A pox on the genitals: drug and popular treatment

Ветрянка на половых органах: медикаментозное и народное лечениеDear visitors, welcome you! Chickenpox is accompanied by an extremely unpleasant symptom is watery rash which appears on various parts of the body.

The most annoying thing is the pox on the genitals. Pimples on mucous itch no less than on the skin, causing annoying discomfort.

Fortunately, in today’s world there are a great protivozudnoe medications, which can alleviate the condition of the sick chickenpox.

I propose to study more pox on the genitals and learn to deal with it. Happy reading!

In what period rash?

The rash of chickenpox in children and adults appear immediately after the virus settles in the body and begins to actively proliferate. The appearance of acne is accompanied by fever. It is also one of the first symptoms of viral disease.

First, the body there are individual red spots, which in days be filled with liquid contents and start to itch. Then the size of the eruption increases, and this happens in waves. In addition to the skin, mucous membranes rash attacks:

  • in the oral cavity;
  • on the genitals.

Chickenpox in the intimate area for women and men

Viral disease of the labia in girls and women manifests itself in the form of small localized watery pimples. Often they apply only to the small and large lips of the vagina. Sometimes the rash moved to the clitoris and pubis.

Ветрянка на половых органах: медикаментозное и народное лечениеIn any case, this unpleasant and unsightly. Many women are afraid that after the rash is scarring. I want to reassure you — on the mucous membranes this will not happen.

Chickenpox in men on the penis more uncomfortable, as this external body closer in contact with the clothes than the female labia. Due to friction the injured spots.

As we know, their contents can be a source of re-infection. Therefore the men carry a viral disease harder.

The worst thing is when the rash is spreading not only on the outer surface of the genitals, but also on the walls of the urethra. This manifestation of the disease causes severe itching and pain.

After reading the above, you are probably wondering how to treat a rash on the genitals. As this slimy, classic green will not work. There must be a special treatment.

Treatment of chickenpox in intimate parts of the body

Fortunately, rash on the mucous membranes of the genital organs disappear without a trace, without leaving scars. The most annoying thing is the constant itching that is difficult to endure not only the children but also for adults. The question is: what smear pimples in your private area to relieve itching? The answer you’ll find below.

Ветрянка на половых органах: медикаментозное и народное лечениеThe easiest way to reduce discomfort in the intimate area when the chickenpox is a ordinary cleaning. Genitals can you rinse with cool water.

In no event it is impossible to use soap or gel for intimate hygiene. After cleaning you cannot dry off with a towel. It is better to slightly wet crotch and wear loose and comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics.

Than to smear watery pimples on labia and penis? In pharmacies you can find the following medications:

  • Still perfectly and, most importantly, quickly relieves itching, promotes rapid healing of lesions, reduces inflammation and irritation of the mucous;
  • Desitin has a powerful healing effect, cover the rash invisible film, which further protects them from infections and harmful bacteria, has a slight drying effect, so that the pimples heal faster;
  • Fukortsin solution is specifically designed to handle human tissues and has antiseptic effect and relieves itching.

To the question: how to treat watery pimples on the genitals with the help of these agents, I would say to treat them regularly, following the recommendations spelled out in the instructions.

Auxiliary treatment of chicken pox on the genitals

Traditional medicine offers to relieve itching and treat watery pimples on genitals:

  • Bath with potassium permanganate — dilute with water a few crystals of manganese so that the water became pale pink. Take a bath 15 minutes. If you don’t want to do the bath for the whole body, make sedentary — pour water in the basin. The water should be slightly above room temperature, but in any case not hot.
  • Calendula — 60 g of dry plants, pour a liter of boiling water and leave to infuse until cool. Pour the strained liquid into the bath and take her 25 minutes. This is not to RUB the skin and mucous membranes on the genitals.
  • Sage in 2 cups of boiling water required 20 g of dry herb pharmacy. Of the above ingredients to prepare the decoction, which then add to the bath.
  • If the itching is very strong, you can wipe the surface of the genitals with an ice cube. This should be done very gently and briefly so as not to be chilled. The cold is an emergency method of relieving itching. Unfortunately, he did not act for a long time, but instantly.
  • If the pox is transmitted sexually?

    Ветрянка на половых органах: медикаментозное и народное лечениеThe answer to the question: is there any chicken pox a sexually transmitted infection may not be unique. The list of ways of transmission of the disease there is no such option. However, to get infected during sexual contact is possible, but only if you have not had chickenpox before.

    This viral disease is often picked up in the course of communication with the sick person. Thus, the most common way of transmission of chicken pox-pox — airborne.

    However, sometimes the infection occurs through contact with the watery contents of the rash, especially if it gets onto the skin with sores and cracks.

    In the course of sexual intercourse can injure rash, causing its contents fall on the mucous membranes of the sexual partner. Moreover, in close cases such contact may accidentally cough or sneeze, that too will provoke the infection.

    That’s all the information about chicken pox on the genitals. I hope you liked the article. Share read with their friends in the social. networks and subscribe to the updates of this website. New information on its pages appears on a regular basis. All the best to you!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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