A blood test for chickenpox: decoding and how much is it?

Анализ крови на ветрянку: расшифровка и сколько стоит?Hello, dear readers! Are you curious about in which cases are assigned and how is the blood test for chicken pox?

In this article I will describe in detail how to prepare for this procedure, how to decipher the results and why to donate blood with the pox. An enjoyable read.

Some General information

Varicella virus provokes Varicella-Zoster related to the family of herpes viruses. The disease is highly contagious and is transmitted in various ways:

  • airborne (the most dangerous route of transmission of viruses);
  • in contact with the contents of the rash (very rarely, but it happens).

The patient is infectious 2 days before and for 5 days after the appearance of watery pimples. Smallpox had been ill for the second time does not appear, however, the virus remains in the body in a latent state. The threat of virus activation create different types of immunodeficiencies. If it is activated, then the person develops shingles.

Анализ крови на ветрянку: расшифровка и сколько стоит?Chickenpox is diagnosed by clinical, based on symptoms such as watery rash on the skin and mucous membranes. But sometimes the disease is atypical. How to determine it in this case? This will help check the blood for antibodies to varicella.

How is such a study? In fact, logical and simple: «Antibodies IgM and IgG to virus of Varicella-Zoster».

If reveals IgM antibodies means viral infection has acute or recently. In some cases, IgM antibodies circulate in the blood until a year after suffering illness. If they find IgG antibodies means you have immunity to chicken pox since you had it in the past.

In some cases, is assigned to check for chicken pox?

Sometimes this disease appear uncharacteristic symptoms:

  • uncharacteristic rash;
  • intoxication;
  • the lack of symptoms, etc.
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Анализ крови на ветрянку: расшифровка и сколько стоит?In such cases, the diagnosis solely on clinical presentation is difficult. In children, smallpox is nearly always standard. But adults sometimes suffer a similar deviation.

More analysis is prescribed in case if a person does not remember whether he was sick with chicken pox, but such a threat exists.

For example, you have a sick child, and you are pregnant with a second. In order not to jeopardize the health of future child, you need to check whether you have specific antibodies IgM.

If they are, then it is necessary to carry out the prevention of viral disease. But if you show up IgG, we can not worry about their health as well as immunity to the virus is already there.

Price and features of the procedure

Blood is taken in a standard way and checked for the presence of antibodies to the virus. The study is carried out very reliably and very specific. Probably, such procedure is very expensive, you ask. The price is not so high:

  • test in-vitro (laboratory) — 800 rubles;
  • test in the laboratory Gemotest (SPb) — 850 rubles.

These labs are popular due to the fact that they work with modern equipment, conduct tests quickly and efficiently.

Prepare for blood varicella is right

There are certain rules that must be followed before taking the above tests. They are simple, so stick to them will be easy. Check out the list of these rules, and then any analysis will give you the most accurate result:

  • To donate blood on an empty stomach is recommended. In the morning before the procedure you can drink only water. Contraindicated to use the products-allergens. These include fruits, especially citrus fruits, some vegetables, exotic products.
  • To go to the lab only eight hours after the last meal. During this time, the digestive tract will be cleansed.
  • The taking of blood for research when the chickenpox should be carried out before starting treatment with medications or two weeks after completing the course of medication. The fact that the medications can skew the results. If treatment has already begun, in the direction of the analysis be sure to specify which drugs are taken.
  • The day before a hike in the laboratory it is necessary to refuse from fried, fatty, alcohol and to eliminate physical exertion.
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    The results of the analysis are not affected by the blood. For example, if you have 1 blood group a positive, the result will be less accurate than the 2-second positive, or any other.

    Besides the research on antibodies, when chickenpox can be assigned to other tests, can detect viral disease:

    • General;
    • biochemical.

    These studies can tell a lot about the state of the body of the sick viral disease. The result was probably accurate, you need to prepare for blood donation. Therefore, I suggest to read the rules that must be followed before donating blood on a windmill.

    Learn to decipher the results

    Анализ крови на ветрянку: расшифровка и сколько стоит?To decipher the test results fully only by a qualified specialist. However, if you want to, you can learn this hard business.

    Reading the values of the results in this article, you will learn to identify the presence of the pox and other features of your body on them.

    So, how to understand, penetrated the virus in the body’s General blood test? When the chickenpox in the results of this study there is a decrease in leukocytes and increased lymphocytes. ESR remained within normal limits, but sometimes can be slightly increased.

    How to determine the presence of viral diseases at the biochemical results? If the disease is available, the level of Alat. By the way, the increase of this indicator, it says that the virus develops in the liver. The increase of the above enzyme is a temporary phenomenon. After recovery everything is back to normal.

    That’s all the information that should be read before blood virus Varicella-Zoster. I hope after reading this article, you have found the answers to all your questions.

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    Procedures described therein, should not be afraid. They are quick and virtually painless. If you liked the article, subscribe to site updates and will share it with their friends via social. network. I wish you good health!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)