Why do children milk teeth turn black and what to do?

Carefully monitor and take care of the oral cavity is necessary since the eruption of the first baby tooth. Sometimes in young children the enamel darkens or changes color, plaque, bad odor from the mouth. Why not blacken the teeth?

Baby bottle tooth decay

Почему у детей чернеют молочные зубы и что делать?One of the most common causes of darkening of the enamel is «baby bottle tooth decay». Pathology usually occurs in a child under 1 year old milk teeth turn black and quickly broken, what to do? You should consult a pediatric dentist.

This form of tooth decay spreads very quickly and can lead to tooth loss. It occurs due to the sucking a bottle with food or juice at night. In the mouth the child is constantly present sweet environment that is ideal for the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. This leads to the formation of cavities.

To treat milk teeth is necessary, as their premature removal may affect the normal eruption of permanent ones. The dentist can offer several repair options. The traditional filling to make a small child very difficult, so caries is treated by the method of silvering. It consists in treating the crowns with a solution containing silver, which significantly slows down the destructive process.

Why little kid black teeth? The reason could be the lack of salivation. It occurs at high temperature of the air in the room. Saliva normalizes the pH of the oral cavity, when it is insufficient, bacteria multiply and affect the tissue of enamel and dentin.


Почему у детей чернеют молочные зубы и что делать?Why a young child’s darkened front teeth, on the enamel surface stains? Symptoms of fluorosis, which develops due to excess fluoride in the body of a baby. At the initial stage the crown is covered with white spots and stripes, after they grow and become yellow-brown. Gradual abrasion of enamel and deformation of the teeth.

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What are the treatments if the child collapse and darken your teeth? Therapy is carried out depending on the stage of the disease. At the initial stage, it is sufficient to perform the mineralization of tissues. Baby should eat more foods containing calcium, vitamins D, K, and E. the appearance of deeper erosions defects eliminate filling materials.

The metabolic

Why blacken teeth in young children? This is due to unbalanced nutrition, poor assimilation of calcium in the body of the child. Changes the composition of saliva, disturbed pH balance in the oral cavity. On the enamel surface accumulates a dense plaque, which gradually turns black. Additionally, the negative impact the constant use of sugary foods, bad oral hygiene.

For treatment it is necessary to consult a dentist and a pediatrician.


Почему у детей чернеют молочные зубы и что делать?It so happened that after hitting the child darkened front teeth and over time become black what to do? As a result of injuries disturbed blood supply, innervation of the tissues, which leads to their gradual elimination. Crown darkens or blackens.

Such teeth do not hurt, but their roots can form a cyst (rounded education, filled with pus), flux. Purulent processes can lead to the destruction of the germ of a permanent unit. Therefore, in the darkening enamel should consult a dentist.

Chronic diseases

Why blacken teeth in year-old child? The reason may be related chronic diseases. Enamel darkening cause pathology of the digestive tract, liver, diabetes, anemia, leukemia.

In such cases, the enamel cover the spots black, the crown is not destroyed. To remove black plaque can only be in a dentist’s office, after which the enamel is covered with a special protective agent.

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To prevent re-formation of pigmentation it is necessary to comprehensively carry out the treatment of chronic diseases.


Почему у детей чернеют молочные зубы и что делать?Why little kid have black teeth? The reason may be the use of certain drugs. Dark orange or brown layer that appears in children, if the mother during pregnancy used antibiotics tetracycline. A similar dyeing effect to give the preparations containing iron. In these cases, dark enamel will not be brighter, will have to wait until the change of units constant.

Medication pregnant woman can cause that the teeth erupt is black.


To maintain the health of milk teeth in young children it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

  • regularly carry out hygienic cleaning;
  • to visit the pediatrician;
  • to support the immune system;
  • to make a balanced menu;
  • to take vitamins.

Preventive measures will help to prevent the darkening of the enamel, dental caries. To maintain healthy teeth it is very important that regular units have grown correctly.