A pimple on the eye on the upper eyelid: its causes and treatment methods

Rash on the upper eyelid bring a lot of discomfort and pain to the person, and if the pimple joins the inflammatory process, the treatment should be immediate. If on the face or other body areas to carry out medical procedures in some cases can be pimples on the eye on the upper eyelid in need of inspection, and medical care.

The content of the article

  • Causes of pimples on the eyelids
  • Violation of the sebaceous glands
  • A weak immune system
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Cosmetics
  • Allergic reaction
  • Eye injuries
  • Violation of hormonal level
  • Recognize rashes on the eye
  • Barley
  • Corn Buntings
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • When to see a doctor
  • Prevention of rashes around the eyes
  • Expert advice
  • In the eye area can appear whiteheads, small pimples, less likely to develop inflammation of the hair follicle called barley. Furthermore, such pimples immediately visible, their treatment should be carried out extremely carefully, after all, there is an important organ.

    Causes of pimples on the eyelids

    To the pimples in the eye area is no longer disturbed and did not cause complications, you need to find out the cause of their appearance. In most cases, a rash on the upper eyelid caused by a malfunction of the internal organs various diseases of.

    Violation of the sebaceous glands

    White bumps on upper eyelid are mostly due to excessive amounts of sebum, which clogs the ducts of the sebaceous glands and causes small bumps and nodules on the delicate skin. Such lesions are prone people with oily or combined type of skin.

    A weak immune system

    Sudden hypothermia, colds, poor diet and a great physical exertion, weaken the protective power of the immune system. There is a clear connection, when the background of any disease may experience acne on the body including in the eye area.

    Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

    Skin is a reflection of the state of human health and the digestive system also plays an important role. Professionals at the first examination to see the connection between pimples with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Often the cause of skin diseases is becoming a problem.

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    The modern choice of beauty products will turn the heads of any user who chooses tools at an affordable price, but with harmful components for the skin. The eyes are an extremely sensitive area and require special care treatments, proper hydration and daily cleansing. Decorative cosmetics that many women regularly applied to the eye area, becoming one of the most common causes of rash on eyelids.

    Allergic reaction

    The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive to external factors, because it is often possible to observe a rash as an allergic reaction. As allergens acts cosmetics, pollen, certain foods and medications. Usually on the eyelids appears small rash. Rarely, the Allergy is manifested only in the form of acne, usually along with a rash have a cold, cough and other characteristic symptoms.

    Eye injuries

    While mechanical damage can be an infection, which later becomes the reason of rashes on soft skin. Some cosmetic procedures, like plucking eyebrows or eyelashes gluing in the home can lead to infection.

    Violation of hormonal level

    Any change in the usual menstrual cycle should disturb a woman, and be the occasion of the visit to the doctor. Hormonal changes in puberty, menopause, pregnancy and other reasons lead to hormone imbalances and lesions on the skin.

    Recognize rashes on the eye

    Pimples vary in size, their causes and are divided into some types.


    Directly near the eye is formed barley or inflammation of the hair follicle. One of the bulbs near the eyes or of the hair follicles are clogged by dirt particles and excess sebum, and then inflamed, causing unpleasant painful education. Barley looks like a lump or pimple on the upper eyelid. By itself it will not bring harm, but if inflamed subcutaneous tissue, the infection can penetrate into the cavity of the skull.

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    Purulent education can be internal and external. Internal pimple of the eye occurs when inflammation mamboboy glands, and sebaceous glands. You can not squeeze barley alone, because the infection can spread further.

    Corn Buntings

    Acne white acne or Milia on the eyelid formed as a primary rashes for no apparent reason, and as a result of various injuries of the skin. Usually after the first zit appear a new education.

    Прыщ на глазу на верхнем веке: его причины и методы лечения

    Miliums or corn Buntings are almost never the cause of the inflammatory process in the skin or pain.

    The choice of methods of treatment

    The course of treatment depends on the type of pimples near the eyes, as well as their causes. It is better to consult a specialist when any rash around the eyes, because to cope with this problem is very difficult.

    Treatment of pimples on the eyelid

    If small pimples in the eye area is the result of a clogged pore, so the danger to health is not and the removal of such lesions improves the appearance of the skin. At home it is very difficult to correctly eliminate white little pimples and ensure sterility.

    Common acne self-clean with salicylic acid or mush. With regular use, the top layer is gradually disappearing and the skin is cleansed. Professionals to remove watery pimples use laser therapy, a surgical curette to remove them, darsonvalization. In any salon can do quality mechanical cleaning of the face.

    Прыщ на глазу на верхнем веке: его причины и методы лечения

    Treatment of barley

    Drugs for medical treatment mainly include eye drops, for example, sulfacetamide, and anti-inflammatory creams. In severe cases, prescribe antibiotics. External acne are treated with brilliant green or benzoyl peroxide only if they are not located inside the eyelid and away from the eyes. Dry and reduce inflammation can, spot applying salicylic ointment.

    When to see a doctor

    A visit to a specialist should not be delayed if the formation on the upper eyelid increased in size, for example, barley, or more of them. Fever, deterioration of health should also be a reason for visiting the doctor.

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    Прыщ на глазу на верхнем веке: его причины и методы лечения

    Prevention of rashes around the eyes

    To prevent pimples on upper eyelid you can use daily proper skin care. The best prevention is prevention of clogging of pores. Daily proper skin care and regular cleansing will make the skin clean and healthy. It is important to observe the principles of healthy lifestyle:

  • give up bad habits;
  • to balance a diet;
  • sports or moderate exercise;
  • to take additional vitamin complexes.
  • Expert advice

    To avoid any rash on the eyelids, you should follow these recommendations:

  • clean the skin with special masks;
  • do not forget to remove makeup before bedtime;
  • false lashes only be purchased in a specialized store;
  • to visit in order to prevent the beautician for a professional deep cleaning face;
  • it is impossible to heat rash on the eyelids, do not use hot sand or the egg;
  • to avoid stressful situations.
  • You need time to see a doctor, if corn Buntings and other rashes in the eye area appear regularly. Home treatment or removing formations on the eyelid will lead to unintended consequences. Only an expert will establish the true cause of the rash and prescribe a complex treatment. Even if pimples on the upper eyelid do not disturb the person should be attentive to their health and pass medical examination to exclude pathology.