Why is morning breath

A huge number of people are wondering why in the mornings they have bad breath?

In medical language this phenomenon is called Halitosis. In most cases, halitosis is purely physiological and in order to get rid of bad smell, it is enough to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth. Also, the smell of a physiological nature, include «flavor» after eating some foods. In this case, the solution to the problem is quite simple and lies in the restriction of the use of these food items.

More serious and requiring treatment, is a pathological halitosis, which is characterized by often is not just an unpleasant odor and stench from the mouth. According to statistics about 25% of the world population suffer from this disease. The reasons can be very Почему утром пахнет изо ртаdiverse, most often they are:

  • Diseases of teeth and gums;
  • Not hygiene;
  • Problem of saliva secretion;
  • Gastrointestinal disease;
  • Xerostomia — dryness of the mucous membranes;
  • Sinusitis and sinusitis.

Physiological causes

If worried about bad breath after sleep or in the morning, the reasons often lie in the food consumed the day before. Is no longer a secret that the smell of garlic and onions lasts for 24 hours, increasing after sleep. But not all known a number of products and substances with the same effect: legumes, cabbage, grilled meat, some drugs, alcohol, nicotine.

This item includes a long diet and starvation. So, for a sufficiently long refusal of food in the stomach begins the deficiency of carbohydrates and proteins and begins the process of lipolysis, which is accompanied by a very unpleasant smell. Similarly, the body is affected by various stresses.

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The individual characteristics of the digestive system are often the reason why after sleep is constantly bad breath.

Poor digestion and incomplete splitting, fatty, dairy or any other products typical directly, for the individual, can lead to such consequences.

Take a closer look.

A consequence of the General diseases of the body

Also, if you feel bad or stale breath in the morning, the reasons may lie in chronic diseases of the body. Most often it is problems with the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal disruptions or problems of metabolism.

  • So for some women have bad breath before or during menstruation.
  • Often, the smell is a symptom of diseases such as gastritis, cholecystitis or a dyskinesia of gall-excretory tract. Therefore, in no one case should not ignore, trying to gum various chewing gum or mint candies.
  • Почему утром пахнет изо ртаIf you experience tastes or smells like acetone, it could indicate serious problems in the liver or gall-excretory tract. In such cases, it is mandatory to consult a doctor and undergo a full medical examination. Since this smell is not rarely accompanied by diabetes.
  • Overgrowth, obstruction, or intestinal dyskinesia, manifested in the form of the smell of feces.
  • The smell of hydrogen sulfide, usually a sign of protein breakdown in the body. In the case of the presence of this odor and pain in the abdominal area, nausea, or belching after meals, the cause may be peptic ulcer, inflammation of the stomach lining, diverticulosis of the esophagus, etc.
  • For kidney disease characteristic odor of urine.

Diseases in the oral cavity

  • Why morning breath is not treated early dental caries. A huge number of pathogenic bacteria, pieces of food and micro-organisms gradually accumulate in the damaged cavity of the tooth, causing an unpleasant smell. Self-clean damaged areas ordinary toothbrush, it is quite difficult. Therefore, the need for timely treatment to the dentist for treatment.
  • Xerostomia or dryness of the mucous membrane, is one of the reasons. Impaired saliva production can lead to stagnation of food debris in the mouth and reproduction of microorganisms and, subsequently, inflammation and persistent unpleasant smell.
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Not hygiene

Почему утром пахнет изо ртаMany wonder why they breath, forgetting about the elementary rules of hygiene. Lack of hygiene also causes the development of unpleasant breath in the morning, as a result, bacterial growth and decay processes. In this problem the characteristic sulfur smell. It is treated not only neglect brushing your teeth twice a day and annual sanitation of the oral cavity at the dentist, but not following all the rules when wearing dentures or braces.

Proper oral hygiene while not a pleasant smell, involves not only brushing your teeth and cleaning tongue, rinsing the mouth and flossing. The language should be cleaned once a day, in the evening, with a regular tablespoon. Rinse your mouth and use the dental floss, preferably after every meal. Such hygiene measures will eliminate almost all physiological causes of halitosis.

The presence of ENT diseases

Почему утром пахнет изо ртаAnother option, why in the morning bad breath is the presence in a patient of ENT zabolevaniya. These can include: rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, polyps of the maxillary sinus. Patients often complain of unbearable stench.

Currently, there are many ways of identifying the causes of Halitosis. For this purpose a special device which measures the level of smells — halimeter. It allows to detect the presence or absence of the disease in itself. Quite often, patients confuse natural scent with this smell and trying to cure a nonexistent disease. In order to check fresh breath after sleeping at home, you should bring the palm to face level between the nose and the chin and exhale into it. Next, breathe in the nose, in the presence of an unpleasant smell, is to analyze the possible reasons for its appearance, and, if necessary, consult a specialist.

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