White coating on tongue: causes

Most people do not attach particular importance to tongue cleaning and only teeth, but this is a mistake because it accumulates microscopic food remnants, and with them germs. They can enter the body if the damage to the mucosa of the mouth or during eating and cause various diseases. In addition, coating on the tongue is different colors and if he is white and very thin, it is especially possible not to worry, but when the deposits of grey or yellow and not clean with normal hygiene, then it has its reasons, and to find them you need to go to the dentist.

Causes of gray plaque

To notice white patches after awakening or during the hottest time of the year when lack of fluids and after a long conversation. Such situations are not considered a deviation, especially if it can be easily removed with a regular brush.

In addition, white coating on tongue may occur in cases such as:

  • Серый налет на языке: причиныPoor hygiene. This is especially true of those who like to drink coffee and smoke, because they have the teeth cleaning should be more careful because such habits are deposited in the oral cavity in the form of deposits. You can add small children who often simply hold the brush in a horizontal position at the front of the enamel and believe that the procedure is over;
  • The incorrectly comprised ration. White coating on tongue can appear due to poor nutrition, which contains a lot of sweets, convenience foods and snacks and are completely absent vegetables and fruits. Because of this, the possibility of self-purification is absent and may appear different pathologies of the mucous membranes;
  • A course of antibiotics. Chronic administration of drugs of this group may receive a thick white coating on tongue, as well as having difficulty in the gastro-intestinal tract and dies all the useful microflora of the mucous membranes;
  • Pathology of the gastro-intestinal tract and digestive organs. They are considered one of the main reasons of deposits, but the symptom goes away immediately after the disappearance of the pathology;
  • Angina. In this disease the bacteria actively multiply and create a white coating on the tongue and the throat;
  • Pathology of the respiratory tract. In such diseases, this symptom occurs quite often and they are accompanied by a strong increase of temperature.

The best option to get rid of plaque is to cure the disease against which it develops, but to find out the cause and the diagnosis is extremely difficult even for an experienced doctor.

This will require a full medical examination and submission of all required tests.

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Yellow tint

Grey tongue coating is mixed with white and yellow, and each of them has their reasons.

Yellow plaque is the consequence of such situations:

  • The problems with digestion. Often broken chair, a heartburn, vomiting, and mouth can be bitter taste. In addition, the patient lost appetite, and the stomach appears weight;
  • Серый налет на языке: причиныDisruptions in the gastrointestinal tract. They are connected mainly with the fact that the body appeared parasites such as worms;
  • Pathology of the liver and pancreas. Yellow plaque is often caused by cholecystitis and pancreatitis;
  • Inflammation on the tongue. In this process, in addition to yellow deposits, there appear small ulcers;
  • Ulcers and erosions in stomach and duodenum. In addition, the problem may be with acute gastritis, but all of these pathologies is accompanied by nausea, cutting pain, heartburn and increased salivation;
  • Staining drinks and foods. Lovers of coffee, strong black tea and smokers on the tongue appear yellow deposits;
  • Poor hygiene. The main accompanying symptom is foul-smelling breath.

White shade

As for white residue, it appears in such cases:

  • Серый налет на языке: причиныA weak immune system. In this problem, the bacteria actively multiply and creates the appearance of a thin white film on the tongue;
  • Gastritis in the early stages. He is characterized by white deposits, and small cracks in the language;
  • Disruptions in the bowel. In this disease the tongue swells slightly, which is especially noticeable on the remaining teeth marks on its edges;
  • Kidney is not enough cope with their functions. In this situation, the plaque is only the tip of the tongue
  • Fungus on the tongue. The most characteristic disease is the thrush, which appear white, thick deposits;
  • Enterocolitis. This is a disease characterized by plaque on the back of the tongue;
  • Disease of the lungs. They occur deposits on the sides of the tongue.
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Each reason deserves special attention, and the doctor will make a diagnosis based on the results of the survey.

While the patient is being examined, it is possible to reduce discomfort, rinse your mouth with solutions of soda and salt or decoction of herbs, for example chamomile, lemon balm, Linden, etc., and for best effect, plants can be mixed with each other so that they complement each other. Self medications is strongly discouraged, is not yet clear the cause of such symptoms and must wait for the results of the survey, the doctor could prescribe a course of treatment.