Why is the child a yellow coating on the tongue: causes of plaque in infants

After eating on the tongue accumulates food residues that subsequently serve as a platform for the dissemination of pathogenic microorganisms. So there is a RAID. His education is normal. Usually, your baby’s tongue is coated with a thin slightly white powder without unpleasant odor. In infants often after feeding remains a white film.

Another thing, if the child has a yellow tongue. This may indicate a number of diseases, if it is possible staining food or drinks.

Food and hygiene

Почему у ребенка желтый налет на языке: причины налета у грудничкаIt is important to determine why the child was yellow tongue. The mouth is a perfect breeding site for bacteria. At night, when the salivary glands are not active, and the plaque appears rapidly. Therefore, it is important
to teach the child to hygienic procedures, thoroughly clean the oral cavity in the evening. To use the paste recommended in 3 years, and before that, the filters must be cleaned using tooth brush for kids. Language can be cleaned in the dedicated silicone (rubber) nozzle or just a teaspoon. In infants, the oral hygiene is performed using a sterile bandage, wound on Paley.

Another cause of the child a yellow coating on the tongue – some foods and medicines. The mouth can be dyed:

  • artificial food coloring from beverages, candy, confectionery products, etc.;
  • vegetable products bright colors (carrots, sea buckthorn, etc.);
  • tea;
  • yellow, orange, spices such as Indian saffron;
  • drugs – Enterofuryl, Furazolidone and some others.

To determine whether the cause of the yellowing receiving food, beverages or medicines, you need to clean off the patina with a brush. If he does not appear again, so no cause for concern.


Yellow coating on the tongue in a child, especially in infants, should arouse suspicion, if it is high density, thick, unpleasant smell that doesn’t go away even after brushing. The reasons for these plaque features the following:

  • Почему у ребенка желтый налет на языке: причины налета у грудничкаDiseases of the digestive system. In gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, colitis, hepatitis, yellow plaque accompanied by pain in the abdomen, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea.
  • The roots of the language can appear in response to excessive pressure on the gastrointestinal tract. Overeating and intake of fatty food provoke morning dry mouth, nausea and yellowing of the tongue.
  • Infectious diseases, particularly with fever, sometimes provoke the appearance of yellow or yellow-brown plaque, dry mouth, formation of microcracks, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • If poisoning plaque is the result of disorders of the liver, the action of toxins and lack of fluid in the body.
  • Different types of jaundice are accompanied by a yellowing of the tongue, mucous membranes and skin. RAID may not be.
  • Local inflammation in the oral cavity (tonsillitis, caries teeth, gingivitis, stomatitis, etc.)
  • Common diseases associated with impaired metabolism and exposure to toxins, lead sometimes to the formation of yellow. These include kidney disease, diabetes, and others.
  • To determine why the child had a yellow coating on the tongue, doctor can with full inspection and assessment of the General condition. In some instances, additional tests (EGD, ultrasound (often in infants), blood, urine and feces, examination of other experts)

    Methods of treatment

    Почему у ребенка желтый налет на языке: причины налета у грудничкаTreatment yellow coating on the tongue in a child depends on its cause. If this symptom is not associated with the disease, that it will more thoroughly implement hygiene procedures and correct diet. You need to reduce the number of products with dyes and preservatives, to focus on fruits, cereals, vegetables, fermented baked milk and kefir. If a slight yellow tinge appears after a night’s sleep, it indicates imbalance of the digestive system. The diet and the intake of chelators eliminate the problem.

    If yellow tongue in a young child, especially a baby that does not disappear within a week, it becomes more thick bright, you need to seek the assistance of the pediatrician. Why? The growth of the symptom and the accession of others (diarrhea, nausea, fever) shows the development of serious diseases. The treatment is prescribed by a doctor after the diagnosis and diagnosis.

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