Acne in hair in women reason a cosmetic defect or a signal of a pathology of the body

Beautiful, well-groomed hair – an indicator of the health and care of hair. But sometimes this ideal condition is violated – there are different acne in the hair of women, the cause of which lies in the pathological changes of the body and the penetration of bacteria in the sebaceous glands. What to do? Need to find out the cause of a failure of the internal organs, consult a dermatologist to be examined, to establish which body signals and asks for help, to a course of medical therapy.

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  • Causes of acne in hair
  • External causes
  • Internal causes
  • Hormones and acne
  • Colds and pimples
  • The types of acne in hair
  • White pimples
  • Closed comedones
  • Red pimples
  • Blackheads
  • Purulent pimples
  • To go to the doctor or not: how to treat
  • Home remedies cure rash
  • Medication
  • Antiseptics
  • Antihistamines
  • Antidepressants and vitamin
  • Antibiotics
  • Physical therapy
  • Preventing acne in hair
  • Causes of acne in hair

    Rash in hair is caused by external and internal reasons. The location of the whiskey, the middle part of the forehead, back of the head, parting the hair.

    External causes

    External causes of skin rash — improper care of hair and scalp:

  • poor quality shampoo and hard, chlorinated water (worsen the condition, dry skin, lead to the emergence of a microcrack, to strengthen the sebum glands, which penetrate the bacteria);
  • Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

  • individual intolerance to detergents (shampoos, gels, conditioners);
  • rare wash hair with increased secretion of the sebaceous glands;
  • frequent washing means, not suitable for daily use;
  • hard, with sharp teeth comb, injuring the skin;
  • contaminated combs, hair bands, barrettes;
  • the use of other people’s combs, barrettes, combs, which may be contamination of bacteria;
  • dirty towels, have not shelled headgear;
  • synthetic hats cause overheating of the head, excessive sweating and inflammation on the skin;
  • sleep on synthetic pillows poor quality, does not absorb sweat, overheating the skin.
  • What to do to these external causes did not cause the appearance of the rash:

    1. Carefully read the detergent composition, buy only those that are appropriate to the type and condition of the skin.
    2. Hair giraudie very quickly, you can wash every day, picking the appropriate shampoo.
    3. Replacing old comb is more convenient, broad, clavate teeth. You can buy wooden comb, not traumatic skin.
    4. Replace cushions environmentally safe synthetic or natural.
    5. Use only your own combs and items for hairstyles.
    6. Periodically wash detergent, disinfectant combs, combs, barrettes.
    7. Wash or replace bows, hair bands.
    8. Use only clean towels and hats made of natural materials.

    Internal causes

    Internal causes are found in women more often than external. This is due to the fact that women are generally more carefully care for the hair, pay more attention to even the smallest presicci or inflammation on the skin, immediately begin to burn, oil alcohol, to seek the cause of their appearance. The internal reasons are disruption of the functioning of organs and organ systems.

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    Hormones and acne

    Cause acne can hormonal background, external symptoms of which will be unstable menstrual cycle.

    Polycystic ovaries leads to increased hormone production, which in turn increases the sebaceous glands and causes acne.

    Constant stress causes a violation of hormone of the adrenal glands, increase male hormone testosterone, which leads to the appearance of pustules in the scalp.

    The hormonal surge in adolescence is one of the causes of pimples on the body and hair. The excess sebum clogs the lumen of the glands, to create a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that causes inflammation.

    Colds and pimples

    Hypothermia, colds lead to appearance of pimples that settle on the scalp and cause unpleasant, painful symptoms.

    The types of acne in hair

    Acne occurs in the hair, may have a different view of its features.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    White pimples

    Represent white bumps, resembling small seeds, like millet, are usually located in the upper layer of the epidermis.

    Closed comedones

    Closed comedones are also called Bunting. They occur in case of blockage of the sebaceous glands sebum, particles of epithelium, later. Formed under the tube occurs the bacteria that formed the bubble white. The comedones often occur in women but can occur in adult women. Sometimes itchy, so when brushing can become inflamed because of infection.

    Red pimples

    Causes of red pimples often is a metabolic disorder, diseases of the digestive system. The skin appear red spots, within which may be formed purulent compacted the tubercle. The inflammatory process is flowing in waves, the red spots disappear, then appear again.


    Formed at the exit of sebum to the surface of the gland. On the air, fat oxidizes and becomes a black dot tube. Black pimples otherwise known as open comedones. Blackheads take cosmetic flaw, look ugly, often appear on the nose, and on the border of the face and scalp.

    Purulent pimples

    Contain pus. Painful. Look very ugly, unpleasant, often occupy a large surface, may acquire cyanotic hue. Causes of purulent acne – hormonal abnormalities, infection, hormonal therapy. A large area of pustules suggests that the infection has penetrated into the deeper layer of the dermis.

    To go to the doctor or not: how to treat

    If pimples have appeared in the hair, much bother, itch, itch, hurt, grow, you should immediately consult a dermatologist and undergo a series of examinations. You may need to consult an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist.

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    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    Home remedies cure rash

    A small amount of acne (not more than ten) that do not cause discomfort, it is possible to cure yourself using home remedies.

    Did you know: Essential tea tree oil added to shampoo or gel, and adds detergents anti-bacterial properties, kills acne and small skin lesions, reduces inflammation.


    Freshly picked or dried hop cones, rinse, pour boiling water, boil 5 minutes, insist. The resulting infusion should be wiped with a rash.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    Treatment with celandine

    Three tablespoons herb celandine pour two cups of boiling water, leave for a couple of hours, drain. Lotions do. Fresh juice of celandine, you can cauterize the ulcer.

    Tip: beware of the juice of celandine are poisonous. Protect your eyes from the ingress of milky juice. If all-taki to be saved did not happen, rinse the eyes with plenty of running water. If necessary, consult an ophthalmologist.

    Mask of plantain

    The juice of plantain has antiseptic properties. To obtain the mask clean plantain leaves should be well knead, make into a paste, then apply on the scalp for 20 minutes. Wash off the paste with warm water, without using detergents.

    Pumpkin mask

    Reduces inflammation, dries the skin, accelerates the maturation of the pustules. For the mask you need to prepare the pulp of pumpkin pulp, apply on the skin for 20 minutes, wrap the hair with a towel to keep warm. Wash hair with warm water.

    Apple cider vinegar

    Vinegar reduces inflammation of the skin. After washing you need to mix in a ratio of 1:5 mix the vinegar with water and rinse hair.

    Honey and cinnamon

    The mask of honey and cinnamon soothes inflamed skin, promotes rapid healing of pimples. Mask is prepared with two parts honey and one part ground cinnamon, apply on hair for 30 minutes. After removing the mask you need to rinse the hair with warm clean water.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    Salt for acne

    For acne treatment you can prepare strong solution of sea or common salt, to cleanse the inflamed areas of skin on the head.

    Other means

    To cauterize acne can be ethyl alcohol, vodka, salicylic alcohol. will effectively wash my hair with tar shampoo, good anti-inflammatory and drying the skin.

    Caution: do Not squeeze pimples on the scalp. Do not brush the ulcers with a sharp crest and dirty hands.


    Drug treatment appoint a doctor. Only a doctor is able, after examination to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment.


    If there is no inner, deep pathology, use antiseptics in the form of ointments, gels, suspensions.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    An antiseptic ointment containing zinc, have a drying effect, decontaminate and disinfect the skin, protect against new lesions, regulate the sebaceous glands. The ointment should be applied only on the pimples and inflamed skin, using a small spatula or q-tip, match.

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    Appointed by the allergist if you experience an allergic reaction to perfume and cosmetics, medicines, some food. Diazolin, suprastin, tavegil – basic antihistamines.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    Antidepressants and vitamin

    Constant stress leads to decreased immunity, so light antidepressants, vitaminized food, vitamins with minerals, regulate the internal organs, improve the body’s defenses.


    Inflammatory skin diseases can be treated topically with ointments containing antibiotics: levomikol, tetracycline, erythromycin, minocycline. Ointments are applied point. In inflammatory diseases, accompanied by the appearance of ulcers on the skin, antibiotic treatment for internal or injectable use.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    Physical therapy

    Physiotherapy treatments are complementary to medical appointments:

    1. Cryotherapy. The low temperatures of liquid nitrogen improves blood circulation, activates the immune reaction.
    2. Laser therapy. The laser beam destroys microorganisms that caused inflammation, clears the ducts of the sebaceous glands.
    3. Darsonvalization. The procedure restores the cells of the epidermis, there is a narrowing of the ducts, improves blood circulation.
    4. Ultrasonic therapy. The process provides drying of the ulcers, destruction of microorganisms.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

    Treatment of diseases of internal organs carry out narrow specialists – gynecologists, endocrinologists, psychologists.

    Preventing acne in hair

    Treatment will not give positive changes unless there was a cause and not cure the main diseases of internal organs.

    Any, even the most high-quality treatment will not give positive results, if you do not observe:

  • the rules of personal hygiene;
  • diet;
  • the use of high quality perfume and cosmetic products;
  • calm, no nervous overloads and breakdowns a way of life;
  • regular preventive supervision and examination by doctors.
  • Causes a nasty rash in the women’s hair varied. If simple methods of home treatment does not help, you need to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. All recommendations will help get rid of nasty rashes and to have sleek skin and a lustrous hair. Hygiene, cleanliness is the best women’s beauty.

    Прыщи в волосах у женщин причина — косметический дефект или сигнал патологии организма

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