Yellow teeth in a child: reasons why they turn yellow from antibiotics

Change the color of the enamel requires timely dental consultation. If parents realized that the child suddenly appeared yellow teeth, you need to first determine the cause of the color change. Depending on the cause, the doctor will make a decision about the necessity of treatment or bleaching.

Causes of color change

If a child has yellow teeth, it is necessary to understand the causes of this phenomenon. Yellowness can be as a purely aesthetic issue, and the beginning of a serious disease.

Yellow the teeth can cause various factors, among which there are:

  • Желтые зубы у ребенка: причины почему они желтеют от антибиотиковthe effect of food dyes;
  • violation of oral hygiene;
  • violation of enamel formation;
  • medication.

Food consumed by children, are often rich in food dyes. This is especially true of packaged juices and sweets. As a result of colors, the enamel acquires a yellowish tint, this may experience the formation of Tartar.

Violation of hygiene also leads to yellow enamel. Yellowish plaque is formed due to insufficient cleaning of the teeth.

A yellowish tint may appear due to disorders of enamel formation when she becomes thinner. Usually this disease is caused by lack of vitamins and appears in the prenatal period.

Желтые зубы у ребенка: причины почему они желтеют от антибиотиковIt often happens that after taking antibiotics in a young child a yellowish or brownish color of the enamel. Teeth can be painted completely, or just spots. This phenomenon is associated with the presence of some antibiotics, special enzymes, which lead to pigmentation of the teeth.

Why the child has yellow teeth, will determine the dentist, he will make a decision about the necessity of treatment or cleaning.

Many parents worry that the child had grown yellow teeth and don’t know what to do. In some people enamel from nature has a yellowish tint and it is not a disease or disorder.

How to fix the yellow?

The optimal solution to the problem is a visit to the dental office. The specialist will determine the cause of the color change and offer methods of solution.

If the problem is caused by the action of food coloring, the doctor will suggest to purge.

The cleaning is carried out either mechanically with abrasives, and medication, with the use of special medicines. At home it is forbidden to carry out mechanical cleaning of children’s teeth, however, you can use Желтые зубы у ребенка: причины почему они желтеют от антибиотиковpopular method is to rinse your mouth with lemon juice with water. This will help to eliminate the yellowish tinge only if it is caused by food dyes.

In case of insufficient oral hygiene, the dentist will hold a conversation with the child and will teach him all the rules and nuances of the use of brush and paste. This may require the appointment of a special toothpaste. An important step in solving a problem of hygiene is parental control. Children have twice a day, brush your teeth under control, so that parents could, if necessary, to adjust the methods and duration of cleaning.

The common reason for yellowish color is a serious disease associated with impaired mineralization and thinning of enamel – hypoplasia. If the doctor diagnose the disease will need special therapy aimed at restoring tooth enamel. This process is called remineralization and consists of several stages:

  • Желтые зубы у ребенка: причины почему они желтеют от антибиотиковthe application of physician special composition for enamel;
  • the silvering of the teeth;
  • fluoridation of teeth;
  • power adjustment.
  • the use of special pastes.

If diagnosed with enamel hypoplasia, it is important to start treatment in time, otherwise the disease will become and molars.

If the child suddenly turned yellow teeth after antibiotics, it is necessary to carry out cleaning in the dentist’s office. This is usually used ultraviolet methods, under the action of which components of antibiotic, painting enamel, are destroyed.

Preventive measures

It is very important to follow some simple rules that will help you to maintain healthy teeth and a white smile for life. You should stick to the five rules that the teeth are not yellowed and the enamel remained strong and were not required to do cleaning.

  • Daily oral hygiene – the key to healthy teeth. It is necessary to accustom the child to brushing twice a day since early childhood.
  • Желтые зубы у ребенка: причины почему они желтеют от антибиотиковAvoid foods coloring enamel – juices, sparkling water, tea, coffee, jam. If such products are still present in the diet, after each meal with dyes thoroughly clean oral cavity whitening toothpaste or use mouthwash.
  • Regular visits a dentist will help to prevent the development of many diseases. It is recommended to visit a doctor at least once in two months, and if your teeth suddenly turned yellow immediately go for consultation.
  • If the child has weak enamel, it is necessary twice a year to do the procedure of fluoridation and remineralization on prescription.
  • A balanced diet will help to maintain the health and beauty of smiles for a long time. It is important to introduce in the diet a sufficient amount of foods rich in calcium.
  • Why suddenly turn yellow teeth child’s self can understand in the case of a change of diet or after taking antibiotics. In other cases, only the doctor can put the correct diagnosis and to solve the problem.

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