A wart on the head: why does it appear and how to treat?

Hello, dear guests of our website. We have said that a wart is a benign growths that appear on the body due to the activation of HPV.

It is a contagious disease that can be transmitted through household items, and through direct contact with the patient. To growths can appear throughout the body, including the scalp.

Some warts can appear on the head?

Бородавка на голове: почему появляется и как лечить?Cause of warts on the head can be several viruses. In particular, often display one that causes the formation of simple warts.

They are usually small, dense, keratinized, covered with grooves. Can be flat, filiform and pointed form, gray-yellow or brown-black color. If the wart is red, that means it becomes inflamed or has a different origin.

Warts on head in hair is a very common disease. In addition to the virus they can be komatosnye, that is, the age.

Externally keratosis (seborrheic) verruca is similar to the moles. The surface of such growths deformed and slightly raised above the skin surface.

Usually they are light brown in color. As a rule, keratomas not transform into cancer and are not viral in nature. The following photo shows exactly keratosa wart on the head.

These warts appear in people of advanced age. They have a very unattractive appearance – greasy coating, Horny mass with a friable plaques. This growth brings a lot of inconvenience to his host.

Causes of warts scalp

Бородавка на голове: почему появляется и как лечить?Often common warts on the head are formed in adolescents and in children with weakened body. To determine the wart it or not, you can in the form of a knot, which resembles a seaweed.

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The main cause of the disease the sweat. This is the most inviting factor that triggers the infection and the appearance of growths under the hair.

If the tumor appeared on the head, then most likely it will not remain in «splendid isolation». Microparticles of a damper is to be transferred to other areas of the body with comb, then combing.

Warts on the head can occur due to:

  • Frequent stress;
  • Bad habits;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Long-term use of certain drugs.

Diagnosis of the disease

Бородавка на голове: почему появляется и как лечить?To remove the growths on the head, it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis is actually quite simple – she holds a doctor.

He will take with neoplasms scraping and examine it under the microscope to rule out other dangerous diseases.

If there is doubt about the purity of the warts, you will be assigned to the other studies, including a biopsy.

How to treat growths of this kind?

Бородавка на голове: почему появляется и как лечить?So, what to do if you climbed to the head of the wart?

If you are suddenly in her hair found a «surprise», do not rush to extremes. Here do not self medicate.

Illiterate and inept actions can lead to severe inflammation, causing the probability of infection.

The consequence of such treatment could be the emergence of a greater number of warts. If you try to do to remove the build-up, it will remain a large and ugly scar.

Note that superficially resemble warts other growths, and if you remove it yourself without the diagnosis, then can make trouble.

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The treatment of growths of this kind requires a serious approach and seek help from a specialist. Only a doctor can prescribe effective treatment or removal of warts.

Removal of growths with the help of medications

Бородавка на голове: почему появляется и как лечить?How to bring skin lesions of this kind? All treatment is based on removing the lesion. First and foremost, you need to be immunized against the virus.

Often this remedy is medicine based on interferon. In the complex with him using special ointments:

  • Ointment on the basis of salicylic, retinoic, trichloroacetic acid;
  • Cheap;
  • Fluorouracil produced in the form of creams and ointments.

Before starting treatment, it is desirable to donate blood. This immunological analysis, which will help to choose the right medication for therapy.

Getting rid of growths in the hair does not guarantees the complete elimination of the virus. Warts may reappear. If you relapse, the tumors should be disposed of in special medical institutions.

Clinical methods of removal

Бородавка на голове: почему появляется и как лечить?In different clinics you have several types of procedures to remove tumors.

Laser removal. It is an effective and safe method of getting rid of skin growths. During the procedure local anesthesia is used.

Cryosurgery. Wart removed with liquid nitrogen. The freezing of tissues is carried out using a special applicator, so that the skin around the warts does not suffer. After this method, no scars are left on the skin.

By means of electrocoagulation. This is the impact of current. Remove the area instantly heats up, so the virus ceases to spread. Due to the high temperature during the procedure there is practically no bleeding.

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Surgical excision. In this way removed extensive education. After the session, removal of the lesions are superimposed cosmetic seams.

Treatment of warts in children

Бородавка на голове: почему появляется и как лечить?Doctors say that if your child has warts appear, treatment should be expectant in nature.

This is especially true for adolescents, as is often the occurrence of warts they have is due to hormonal rebuilding of an organism. Before reaching puberty, as a rule, the disease passes independently.

In young children treatment based on improving their immune system by taking immunomodulators. It is also possible to use ointments, but only on the recommendations of a specialist.

So in today’s article we explained how and why warts appear on the head, how to properly diagnose and treat.

Highly recommend not to self-medicate, not to listen to relatives and friends, because every body is different. Any treatment prescribed by a doctor. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)