A wart on the palm of your hand: why does it appear and how to get rid of it?

Бородавка на ладони: почему появляется и как от него избавиться?Hello, dear readers. Many faced with the emergence of warts on the hands. Such formations, especially those located on the palms, bring a lot of problems, in particular when performing the functional job duties and housework.

In addition, it’s quite a serious cosmetic defect, which in most people causes disgust.

How can appear growths of this kind on the palm and how to properly treat? You will learn the answers to the issues presented in this article.

Wart or not?

Бородавка на ладони: почему появляется и как от него избавиться?Many people confuse warts on the palms with calluses or other growths. Most of these growths are benign and flat.

They grow up to 1 cm, and their color is similar to natural skin. Quite common from a few papules, but there are also single.

Ladonna education have the following characteristics:

  • The disappearance pattern of the skin, which after removal of tumors is restored;
  • Only appeared warts have a smooth shiny surface, and the Horny layers.
  • In this place you can not feel pain.
  • If the tumor grows, its surface can form black spots (small blood vessels by blood clots).

If you look at the photo above you’ll see what it looks like a growth on the palm.

The causes of the formations on the palms

Бородавка на ладони: почему появляется и как от него избавиться?Our grandmother insisted that warts appear on the hands after you touch a toad or frog. Of course, it’s a sign, moreover, it is not true.

A wart on the palm appears due to the activation of the human papillomavirus, however, if we consider disease from the perspective of palmistry, it is considered a psychosomatic manifestation.

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Almost every adult has in the body the virus, sometimes even several types.

The virus enters the body through direct contact with a sick person or at the household level (door handles, handrails of public transport, in swimming pools, saunas, etc).

You may not know that you have a virus. Warts on the palms can occur due to reduced immunity, which will become the activator of HPV. It is also possible to reverse the process when the growths disappear on their own with increasing immunity.

How to get rid of warts on hands?

Бородавка на ладони: почему появляется и как от него избавиться?Because of its location the treatment of growths in this area is very specific. This disease is very different from the others. If you have a wart, without proper medical intervention, the disease will progress.

Unfortunately, sometimes these growths are not amenable to novel treatments. Also can they be destroyed themselves.

According to statistics, if you have a lot of formations on the palms, after a couple of months usually lost a fifth of them within three months of their third, and two years later, half of the warts. If the growths are localized at the child, then they usually disappear by themselves.

If people have weak immune system to get rid of the growths will be more difficult. In this case, they need to be treated. If care is neglected they can grow across the palm, to be transferred to other areas of the body and hurt.

Бородавка на ладони: почему появляется и как от него избавиться?If you will be assigned an effective treatment, it will assume the following scenarios:

  • Warts will disappear in the course of treatment;
  • They lost at the initial stage of medication;
  • The neoplasm does not respond to any treatment.
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Even if you get rid of Palmar growths from HPV you recover will not work. To date, there is no way of removing it from the body.

That is why after successful treatment of growths, you have to monitor their health and strengthen the immune system.

How to withdraw warts medication?

All drugs are appointed only by a doctor. Of course, most of them are sold in pharmacies without a prescription but only a specialist will tell in detail about the contraindications, side effects and effectiveness of medication.

To conduct medical removal of growths you can use:

  • Caracolito (drugs that can melt the fabric).
  • Cryotherapeutic drugs;
  • Local necrotic means;
  • Antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.
  • Treatment formations of the child also implies the application of the above methods, but some are contraindicated in children up to 6-7 years.

    Surgical removal methods

    Бородавка на ладони: почему появляется и как от него избавиться?How to remove warts in medical clinics? These methods involve:

    • The use of liquid nitrogen (the wart tissue die due to exposure to low temperatures);
    • Laser therapy (removal of entities is done via the evaporation of cells of the epidermis with a laser beam);
    • Electrocoagulation (layer-by-layer build-up is removed by an electric current, causing the wart tissue are burned);
    • Surgical excision (this method is valid in the defeat of a large area of the palm). The operation is performed under local anesthesia which allows you to safely remove the build-up and impose cosmetic seams.

    Can be cured at home?

    Бородавка на ладони: почему появляется и как от него избавиться?If you are planning to go to the doctor, you can apply traditional methods of treatment of skin lesions. Use the juice of celandine or dandelion, acetic acid, garlic or raw potato.

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    All these products are applied on the affected area for several weeks to completely get rid of the Palmar growths.

    I want to note that the result can be unpredictable, because the body is all different and no one knows how to behave in the treatment process, it is yours.

    As you can see, methods of removal of warts on the palms abound, so you have plenty to choose from. After the growth is removed, do some strengthening immunity, healthy habits, proper nutrition to the human papilloma virus and remained in «sleep» condition and does not manifest itself in the form of unsightly formations on the palms and other places. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)