Acne clothing: types of rashes and how to deal with them

Body acne does not always cause skin or other diseases. To carry out its functions, skin needs to breathe to be clean. Many people are not always able to provide her with suitable conditions, because pimples from clothing. Often the cause of the rash becomes contact with synthetic fabrics, especially in the cold season, when you have to wear more warm and thick clothes. In the summer people dress is airy and easy, but due to the high temperature and tight-fitting fabric to the body can also be rash.

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  • How clothing can affect a skin condition?
  • Causes of pimples
  • Common skin rashes
  • Allergy
  • The sweating sickness
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis
  • Fungal diseases
  • Traditional methods
  • The popular treatment
  • What clothing triggers these rashes
  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Cotton
  • Len
  • Always if clothing is the cause of acne?
  • Video about allergic reaction from clothes
  • How clothing can affect a skin condition?

    In the modern world, clothing serves not only for protection from cold, wind, but also to create an image, following the fashion trends. Often, people in pursuit of fashion forget about basic things and not pay attention to the quality of the material. Not all synthetic fabrics are harmful to the skin, otherwise each person had a horrible skin disease, but careful attention to the choice of fabric will help to avoid allergies and other problems.

    All materials for clothing are divided into three types:

  • natural;
  • synthetic;
  • artificial.
  • Natural fabrics available today in the form of cotton, linen, wool and silk, and all the others are made by chemical synthesis or modified from natural raw materials. Artificial fabric created from natural substances such as cellulose, because the health risk when wearing minimal. Synthetically created fabrics such as polyamide, nylon, polyester. For their manufacturing polymers.

    Causes of pimples

    Even the most natural fabric in poor skin care will not save you from rashes. Clothing can cause pimples on the body under the following conditions:

  • violation of the rules of personal hygiene;
  • rare change and wash things;
  • too tight clothing and friction of the skin;
  • increased physical activity;
  • artificial dyes often cause allergies;
  • individual sensitivity to synthetic or natural materials.
  • Clothing should be lightweight and not restrict movement. Underwear to wear only natural fabrics. For example, Jersey is better to choose only from cotton.

    Common skin rashes

    Pimples appear on the body not only because of the synthetic materials. Natural fabrics also affect the skin condition, especially if the wrong person wears clothes and does not follow the hygiene of your body.

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    One of the most common causes of skin rashes on account of my clothes are allergic. Often, an allergic rash is caused by natural materials such as animal fur.

    Прыщи от одежды: виды высыпаний и как с ними бороться

    The sweating sickness

    High temperature external environment, tight clothing and synthetic fabrics can cause heat rash. Body overheating and excessive sweating leads to clogged pores, resulting in a small rash appears on the skin. Most often this problem occurs in kids, but adults can monitor the status of the organism independently.

    Small children often wrap up which leads to rashes because of the heat. To the body of the child should touch exclusively natural fabrics.

    Прыщи от одежды: виды высыпаний и как с ними бороться


    The clogging of pores leads to accumulation of various contaminants and harmful particles, which multiply germs. Then appear on the skin acne in the form of acne. Such a problem can create too tight clothing from non-natural fabrics. Due to steaming in the hot weather synthetic things lead to the appearance of single acne, and if you do not engage in their treatment and do not clean the skin, soon the number of the rash will increase.


    Small pimples all over my body with strong itching that increases at night, is called dermatitis.

    The cause of the disease are various factors, but the itching intensifies the polyester, nylon and wool. These types of fabrics need to eliminate the tendency to rashes.

    Прыщи от одежды: виды высыпаний и как с ними бороться

    Fungal diseases

    Tight underwear, clothing that is not breathable, long-term wearing sometimes leads to the development of fungal infection. Various gynecological diseases, rashes on the body associated with the fungus in the clothes of low quality.

    Прыщи от одежды: виды высыпаний и как с ними бороться

    Acne treatment

    The appearance of pimples on the body it is better to consult a specialist, because of the varieties of skin diseases that occur due to tight or unnatural clothes, a lot.

    Traditional methods

    After accurate diagnosis, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment. Depending on the causes of the disease may need antihistamines in case of Allergy, the funds on the basis of salicylic acid, if the skin is inflammation. Different cosmetic products will help to clean up contaminated pores and prevent acne. In the case of the sweat will need a special cream or ointment that can soothe and moisturize irritated skin.

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    The popular treatment

    If the cause of skin rashes is poor quality clothing, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, which offers a lot of herbal teas and other natural remedies. The herb elecampane, the roots have anti-inflammatory action. Useful for skin is the juice of plantain. To fight dermatitis, a rash will help bath of celandine and the series.

    Coal-tar soap is widely known in the folk treatment of inflammatory processes on the skin.

    What clothing triggers these rashes

    Allergic reaction and other skin rashes because of the clothing provoked both synthetic and natural fabrics. Often, clothing made from natural material combined with other fibers to increase durability. Choosing underwear, it is better not to look in the direction of synthetic fabrics, but if such material is used for making outerwear, it is not necessary to be afraid of.


    Modern rayon is often made from natural cellulose and synthetic fibers. People buy viscose in the hope that it is a safe natural material, and then often face a negative reaction of the skin. High quality fabric is not as harmful as other synthetic and allows the skin to breathe.


    Despite the fact that the polyester refers to non-natural fabrics, modern technologies have allowed to make this material is very high quality. If the manufacturer complied with all the rules of making polyester clothing from the fibers is considered to be safe. From this material make even diapers for the little ones, but individual sensitivity to the polymer fiber causes an allergic rash.


    For the manufacture of clothing polyamide used synthetic fibers. The fabric is highly breathable, does not crease, are sensitive to high temperature. This material is more suitable for the production of socks because it does not let the heat and doesn’t absorb moisture.


    One of the most durable and body safe materials is cotton. It will provide good ventilation, therefore suitable for underwear. Cotton goods will not cause allergies or irritation under condition of observance of rules of personal hygiene.

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    Products made of natural material called flax breathable and can support the necessary temperature. The fabric is soft to the touch and does not harm the skin.

    Always if clothing is the cause of acne?

    All natural things does not mean the absence of problems with the skin. It is important to observe a daily cleansing and body wash, to keep clean, timely change of clothes, conduct a correct way of life, only then the skin will be healthy and clean.

    Прыщи от одежды: виды высыпаний и как с ними бороться

    Prevention of lesions on the body

    For the normal functioning of the skin just need to breathe. Artificial fibre block access of air to the body, for underwear you need to choose only from high quality natural fabrics. Adhere to the simple rules, you can avoid skin problems.

    1. It is important to wash things, so they do not remain traces of powder and other detergents.
    2. Knitted linen needs in a timely changes and frequent washing, because contaminated things are the source of various infections.
    3. Don’t forget about the bedding, which should be high. Frequent change of pillow covers will protect from fungal and other infections.

    In the cold season as outerwear choose synthetic materials because they are not in contact with the body and more resistant to daily wear. Natural fabric is not harmful to human health, but the pace of modern life cannot do without things durable synthetic. It is better to choose high-quality products, to comply with prevention measures in the care of clothing and your skin.

    Video about allergic reaction from clothes