Zaedy on lips: causes and how to treat?

Small sores in the corners of the mouth causing great discomfort and require treatment. Zaedy on the lips are a manifestation of injury to the mucosa that can be caused by the action of pathogens or excessive dryness of the skin.

What is zaedy?

Inflammation in the corners of the mouth is not a disease, but rather a kind of signal to the body to reduce its protective function. Zaedy arise as a result of the action of microorganisms which are always present in the oral mucosa of man. Zaedy appear small wounds inflammatory origin, which are concentrated in the corners of the lips.

Заеды на губах: причины и как лечить?Most often, sores at the corners of the mouth appear in the cold season. This is due to the seasonal decline in immunity. If you experience the following symptoms:

  • burning sensation;
  • severe itching;
  • education bleeding sores in the corners of the mouth;
  • discomfort when opening the mouth (during eating, talking or laughing).

Discomfort during eating or laughing due to the fact that the thinning skin around the lips bursts and begins to bleed. Such wounds should be treated, but before treatment should determine the cause of the disease.

Why there zaedy?

Zaedy are formed due to fungal infection or exposure to Streptococcus. The development of fungal or streptococcal lesions due to the following reasons:

  • the deficiency of b vitamins;
  • prolonged treatment with antibiotics;
  • oral thrush;
  • immunosuppression;
  • iron deficiency in the body;
  • diseases of the endocrine system.

Заеды на губах: причины и как лечить?Also zaedy can occur due to malocclusion, in which the corners of the mouth constantly accumulates saliva. Another common cause of the disease is excessive dryness of the skin and lips.

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Bacteria and fungi that cause inflammatory process on lips that are constantly in the human body. Activation of growth is due to the disruption of any system of the body, including common colds and the consequent weakening of the immune system.

Zaedy on lips causes are rooted in the human organism, are treated comprehensively, together with vitamins.

Diagnosis of the problem

To determine the causative agent of the problem, it is necessary to pass tests. The doctor will take a scraping from the corners of the lips, and should not be sent to the General analysis of blood. Scraping allows you to determine the type of micro-organism or fungus that caused the disease but a blood test will show the presence of inflammation.

Most often sores on the lips caused by a streptococcal infection, herpes virus or Candida.

In streptococcal nature of the problems observed following the course of the disease:

  • Заеды на губах: причины и как лечить?the appearance of small bubbles in the corners of the lips;
  • then the bubbles burst;
  • in place of bubbles, cracks;
  • the crack surface is covered with purulent crusts;
  • periodically, the crust breaks and the cracks bleed.

Zaedy caused by a streptococcal infection most common in children. You experience pain during mouth opening and often felt a burning sensation.

If the problem is caused by fungi of the genus Candida is characterized by the following clinical picture:

  • erosion at the corners becomes bright red;
  • the corners of the lips covered with white bloom;
  • on the surface of the wound is not formed crust.

In this case there is itching and discomfort in the affected area. When you close the lip erosion can be unnoticeable and hidden by overhanging skin.

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Treatment problems

Zaedy on the lips cause discomfort and require treatment. Because this problem indicates the disruption of the body, treatment is complex. How to treat zaedy on lips will tell the doctor, after detailed examination and identification of the causative agent. In addition to local treatment, you should take restorative and immunomodulatory drugs, which appoints the expert.

Заеды на губах: причины и как лечить?For the local treatment used ointment, components which are aimed at destroying bacteria or fungus that caused the disease, so it is important to conduct a detailed analysis of a scraping of the sores in the corners of the lips.

The ointment is used in a targeted and applied directly to the affected area of the lips. For the treatment of streptococcal zaedy, it is recommended to use the ointment with antibacterial and antiseptic effect, since the disease is caused by bacteria, the formation of open sores which can get infected and make matters worse.

For the treatment of Candida zaedy character used antimycotic ointment. The doctor can additionally prescribe an antiseptic ointment.

If the nature of zaedy defies definition ointment is used a wide range of actions, including antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral components.

Zaedy often formed on the background of deficiency of vitamin B2, so that the doctor can prescribe the vitamins.

During treatment, it is also recommended to stick to your diet and eliminate from the diet of spicy and salty dishes.

How to cure zaedy formed on the lips depends on the cause of inflammation. Ointment of zaedy appeared on the lips, taking into account the specifics of the disease.

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Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional medicine offers cure zaedy using lotions of medicinal herbs. This treatment is quite effective, however for a speedy recovery should be used in conjunction with conventional drugs.

  • Crushed plantain leaves have good antiseptic effect and is applied in the form of lotions Заеды на губах: причины и как лечить?for the corners of the lips.
  • Propolis has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic action and is used for the targeted application directly to the affected area of the lips.
  • When zaedy Candida nature, it is recommended to rinse the mouth soda solution.
  • To reduce discomfort it is advisable to lubricate the corners of the lips with vegetable oil. For these purposes it is better to give preference to olive, sea buckthorn or tea tree oil.
  • Lotions decoction of oak bark help to accelerate the healing of wounds, and possess good antimicrobial action.
  • A holistic approach will help cure the problem forever, but before treatment you should consult with your doctor about the need of taking vitamin complexes and immunomodulators.