White patches in mouth in infants on the palate, gums and cheeks

Raising a child is not just buying clothes and feeding, but the observation then that it wasn’t health issues, for example, if a baby’s mouth are spots and patina white color, which is localized on the gums, palate and cheeks, you need to go to the dentist. These symptoms are characteristic of a fungal infection which occurs because of yeast fungi of the genus Candida and the people it is called thrush or candidiasis.

Causes of pathology

Белый налет во рту у грудничка на небе, деснах и щекахThe fungus that causes candidiasis refers to a group of opportunistic microbes. They are the natural inhabitants of the oral cavity of the person, and with a sharp decrease in immunity can cause various diseases. It is worth noting that pathogenic microorganisms are the primary source of diseases, and opportunistic this requires the creation of certain conditions, for example, they can be activated:

  • Colds;
  • Due to frequent vomiting;
  • If a long time to take antibiotics;
  • When the lack of vitamins;
  • Due to poor hygiene, including and constant licking of dirty hands or objects.

For these reasons, in the mouth of infants disturbed balance of beneficial microbes on the type of lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria and pathogenic, which leads to rapid reproduction of infection, which appears plaque and stains on the gums, palate and tongue.

The stage of development of pathology

Moms often think that a baby in the mouth pieces of cereal or milk, so white patches and spots remain unnoticed until the later stages of development, when the symptoms become more vivid. For this reason, it is better to do regular examination of the baby and to know what stages have thrush:

  • Easy stage. She is characterized by the appearance of small spots of the red shade, and quickly overgrown with a thick coating of white color. At this point, the disease can be cured effortlessly at home, and the child will not feel a strong discomfort. Among the symptoms at this stage include:
    • A thin film of plaque in the mouth;
    • When you try to remove the plaque, mucosa bleeds;
    • In rare cases there is swelling of the mucous membrane.
  • Белый налет во рту у грудничка на небе, деснах и щекахThe average stage. When pathology comes to this stage of development, white spots fused together and gradually fill up the oral cavity, including the tongue, palate and gums, and the coating begins to ache sores that do not give the baby to eat normally. Symptoms for this stage is this:
    • Cracked and sore corners of the mouth;
    • Deteriorating perception of taste;
    • On the surface of the tongue going thick coat resembles curd.
  • Severe stage. Since then, the sores begin to bleed more often and it happens more richly. The RAID is already completely spread to the entire mouth, including the cheeks, gums, tongue, palate and even the throat. At this stage in infants manifest these symptoms:
    • Severe pain when swallowing;
    • The temperature of the flesh to 38-39 °C.
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Forms of candidiasis

Thrush in infants is divided by its period:

  • The acute form. In this case, the infection affects all the mucous which plaque, consisting mainly of yeast, and a dry mouth, sometimes increased cervical lymph nodes. In addition, the child’s mouth there is itching, burning and pain while eating;
  • Chronic. This type of candidiasis characteristic brown and yellow thick coat, and if you try to clean off the blood stands out and experiencing pain. In addition, often enlarged lymph nodes on the neck. Treatment of chronic disease is quite difficult and therefore it is better to deal with it immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms.

Diagnosis of pathology is quite simple, because you need to take a swab for analysis in infants, which will be visible colony of fungi.

For treatment of babies

The main disadvantage in the treatment of the child arises from the fact that he can’t talk about their feelings and parents need to pay close attention to emerging symptoms in time to see a doctor. If the main cause of the disease is frequent vomiting, the first thing you need to know why this is happening and eliminate the culprit. Quite possibly, the technique of feeding is done incorrectly and need to control it.

Local treatment of thrush

Белый налет во рту у грудничка на небе, деснах и щекахFor the local treatment of infants, you can use the solutions for the treatment of the mouth, for example, soda mixture. It is well disinfects the wound and kills germs. In addition, the mucous becomes too alkaline and the fungus just can’t do it to reproduce.

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For preparation you need to take a teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve it in a glass of water. In the final mixture should be well moistened piece of gauze and then treat the entire oral cavity. This should be done at least 3 times a day and if you have time to start the treatment at an early stage of development, the treatment will last no more than a week. Instead of the soda solution, you can handle the mouth with potassium permanganate, and need to prepare it in the same way.

If the child is still very young and he is not 6 months, the doctors recommended to stick to this antiseptic treatment, which without medical treatment gives good results.

The course of therapy for a six-month old child

When the child turns 6 months the treatment offers a wide range of medications and if the Candida is in its advanced stage, the doctor will prescribe antifungal medications, and vitamins with lots of iron concentrate. Please remember that all medications should prescribe the doctor, and only the results of the survey. In addition, stop taking the drugs yourself before the end of the course is prohibited, because the disease can be dalechina not until the end, although visible symptoms will be gone. If you do not follow these simple rules then the child may be a relapse of the yeast infection will return. After completing the course of therapy to be delivered tests and the results will be clear losers if the pathology or not.

Treatment older child

Белый налет во рту у грудничка на небе, деснах и щекахWhen the child is about 6 years, in addition to the mentioned methods can be applied such effective drugs as:

  • Nystatin;
  • Diflucan;
  • Miramistin;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Candida.
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They quickly and effectively cope with a yeast infection, but to control the process, should the attending physician. Otherwise, treatment may not completely kill the infection and it will come back.

Thrush in infants is a nasty disease which is easily treatable especially in the early stages, so it’s best not to run it and to monitor the health of your baby so he didn’t feel a constant sense of discomfort.