When to start brushing teeth baby what age, children’s toothpaste

Care for children’s teeth is not easy, and the whole responsibility for the process lies with the parents. How to choose the right toothpaste and how to teach a child to brush their teeth without parental assistance?

Every parent wants that his child was healthy until a certain age to monitor children’s health parents need. They should care about the state of the first milk teeth of your baby: proper care from an early age will be based on oral health throughout life. To talk about how to properly brush your teeth children, can any dentist or pediatrician.

A common myth that baby teeth in control and do not need treatment, leave in the past. But when you begin to clean the kid’s teeth and what should be the first toothpaste? And how to brush baby teeth 1 year later and what paste is better – «Splat» or «Rustle»?

When it’s time to start brushing your teeth?

Когда начинать чистить зубы малышу, с какого возраста, детская пастаTo say definitely at what age should you start brushing teeth to the child, difficult: the emergence of first teeth is an individual matter, and each baby’s teething process is different. Once out of the gums was a white strip, indicating the cutting of crowns you need to carefully monitor her condition, or even make a calendar of brushing teeth for young children, which spelled out when should you start brushing teeth your child.

During the eruption directly cleaning not needed: the gums around the tooth are inflamed, and any interference will be extremely painful. In addition, the soft tissue into the wound, which increases the infection risk. Children’s toothpastes with fluoride («dragon», «Splat», «Weleda», «Ointment») applied in this time is not necessary.

Some doctors believe that care for the teeth and gums need well before the first tooth: the mucous membrane of the child after the introduction of complementary foods remains the microorganisms that triggers the development of gingivitis, candidiasis, and stomatitis.

If treatments carried out with 3-4 months, by the time the teeth first toothbrush for baby will not cause rejection. And when to start brushing teeth pastes «Rustle» and «Splat» and how this procedure can be replaced?

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What you will need for the first care

Когда начинать чистить зубы малышу, с какого возраста, детская пастаThe first treatments – cleansing of the tongue and gums from food residues. To clear the mouth of a child, you can use regular bandage or gauze swab dipped in boiled water. During use of the tampon need to be careful: up to six months babies have very strong ejection reflex, so the child will probably resist the procedure. How to clean the teeth of a small child?

Great for the little ones – swipe fingertips «Zubkichistki», intended not only for cleansing of the mouth, but also to prevent tooth decay and relief of pain associated with inflammation of the gums. You can use them from the very first day, for infants are manufactured swipe without taste, for older kids and banana aroma. The paste of «Rustle» will be needed later.

From what age can you start brushing your teeth. From 6 months: used a special device – silicone fingertip toothbrush for teeth. This kids toothbrushes on my finger for the little ones, enjoy yourself this brush is the kid can’t, all the duties for cleaning assume the parents. Children’s toothpaste «Rustle» while not mandatory, the main thing is to rinse the fingertip for cleaning children’s teeth after each use. To choose the right brush, the parent can own.

The first toothbrushes

Когда начинать чистить зубы малышу, с какого возраста, детская пастаSo, when to start brushing teeth as an adult? In 1 year. By this time usually appear first crown brushes «finger» is not enough, and gums are not so susceptible to damage. Before you brush your teeth in 1 year, you must determine the elections brushes «like adults». How to choose a baby toothbrush?

Bristles should be as soft, the handle is short. Toothbrushes for young children from 1 year special: cleaning the surface for small area – no more than two teeth, so much discomfort does not cause. In addition, children’s brush is usually made in the form of unusual figures or children to interest and inspire the child. So, the firm «Splat» is toothpaste and toothbrushes – bright and soft, and it is better to give the child the right to choose her own.

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When to start brushing teeth with toothpaste?

After teething, and will need to choose a children’s toothpaste for children from 1 year. The composition of children’s toothpaste must include fluoride to strengthen enamel: have kids it is very thin and is especially susceptible to caries. The majority of children’s toothpastes have fruit flavors possible to mitigate bad for the kids in the process.

TOP of the charts of children and adolescents toothpaste «Splat», designed for children from birth to 4 years. A choice of three flavors: vanilla, banana and Apple, you can choose any. In the structure of children’s paste is a complex of dairy enzymes, soothing aloe Vera gel and active calcium that strengthens the enamel of the milk.

Another option is toothpaste «dragon», which includes calcium and vitamins (A and E). Due to the special cucumber with a paste «dragon», you can reduce the inflammation and gum sensitivity. If swallowed toothpaste is completely safe.

Когда начинать чистить зубы малышу, с какого возраста, детская пастаSoft children’s toothpaste «Rustle» in composition similar to the adult, the only difference is the proportions of the components are: Pasta for the little ones active does not contain fluoride, it replaced safe for kids amino.

Toothpaste brand «Weleda» (children) similar to a gel, and it is composed of mostly natural ingredients. To dental toothpaste for children with fluoride it is not the case: at such a young age, the baby should receive the necessary amount of fluorine from food.

When to start brushing teeth my baby pasta «Splat» or «Rustle» with fluorine and which tool to choose? Only after eight years: children’s toothpaste fluoride contain.
How to brush your teeth

It is important to first try to observe the rules of cleaning of milk teeth for children. The first skills instill toothbrushes for babies that is worn on the finger. Performed cleaning at least twice a day as adults. And yet, like brushing your teeth-old child?

The brush is applied to teeth at a slight angle, and the movement should be using, from the gum to the edges of the crowns. It is important to pay attention not only to external but also the internal side. The process should not be formal, all you need to do the right thing. Otherwise, how to teach child to brush teeth?

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How to teach a child to brush their teeth?

To automatism this process to bring impossible. A good course will be playing cleaning that baby will be looking forward to it. For example, the procedure may be performed to the beat of a favorite song or rhyme that will be able to choose the baby itself.

How to brush the teeth in 2 years? Older children cleaning «submit» in the form of a quest – the teeth must be saved from harmful monsters-bacteria with a toothpaste «dragon», and with this super-task can handle only a real hero! To involve you children’s toys, have a family competition – the main thing that the kid was not boring.

How and when need to start brushing teeth? seriously? Already at the age of five can explain the importance of the care of the oral cavity. If the parent does not handle this matter yourself, kid we need to get to the dentist, where the physician for example, gaming layouts will talk about why you need to follow the teeth.