Why unpleasant bad breath: causes

Breath is the aspect that concerns every person that enters into communion with other people. We feel insecure and concise, if we don’t like your own breath.

In this article we will talk about why bad breath is why what reasons that women or men bad breath decay why there is an unpleasant sour smell, the bad and the unpleasant smell from the mouth, what are tablets from unpleasant breath and so on.

The medical aspect

Почему неприятно пахнет изо рта: причиныThis phenomenon scientifically mouth is called halitosis. The so-called phenomenon that occurs after eating or independently of it. This pathology indicates that in the oral cavity of the patient, female or male, child, increased the number of pathogenic organisms, waste products which cause an unpleasant smell from the mouth. As a rule, the reason lies in diseases of the digestive organs, but this is not necessary because valid other organ.

This term is used by dentists to describe the condition of the patient. There are causes of halitosis before and after meals, as we now discuss.


Depending on how often and for some reason there is a terrible smell from the mouth, the doctors have created a classification of this pathology.

  • True disease. This is the case when the person and people around note the odor from the oral cavity. Reasons are many, they are lost in the disease, features of metabolism and physiology.
  • Pseudosabina. In this pathology the patient is inclined to exaggerate how much his breath stinks, and a light unpleasant smell can be detected only at very close contact.
  • Phobia unpleasant smell. It is a mental condition in which the patient is constantly convinced that he has this disease, although the dentist cannot see any of the symptoms or causes of disease.
  • The doctor makes broad conclusions based on what time of day, before or after sleeping, eating, or another activity, there is the smell from the mouth.

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    The unpleasant smell to a reasonable level is a normal phenomenon that accompanies man in life. All that remains on the teeth and between them becomes a source of putrid aromas. To reduce the brightness allow the substances present in the saliva of man.

    To the formation of unpleasant odors lead to incorrect hygiene of the oral cavity. Believe normal easy morning «aroma», which arises from the activity of bacteria during human sleep. At night, the saliva does not circulate, the bacteria is where to turn. After brushing your teeth is normal, this phenomenon becomes invisible.

    Halitosis is sometimes a manifestation of diseases of the oral cavity and adjacent structures, dental caries, inflammation of the tonsils, gums, system organs.

    Causes of halitosis

    We have to understand why there is an unpleasant odor when healthy teeth from a mouth, why at the person is unpleasant, terrible breath. What do people get bad breath?

    The reasons are as follows:

    • Почему неприятно пахнет изо рта: причиныthe development of caries on teeth;
    • with increasing gingival pockets they accumulate bacteria, waste products and food debris, which causes an unpleasant odor;
    • getting the food residues in the hood that is formed of a wisdom tooth during its eruption;
    • stomatitis;
    • pathological conditions of the organs secreting the saliva;
    • diseases affecting language;
    • the presence in the mouth fixed removable orthopedic technician;
    • the exposed neck of the tooth, which have a high sensitivity;

    In some cases the cause is a short-term change in the composition of saliva, which is associated with the use of drugs, stress. When exposed to these factors, the viscosity of saliva changes, and it is worse than cope with their responsibilities.

    When any disease appears that smell

    Earlier we noted that halitosis may be a sign or a symptom of the system
    diseases. In some cases he appears in person?

  • Gastrointestinal disease cause indigestion, worsening the work of the digestive organs, there is described in our article symptom.
  • As to the digestive system in part includes the liver and biliary tract, their disease also cause bad smell. In this case, it smells of feces or fish.
  • Chronic diseases of the paranasal sinuses, tonsils.
  • Infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • Diseases associated with metabolism, renal failure.
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    How to understand that the smell is unpleasant

    Not all the people around You openly declare that You have a bad smell from the mouth, so try suspecting the problem to verify this. Test yourself!

  • Ask loved ones or those who do not hesitate to evaluate Your breath and its freshness.
  • Lick anything, let the saliva dry and sniff.
  • Use the thread to appreciate the smell of secretions between the teeth.
  • Apply for examination by a special apparatus, which will measure the amount of foul-smelling gases in exhaled air.
  • Get tested by a specialist.
  • How to get rid of the disease

    Почему неприятно пахнет изо рта: причиныWhat to take if after food or sleep there is a horrible smell. But you should start with oral health. Read online how to do it right – how to brush your teeth, how to floss, what are some additional means (balms, gels) for the mouth. Be sure to scrub your tongue. He takes an active part in chewing movements, therefore, between its papillae also are pieces of food.

    For tongue cleaning use a toothbrush and a special device, which is adapted for this. This scraper is more suitable for those who have a highly developed gag reflex. Even if you just rinse your mouth after eating with water – this will improve your situation. Use also special means for washing, which can be found in pharmacies. It’s Chlorhexidine, And Triclosan. These funds are for the mouth, do not damage its mucosa. It is not recommended to use drugs with alcohol.

    Nature comes to the rescue

    You will find many tools are easy to find in nature to help itself. Great for combat halitosis suitable chamomile, alfalfa, propolis, yarrow. Freshly brewed strong tea for a long time will save You from unpleasant mouth odor. Also great essential oil. But to use chewing gum is not recommended because the effect of their short-lived, and the damage can be substantial.

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    Dental treatment

    Почему неприятно пахнет изо рта: причиныComing to a doctor, You may need to conduct several procedures, ranging from removal of eights and finishing with the cleaning of the stones. No need to postpone it and to fear the dentist, all he will do for You will benefit the body, not only give fresh breath.

    A visit to another doctor

    An experienced dentist is always able to determine what is happening in the oral cavity, than suffer the patient and send to another specialist. Contact your physician if halitosis caught You unawares, and before that you have not encountered this phenomenon in its clearest manifestations. Determine the reason why the bad smell from the mouth, the doctor will prescribe tablets or direct to the specialist to pills and other drugs he appointed.

    In diseases of the sinuses, throat, tonsils, come to the aid of ENT, inflammation of the lungs – pulmonologist, diabetes, which can also cause this phenomenon – the endocrinologist.

    Note that the occurrence of halitosis can be associated with cancer. But this assumption can be confirmed only in the case that bad breath after a meal and at the same breath after the act of eating is accompanied by other pathological conditions.