When they begin teething in infants

Parents should carefully consider the health of their children and know when they begin to cut the first teeth, because every child, whether girl or boy, has its own characteristics of development and sometimes not so easy to understand, in how many months can begin this process. It should be noted that often this period is not easy for both mom and baby how to break through the gums are not so simple and such action is accompanied by severe discomfort and symptoms, which is typical of upset stomach and colds.

What determines the timing of eruption

Among parents there is an opinion that if other kids teeth begin to cut, and their children to begin this process, and this is wrong, because each baby has its own unique body and how many months he will begin teething depends upon many factors such as:

  • Когда начинают резаться зубки у младенцевGenetic predisposition. Often what happens is when babies start to cut the first teeth, the same age as their mom or dad;
  • Depending on the gender. There are differences that depend on the sex of the newborn, for example, how many months is teething, because in girls, the process starts 1-2 months earlier than boys;
  • Climatic conditions. From the climate in which the newborn is depends on how many he begin to grow the first teeth, because when children live in constant heat, they can climb already in 2 months, and in cold weather closer to the year;
  • From the power supply. In infants the onset of the period, when they begin to grow the first teeth depends on their diet, when the baby of a large number of vitamins and minerals, they erupt on the schedule, and when children have a menu of some sweets, it is expected that they will be cut can be no earlier than 10-12 months.

The body of each baby is special and first teeth he sometimes begin to cut later, and the pathology is considered when babies do not grow at all and thus being late from the schedule already more than half year.

The features of the process

Not so important how much to cut the first teeth in infants, most importantly, to the time when the newborn turns 1 year, he had 2-3 of the cutter, otherwise, over time, may begin as Когда начинают резаться зубки у младенцевproblems with the bite. Such a defect will not be so easy to clean and if at this point, the process has not begun, it is better to do x-rays and consult with your doctor.

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Sometimes it’s hard to understand when in infant teeth, because the first incisors in infants often begin to cut ahead of time, and the rest can come out much later schedule. There were cases when after the process began, parents have ceased to exercise as much attention as was in the beginning. This behavior is incorrect and why there are such delays and possible dental anomalies and malocclusion.

For these reasons, doctors recommend to regularly visit the dentist during the formation of the dental arch to prevent possible complications and to take the care of your baby throughout the ripening period.


To understand how begin to cut teeth in newborns, focusing on their gender. There is a common opinion and statistics that girls Mature faster than boys and this applies to both physical and mental development. This feature applies to the fact how much they have their first incisors, but usually by 10-12 months in all children regardless of gender about the same number of teeth, so focus on this factor can be only at the beginning of the process.

Early teething

Когда начинают резаться зубки у младенцевOften parents don’t know at what age the children climb the first teeth and start to fear if they are too quick to cut, but we should not worry, because this phenomenon has weighty reasons. For example, a hereditary factor, because the parents passed on not only the appearance but also the individual characteristics of the organism associated with the development and even predisposition to various pathologies.

The reasons include climatic conditions. In hot countries or during the summer sun is difficult to determine how many cut of children of the first teeth, because the schedule gets off and they climb from 2-3 months, but doctors say that for this kind of weather is normal and baby has no abnormalities.

In addition to the question about how much months is teething, many moms are interested in such nuance as the eruption of multiple cutters simultaneously, as often happens, when they literally follow one after another with a difference in 4-5 days. In this situation, doctors are rushing to reassure parents, because this is normal and not to worry. This accelerated process can be considered a pathological deviation, but only if they grow incorrectly or with defects.

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Schedule of teething

To understand when do babies start teething milk teeth is possible by the simple formula M-4=Z, for example, if a baby 16 months, then it must be teeth:


This method is familiar to many and quite simple, although not very accurate and you can use it until the child turns 2 years old.

In addition, you can rely on a common graph, which is described in detail in how to cut children’s teeth. Usually on reception at the pediatrician give it to all the mommies and in addition, the doctor tells why you may experience delays, so it is recommended to come more often for routine inspection, especially at such a tender age.

Когда начинают резаться зубки у младенцевSchedule of teething:

  • The incisors (front) – 7-12 months;
  • Cutters (side) – 10-16 months;
  • Canines – 16 to 23 months;
  • First molar – 13 to 18 months;
  • Second molar – 23 to 32 months.

The difference between the formation of upper and lower dental arch reaches a maximum of 2-3 months, but generally has no effect. The graph shows that up to 3 years the child will have with a full set of 20 milk teeth.

After the appearance of milk teeth the child it is time to teach hygiene practices to the oral cavity were always clean.

For this you need to follow this instructions:

  • Up to 1.5 years the kid has to do the cleaning of the teeth with a silicone brush;
  • Since 2 years, you can gradually accustom to do gargle after each meal;
  • When the baby turns 1 year, you need to make the first visit to the dentist.

Symptoms characteristic eruption

Parents should pay attention to the behavior of the child when teething, because infants cannot describe their feelings and, therefore, shout, cry, and become very restless.

In addition, you need to pay attention to such details:

  • Strong salivation;
  • Capricious behavior, accompanied by tantrums and insomnia;
  • The baby is constantly putting everything in her mouth to chew and it happens due to the fact that the itching of the gums;
  • The soft tissue is markedly swollen and begins to show through the tip of the tooth;
  • Mouth crumbs begins to assume some kind of sour smell;
  • Swell the cheeks;
  • The baby starts bad it is.

Когда начинают резаться зубки у младенцевTo understand when teething by a child’s behavior, and conspicuous symptoms. In this period it is necessary to monitor the baby, so he did not take dirty or sharp objects in the mouth and more contact with him and then the baby will stay calm.

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To understand that the process has started it is possible and on such typical symptoms as:

  • Fever;
  • Rhinitis (runny nose);
  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea or constipation;
  • Cough;
  • Rashes in the cheeks.

When cut baby teeth, the baby has symptoms typical of a cold, but after the process is complete, usually all goes. In any case, better to show the child the doctor not to confuse this condition with normal disease.

To ease the child’s condition

When the first milk teeth, the child experiences severe discomfort, and the parents save it using:

  • Applying cold. For this purpose it is necessary to take a dull object or a toy, and then treat it with an antiseptic solution and put in the fridge. When the thing has cooled down, give her the child. This subject is able to reduce itching and will not harm the baby’s health through the antiseptic treatment;
  • Когда начинают резаться зубки у младенцевTo massage the gums. To do this, take a piece of gauze and treat it in an antiseptic solution. Then, you can gently led in a circular motion on the Desna, where he will appear a tooth.

In severe cases, doctors prescribed drugs, for example Nurofen (in syrup form) is perfect for relieving pain and temperature. For this purpose, are special gel-type Kamistad or little fairy-Baby. They are safe for the health of the child, and already after 15-20 minutes after application it becomes a noticeable effect.

Parents learn the important nuances of the development of the child, including when they start teething, to fully take care of his health, but the most important is to pay attention to him and give their love. In this case, the baby will be able to calm down quickly and easily to get through this difficult period.