Which teeth cut first and how many months

The appearance of the first deciduous teeth in children occurs in a certain period of time. Parents are waiting for this event with great anticipation and very worried, if there is any shift in dates or the teething occurs in the wrong order. When the children come out first teeth?

The timing of eruption

Teething is a very complex process in which the growth and development of the tooth germ in the tissues of the alveolar process. An important role at this stage is the state of endocrine, nervous system, metabolism, nutrition of the baby and mother.

Какие зубы режутся первыми и во сколько месяцевHow many months in young children climb the first teeth depends on many factors:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • General health of child and mother during pregnancy;
  • diet.

How many usually appear first teeth? Starts the process of teething usually 6 months of age and ends by 3 years. The first to appear is the medial lower incisors, then top. They grow usually in pairs.

The following appear lateral upper and lower incisors. Then erupt small molar premolars, followed by the canines, the second chewing unit.

How many months appear in the first and subsequent teeth in children?

  • Medial incisors – 6 to 8 months.
  • Lateral incisors – 7 to 9 months.
  • The first indigenous premolars – 12-15 months.
  • Tooth – 15-20 months.
  • The second root – 20-30 months.
  • Какие зубы режутся первыми и во сколько месяцевWhen and which teeth cut first in young children, can be violations in the order of growth? Might meet some deviations from these norms. Sometimes teeth appear much earlier, there are cases of babies born with already protezavimo cutters. Also there are cases of lag in the timing of the emergence of dairy units in the wrong order. Delay or advance growth of 1-2 months is not considered a pathology.

    How many months begin to climb the teeth, how to determine whether the child is lagging behind? The required number of teeth can be calculated by the formula: N – 4 where N is the age of the crumbs in months.

    What teeth cut the baby in 3 years? At this age, can receive the root of the molars. By three years of age in the oral cavity the child should be 20 milk units. But there are deviations up or down.

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    The symptoms of teething

    As in how many months usually climbs the first teeth in children what are the main signs?

    • the gums swell, redden and become inflamed;
    • the baby does not eat and sleeps constantly naughty;
    • broken bowel movement: diarrhea, constipation;
    • mucous membranes palpation painful;
    • increases salivation;
    • can increase the body temperature to 38-39;
    • the child pulls his hands or any objects into the mouth.

    Fully prorezalsya unit is when its crown out of the gums. The growth of milk teeth is not instantaneous, this process occurs gradually. Crown Какие зубы режутся первыми и во сколько месяцевcarves its way through bone tissue of the alveolar process, therefore causing the child pain.

    Which teeth erupt first, how and when it occurs? First the Central incisors and all subsequent units appear in pairs. First, there are incisors in the lower jaw, and then grow the same antagonists on the top row.

    How many months usually climb the first teeth of girls and boys? Sex hormones promote the formation and growth of teeth. In girls, there is a more vigorous eruption than boys of the same age.

    The reasons of violation of terms of eruption

    When climbs the first teeth of a child, and why some children have delayed growth? If after 1 year, the teeth never erupt, the baby should be taken to a pediatrician and be evaluated by other specialists. Stunting can be associated with certain diseases:

    • rickets is an abnormal development of bone tissue because of lack of vitamin D, metabolic disorders;
    • hypothyroidism is a hormone imbalances of the thyroid gland;
    • the metabolic disorders;
    • the absence of dental germs in the bone tissue of the alveolar process.

    Какие зубы режутся первыми и во сколько месяцевHow many months out of the first teeth in children suffering from rickets? These kids’s teeth appear very late, in the wrong order, or with very large intervals. The enamel can be damaged, before caries develops. In addition, these children have abnormalities in the structure of the bones of the spine, thorax, pelvis, and lower extremities. Rickets causes a disruption in the work of many systems and organs, so the growth of teeth is delayed. The children later begin to hold his head, sit and walk.

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    How many first milk teeth appear in children suffering from hypothyroidism? In disorders of the endocrine system dairy units erupt much later than usual. Crowns can dig a corrugated, lattice or some type of unnatural forms. The color of the enamel is dark, there is a characteristic yellow, brown, grey or greenish tinge. The number prorezalsya teeth may be less or more than the proper norm in the future you have any difficulty changing the time units to permanent.

    Additional symptoms is the disproportionate development of the jaws that affect the formation of occlusion, the correct position of the teeth in the row.

    How many month the first teeth appear in babies with thyroid problems? The thyroid gland produces in the human body homony necessary for normal growth and eruption of teeth. When a violation of her work, these processes are inhibited, Какие зубы режутся первыми и во сколько месяцевthe metabolism in hard tissues of the jaw bone, which negatively affects the timing of appearance of the first tooth.

    There is a delay in the eruption sequence, nevernost growth. For overactive glands, on the contrary, dairy units appear much earlier than scheduled, can be destroyed by decay, covered with dark patina.

    The lag in the appearance of some units can be caused by abnormal development or lack of tooth development in the bone tissue of the alveolar process. This pathology is called edentulism, diagnose it with radiographs.

    Previously, the emergence of dairy units

    How many months gets the first milk tooth? Normal this happens in 6-8 months, but may occur earlier appearance. The causes of premature eruption:

    • the accelerated development of the tooth germ;
    • surface laying of the embryo with the appearance of immature crown;
    • premature formation of the embryo with a normal further development.

    Bookmark dental germs of dairy units occurs at 6-8 week of intrauterine development of the child. And the beginnings of the permanent teeth are formed on a 4-5 month pregnancy. Therefore, the health of the expectant mother, nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals can negatively affect the baby teeth.

    Most often premature eruption caused by a genetic predisposition when the mom or dad of the baby teeth have appeared before. This phenomenon should not cause concern.

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    In the modern world there is a constant process of acceleration. There is increased growth of the newborn comes earlier puberty. So often the teeth erupt and are replaced a little earlier than children born 50 years ago.

    A gift for the first tooth

    What to give baby the first milk tooth? It is customary to give the baby a silver spoon. There is a perception that such a gift means that the teeth are healthy and beautiful will grow without pain, and the child will live in abundance, prosperity.

    From a medical point of view, silver has an antibacterial effect and therefore protect the baby from infection by pathogenic bacteria, when they cut the rest of the teeth.

    What is the first milk tooth emerges in the child when this occurs depends on many factors and circumstances. So if there are any abnormalities, should show the baby to the pediatrician.