Zaedy in the corners of the mouth, causes and treatment of the disease

The term Zayed invented to refer to certain defects of the skin of corner of mouth in the home, but professional medical practice could hardly hear the name. Although modern doctors, trying to more clearly explain to patients their condition, use this term. Seeing come, do not panic, but do not neglect this disease, because it can indicate pathological changes in Your body.

Causes and treatment zaedy in the corners of the mouth depends entirely on what the cause of this defect. Don’t be alarmed if you hear from the mouth of a doctor phrases like «which restores stomatitis», «slit impetigo».

In this article, we will tell the reader about the origins of zaedy as zaedy in the corners of the mouth can be cured, what to use, if You decide to treat zaedy in the corners of the lips, which is popular treatment.

Why there zaedy

Заеды в уголках рта, причины и лечение заболеванияTo answer the question of why there zaedy in the corners of the mouth is easy enough. The only reason for their appearance is the microflora of our body, specifically bacteria. Much more important to determine why microorganisms are parasitic in the corner of the mouth.

Doctors tend to think that the most common causes of this disease — only a few species of parasites. This epidermal Streptococcus and fungi of the genus Candida. These microorganisms are normal inhabit the human skin, but under certain conditions acquire pathogenity.

Let’s look at the signs of the emergence of zaedy, its causes in the context of an independent symptom or manifestation of the disease. Will explain how to cure it.

Clinical aspect Zayed

Consider the manifestations Zayed:

  • the presence of small sores or redness of the skin in the corner of the mouth;
  • itching and discomfort in the affected area;
  • the presence of painful sensations in the mouth opening;
  • the formation of cracks in this area.

There are a number of conditions that increase the risk of sores in the corner of his mouth. We give the following:

  • the use of dirty dishes;
  • ignoring washing vegetables and fruit;
  • Заеды в уголках рта, причины и лечение заболеванияstagnation of saliva in this area due to frequent licking of lips;
  • lack of oral hygiene;
  • constant contact hands face and lips;
  • prolonged exposure to the cold.
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As we noted above, Zayed can be a symptom of the disease. If You are sure that she has not appeared due to external factors, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with that list:

  • different types of anemia;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hormone therapy;
  • the decline of the immune system.
  • diseases of the liver.

Zaedy, which appeared due to the activity of parasites of the different kingdoms of nature, look different. If the strep mainly does not apply, then a fungal infection and usually has no clear boundaries. Fungal infections of the find similar education are also in the mouth and on the lips.

Sometimes it happens that the appearance of this education is associated with the virus.

Cracks at the mouth: complications Zayed

The man who ignores the existence of such problems likely in the future will face one of the most unpleasant symptoms – cracks in the corners of the mouth. This is not only frustrating and painful, but also difficult to treat. When there is a crack, the hole is big enough it can start to fester and hold back its growth becomes more and more difficult.

Not to complicate your life, try the best way to care for Sedoy, be careful to avoid new wounds didn’t start with purulent infection in the corners of the mouth.

Clinical diagnosis zaedy

In the case when the patient is not able to determine where he had Zayed, the doctor prescribes laboratory tests. Its main purpose is to exclude the presence of serious diseases, a symptom which could be Zayed. For this the patient must take a blood test and await the results.

Заеды в уголках рта, причины и лечение заболеванияIn addition, in the laboratory by taking scrapings from the damaged section can determine the nature of the parasite. So the doctor will be easier to determine how to treat come in the corner of the mouth.

Streptococcal species often affects children. In this case, the disease has the form of small bubbles with the liquid which will eventually burst and become covered with crust. It also formed a small gap, where the accumulated pus. When you remove the cover you can see how a certain time of the wound bleeding, pus. Later, she again tightened. When the movement of facial muscles the patient feels a slight discomfort.

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Fungi of the genus Candida do not leave the restricted area affected, and can even form a fringe on the surface of the epithelium. Characteristic in this case are the appearance of whitish discharge and absence of crusts.

Treatment zaedy

Before starting self-treatment zaedy, consult your doctor, pass the appropriate examination. When this symptom expresses the presence of another disease, treatment need it, and not its manifestation in the corner of his mouth.

How to treat zaedy in the corners of the mouth? From the zaedy in the corners of the mouth helps ointment. To correctly choose the drug, try to determine what kind of parasite lives in Your mouth.

Below we suggest a few options for the treatment of Zayed of different nature.

  • Viruses. To get rid of the ugly redness in the case of a viral nature thereof, it is necessary to use antiviral drugs for example Acyclovir and Gerbier.
  • Fungi. Range of medicines in the form of an ointment against fungi in the corners of the mouth is very large. You can choose a Taste or Miramistin. It is a quality tool that will help you to get rid of the problem.
  • Bacteria. Zaedy bacterial nature is best treated with such ointments as TimesTen, Miramistin, Tetracycline.
  • If the nature of the entities unknown to You, you should refer to the extensive preparations of the action. It Fukortsin, Miramistin, The Taste.
  • Заеды в уголках рта, причины и лечение заболеванияTo speed up the healing process can moxibustion Zayed by using aggressive medicines of iodine, brilliant green, spirit.

    Besides these medications, try to take in the prevention of recurrence of Zayed vitamins. Your body will not suffer, even if it is not in the vitamins.

    Use vitamins A, E, C and other not only to reduce the chance of recurrence Zayed, but also to maintain the body in good shape.

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    Also don’t ignore natural remedies that help to fight parasites. Propolis, honey, onion, garlic will support the immune system in difficult times and will help to combat the disease.

    Eliminate the maximum influence of external negative factors on the body. Refrain from frequent Smoking, stop dragging his hands to his mouth, cut off the lips, get chapstick. Pay attention to your diet. Try to limit too sour, salty, sweet, spicy.

    There is a cure in folk medicine. A classic remedy Zayed is ear wax as an ointment. And really, it often helps, adversely affecting the microorganisms in the corner of the mouth. You can also make lotions juices of medicinal plants. Treatment will receive assistance from aloe, garlic, plantain.

    Wetting the edges of the wound with olive oil will make the skin more elastic, and, therefore, reduce pain, improve treatment. Essential oils of rose, tea tree greatly accelerate the treatment. A decoction of oak can be used as a disinfectant.

    Cure come help honey. To do this, apply the product on affected skin at night to morning to see the effect of the procedure.

    However, it is not necessary to abuse folk medicine, especially during the acute phase of the disease — you need correct treatment.