A wart on the knee: effective treatment methods

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With the onset of autumn frosts, the immune system of the human body subjected to additional load, because in the off-season exacerbated chronic inflammatory processes and developed acute respiratory viral diseases.

On the background of the failure of the immune system you can observe the appearance of skin diseases such as warts.

From why there are warts and what they are?

Бородавка на коленке: эффективные способы леченияWarts on the human body are benign growths and generally not cause physical pain to the patient.

Although, with constant friction under your clothes or shoes, they can hurt, bleed and swell. In this case, you may experience physical discomfort that impair quality of life of the patient.

The basic cause of warty growths on the body is infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), which can for years to hide in the body and only on the background of immune or hormonal disorders.

In addition to the physical discomfort of warts on your body are causing cosmetic complexes.

The danger of HPV virus is that some strains can cause cancer of the skin and mucous membranes.

So, it is proved that the strains of types 6, 18, 45, 33, 31, 35, 52, 58 cause the development of cervical cancer. When novoobrazovany on the body, do not panic, but a trip to a qualified dermatologist also should not be delayed «indefinitely».

After a thorough examination and medical history, you may need to conduct additional laboratory studies that help to determine the exact type of the pathogen and, therefore, will prescribe the most safe and effective treatment.

Warts covering the skin, can be of several types:

  • flat;
  • ordinary;
  • pointed;
  • hanging;
  • senile.

Бородавка на коленке: эффективные способы леченияThe most common form of viral wart – ordinary. It should be noted that the localization of the pathological focus can be any part of the body, but most often it is the exposed parts of the arms, legs, back, neck and even the face.

Very often such dermatological pathology found in children and adolescents, and in most clinical cases is a wart on the knee or on the hand.

To provoke the appearance of growths on the skin such reasons:

  • malfunctions of the immune system;
  • hormonal imbalance (with teenage adolescence, pregnancy and menopause);
  • failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • wearing tight shoes and clothes (especially synthetic materials);
  • beriberi;
  • bad habits;
  • close bodily contact with an infected person.

How to get rid of growths on my feet?

Бородавка на коленке: эффективные способы леченияIf found on the body warty education, it is necessary to consult a doctor for the necessary diagnostic procedures.

Most adult patients, noting a benign tumor in his body or the child, trying to determine their views and to fight the disease at home.

I want to note that to help determine the type of tumors will be presented on the pages of the online spaces. But do not try to get rid of them yourself without first visiting a doctor.

On pages the Internet-editions you can find many tips on how to rid yourself from this problem.

Not to say that these tips are not effective, many of them are quite effective, but we want to warn you that the wart using chemicals is a dangerous procedure in which there is a real risk of injury to healthy parts of the dermis, the appearance of wounds and scars.

That is why I recommend to consult with your doctor on the subject of how to remove the growths at home.

Бородавка на коленке: эффективные способы леченияBefore you begin treatment, you need to create the patient favorable conditions for recovery.

That is, to adjust the diet, to abandon bad habits, to do as much sports and to harden.

How to withdraw warts once and for all tell the doctor, who will pick up the individual scheme of treatment and prevention of disease.

Effective treatment of the disease involves a combination of topical treatment medication systemic exposure.

After all, if you remove the outer manifestation of disease, i.e. the build-up, the virus remains inside the body, and there is no guarantee that it will not manifest itself elsewhere. Influence of the pathogen is necessary in a complex.

If the warts on knees appeared in children or teenagers, you should not panic as in most cases, these tumors go away on their own over 6-12 months.

With a marked increase in tumors, bleeding and pain will arise the question of the removal of warty growths. For this purpose, use more radical methods:

  • electrocoagulation;
  • freezing with liquid nitrogen;
  • laser removal;
  • excision surgically.

Бородавка на коленке: эффективные способы леченияDepending on the localization of the pathological focus and the individual characteristics of the patient, the doctor will choose the most efficient method.

It is worth noting that modern dermatologists and surgeons prefer laser removal of warts.

The advantage of this method is its efficiency, in most cases, only one procedure, accessibility and security. In severe cases, this procedure may be under local anesthesia.

To maintain the body from within and strengthen its defense mechanisms will help:

  • vitamins;
  • immunomodulators;
  • anti-viral drugs.

Traditional medicine against the disease

Бородавка на коленке: эффективные способы леченияQuite effective drugs to combat the warts can be found under the hands of every housewife. As claimed by traditional healers to get rid of the hated education just enough to RUB it cut in half a potato, beet or Apple.

After that, the vegetable or fruit should be tightly linked thread, connecting both halves and leave for some time in a secluded place on the balcony or in the outbuildings. When the vegetable starts to rot, growth will nachto to dry up and disappear completely.

Conventional ash acts on the wart is not less effective than laser beams or liquid nitrogen.

For the preparation of a medicine must be burned 5-6 sulfuric heads from matches, mix them with a few drops of water and the resulting gruel to RUB the tumor, then it is recommended to seal this place with a bandage.

As well helps the juice from the fresh stems of celandine. It is necessary several times a day to smear the affected area of the body this means, until then, until it is completely gone.

I wish you all good health and beautiful skin! I hope that this publication will not only be interesting but useful.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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