?Do not blame a baby because he pulls his hands in his mouth. Thus, he tries to RUB the gums, thus facilitating eruption of the crown. Importantly, the hands, the toys were clean, not to injure the mucous membranes. It is important to observe the hygiene of the oral cavity for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.

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When teething, to help the child, you can use the gum massage. To do this, a piece of sterile gauze dipped in a solution of baking soda and salt and gently grind the gums. To do such procedures require up to 5-6 times a day. The ingredients of the solution have an antiseptic effect, reducing inflammation, swelling and pain.

You can make lotions-poultices to the gums. A cotton swab impregnated with a decoction of chamomile, oak bark and apply to the gums. This remedy relieves pain, reduces fever and local inflammation.

Relieve painful teething, you can use the pharmacy gels:

  • Kalgel.
  • DataNorm baby.
  • Doctor baby «First teeth».
  • Paste Solcoseryl.

To use medication and folk remedies should only after consulting a pediatrician, since the drugs can have side effects and cause allergic reactions.

At what age usually a baby teething? The period of the appearance of the first dairy units accounted for 6-8 months and ends in 2-3 years. Minor deviations from the terms are not cause for concern. A long delay in growth demands inspection and consultation of children’s dentist and pediatrician.