White pimple on the gums near an adult over the tooth

The mucous membranes of the oral cavity is very delicate, easily injured and inflamed with poor care, viral infections, a weakened immune system. The occurrence of any of the formations on the surface of the soft tissue should be a cause for dental visits and treatment. A pimple, lump or ulcer on the gums the child or adult is formed for several reasons and can be a symptom of a dangerous disease.


Белый прыщ на десне у взрослого над зубомLipoma, or Wen, is a loose white pimple on the gums, which is formed as a result of proliferation of adipose tissue. These tumors do not cause pain with pressure, discomfort can occur only in the case of large diameter of the lipoma. On palpation the lump is soft, easily shifted in direction.

The appearance of lipomas can be caused by genetic predisposition, disorders of lipid metabolism, hormonal imbalance. Do not attempt to remove the lump, he treated only by surgical resection at the dentist.


The flux (abscess) on the gums appears festering pimple above the tooth affected by caries, pulpitis, or a dead crown, from which is removed the nerve endings. This occurs as a result of penetration of pathogenic bacteria to the apex of the tooth root. Produces inflammation, and purulent masses are making their way through the bone to the surface of the gums.

Patients concerned about acute, pulsing pain growing swelling of the soft tissues of the face and mucous membranes, can increase the body temperature. After opening flux brings relief to the gums formed fistulous course through which the moving away of necrotic mass.

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In the event of such symptoms, you must urgently visit the doctor, otherwise it may develop an abscess, phlegmon, osteomyelitis of the jaw.


Белый прыщ на десне у взрослого над зубомWhite pimple on gums can be a symptom of purulent cysts, inflamed at the apex of the tooth root. It’s a rounded education, filled with necrotic masses. In the initial stages, the disease does not manifest itself, later there is pain when biting on the tooth, redness of the mucous membranes of the alveolar process, and the formed pouch on the gums red or white. At the opening of the capsule of the cyst, the pus can flow out and to form fistulous course, but can get into the deep tissues of the periodontium. In such cases, patients have rapidly deteriorating health, body temperature rises to 38.5–39, the pain becomes throbbing.

Periodontal cyst requires urgent dental treatment, delayed treatment to the doctor may result in loss of teeth, development of serious complications.

Colocolostomy abscess

Белый прыщ на десне у взрослого над зубомIf festering pimple of large size, there is a strong swelling of the alveolar bone, intense pain when biting on a certain group of teeth, swelling of the face, the reason may be colocolostomy abscess. Inflammation of the pouch bulges outwards much, can spontaneously be opened. After perforation, the condition of the patients improved, but this does not mean that the disease has passed. Without timely treatment, there is a transition into a chronic form with periodic relapse.

With constant suppuration necrotic masses can proglatavetsa and lead to intoxication, aggravation of allergic diseases. Therapy is carried out by opening and drainage of abscess, additionally prescribe an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic medicines.

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If there is a Wen, a white tubercle on the gums, pains, swelling, you need to consult a doctor. It is impossible to heat such education, to try to open them, it can amplify the inflammatory process and worsen overall health. When there is no possibility to visit the clinic, you can perform the rinsing of the mouth with antiseptic solutions and take painkillers.