Why my tongue hurts: causes of inflammation and how to treat?

Sore tongue can cause diseases of the oral cavity and destruction of some internal organs. Diseases are manifested by congestion and swelling of the mucous membrane, the formation of seals or bleeding ulcers. Worsens overall health, difficult food intake. Why sore tongue and what you need to do if you have a pathology?

What can cause pain

What causes inflamed and sore tongue in a child or an adult?

  • Почему болит язык: причины воспаления и чем лечить?mechanical injuries, burns;
  • glossitis;
  • cancer;
  • allergies to foods or medicines;
  • neuralgia;
  • submandibular lymphadenitis;
  • salivary stone disease;
  • diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine system;
  • ENT diseases.

Depending on the causes of the pathology, different symptoms of diseases and the localization of pain, inflammation.


What causes pain, inflammation in the tongue in an adult or child? Discomfort can trigger glossitis is an inflammatory disease characterized by changes in the structure, color, language, appearance of bacterial plaque.

Mucous membranes become red, swollen, and cause burning sensation and itching, mouth unpleasant smells. May occur violation of taste sensations, diction. On the surface of the mucous formed ulcers or fissures. The child’s pathology is particularly bright, but easier to treat.

Почему болит язык: причины воспаления и чем лечить?Cause glossitis viruses, infections or fungi. Most often the disease occurs with the disease, which affects the mucous membranes of the gums, inside of lips, cheeks. Often found pathology in a young child or the elderly.

If the glossitis is launched, it proceeds with pronounced inflammatory process with formation of purulent ulcers, fever. Patients complain of throbbing pain, difficulty in chewing and talking.

The treatment is performed by dentist. First of all, eliminate the cause that caused the development of the disease. Prescribe antibacterial agents, antiseptic rinse. Damaged surfaces are treated with medicinal ointments. Patients need to increase immunity, to drink vitamins.

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Neuralgia of the glossopharyngeal nerve

Why sore, inflamed tongue at the base, hurts to swallow food? These symptoms can cause neuralgia. The disease is characterized by pain in the region of the root of the tongue, the upper palate and tonsils. Uncomfortable feelings arise while eating, talking, opening the mouth, hurt to eat hot or cold beverages. Neuralgia is most often diagnosed in men older than 40 years.

Почему болит язык: причины воспаления и чем лечить?To cause disease may have recently had a viral, infectious diseases, injuries of the oral cavity, atherosclerosis, intoxication of the organism in case of poisoning.

The disease is manifested paroxysmal pain lasts for 3-5 minutes, can give in the region of the throat, ear. After the aggravation has increased salivation, any food seems bitter, you may experience numbness of the tongue.

To reduce pain syndrome is a muscular organ, the pharynx is treated with anesthetics. Prescribe a course of galvanization, vitamin therapy. In some clinical cases, surgical intervention.

Sore tongue side

What causes a sore tongue, side appeared the inflammation, than to cure disease? To cause inflammation can mechanical damage to the mucous membranes: sharp edges of teeth,
Почему болит язык: причины воспаления и чем лечить?correctly matched prosthesis, penetrate a wisdom tooth in lingual direction. If there is permanent injury to the tissues, ulcers, seals, stomatitis.

What to do if a sore, inflamed tongue side? Pain, inflammation of the tongue on the side caused by injuries, are after elimination of irritant. For regeneration of tissues, perform antiseptic rinse, treatment of damaged tissues ointments.

What if the lining rubbed on teeth or tongue are injured with a sharp tooth? Artificial dentures should be replaced, and damaged teeth to treat, to grind or remove.

Why sore, inflamed, has become a solid language on the sides, how to treat it? Cause these symptoms can verrucous leukoplakia. As a result of injury or other irritants, side muscle on, there is a gradual cornification of the mucous membranes, the upper layer of the epithelium is sealed. The affected tissue rise above the surface of the tongue, firm to the touch, covered with white or yellowish coating.

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Leukoplakia is dangerous because it can develop into a malignant form if not to spend treatment time. Erosive type of the disease causes ulcerations, erosions or cracks. Therefore, there is a sharp pain during eating and conversation, violated the sense of taste.

If the inflammation and seal on the language side, its starting to be treated with elimination of the irritant. Medical therapy includes vitamin-mineral complexes, a local treatment of the lesions ointments, gels. When suspicion of malignancy is carried out excision of the area of the mucous membrane.

Inflammation of the salivary gland

Почему болит язык: причины воспаления и чем лечить?Why hurt the mucous membrane under the tongue? If it hurts the floor of the mouth, this could be a salivary gland inflammation or injury to the frenulum. The sialadenitis causes inflammation of any salivary glands located in the mouth. In the hyoid region are large iron, lose which can cause acute pain, swelling, difficulty while eating, a reduction in the production of saliva.

In the inflammatory process may involve symmetrically located glands (sore under the tongue right and left) or a large number of them. Cause disease viruses, infections or fungi.

Pain on the bottom of the mouth under the tongue shooting character, distributed in the head, the ear may deteriorate the hearing. Around the affected region formed swelling, swelling of the face, increased body temperature to 39.

During treatment, patients are prescribed antibiotics, sparing diet, penicillin-procaine blockade of the subcutaneous tissue around the affected area.

The cause of pain under the tongue may be a blockage of the ducts of the salivary gland stones. In such cases, surgical treatment for removal of stones.

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What to do if inflamed and sore tongue in a child or an adult? Methods of treatment depend on the causes of the development of the disease and the appearance of pain syndrome. Therefore, to determine the correct diagnosis to seek help from a doctor.