Acne on back causes in men and treatments

Men quite often suffer from back acne. Despite the fact that women are more prone to acne due to the frequent hormonal changes throughout life, more often in males get pimples on the back. The reason men depend on the individual characteristics of the organism and are internal and external.

The content of the article

  • Features of acne in men
  • Causes of acne on back in men
  • Internal factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Food
  • Emotional state
  • External causes
  • Personal hygiene
  • Tight clothing
  • Physical labor
  • Types of acne and their causes
  • Treatment of rashes
  • Effective drug
  • Folk remedy for back acne
  • Clay for acne
  • Bath sea salt
  • Bath with essential oils
  • Lemon juice
  • Preventive measures
  • Features of acne in men

    The skin on the back they have a little bit thicker and fatter, because there are great conditions for vital activity of various bacteria. Also on the back of some of the men present vegetation, which is a favorable environment for bacteria, after all, hair follicles are prone to inflammation.

    The male subject to great physical stress and other factors that affect acne. They are more likely than women to squeeze acne on the back, thereby only increasing their number. The pimples are in most cases a consequence of hormonal changes or a reaction to cosmetic products, while in males there are many external and internal factors of the lesions. According to the statistics of the more severe forms of acne are observed in the age of 25 have young boys.

    Causes of acne on back in men

    Often, small pimples in men first appear on the face, and then spread into the shoulders, back, chest and arms. Usually acne in the back arise from the accumulation of bacteria in the pores on the skin. There are other important factors of lesions in males, which are divided into internal and external.

    Internal factors

    A skin condition is affected by hormonal background of a person, standing the immune system and chronic processes in the body.

    Hormonal changes

    Hormone levels affect the composition of subcutaneous fat, which is secreted by the skin. The presence of large numbers of sebaceous glands on the back of the male leads to rashes. For example, in adolescence, when the activity of hormones increases, changes sebum, becomes more dense, causing clogged pores. Then there are comedones and inflammatory processes in the back. But increased production of androgen is not characteristic only for boys. Adult men can also be a failure in the endocrine system, which leads to back acne.

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    Improper diet leads to contamination of the intestine and affect overall health. The abundance of sharp, smoked, fatty meat dishes always leaves a trace in the form of skin rashes and other problems. Overeating leads to excess weight and acne these people appear much more often.

    Emotional state

    The skin condition affects a person’s mood, resistance to stress and life troubles. The less of negative emotions, fatigue and depression the better the immune, nervous and other systems.

    On the health of the skin affects the condition of the liver, stomach and intestines. The rash of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract will be a bit denser and darker than usual pimples. Taking certain medicines can affect the intestinal flora, which can not cope with the removal of toxins from the body. The reason for getting boils diabetes. Any violation of the internal organs, inflammatory processes in the body also affect the skin.

    Прыщи на спине: причины появления у мужчин и методы лечения

    External causes

    In men other conditions of work, leisure and sport activities, therefore, creates a lot of favorable factors for the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

    Personal hygiene

    Contaminated pores are the best breeding ground for bacteria, so daily personal hygiene is important for everyone. Bad wash the back helps to ensure that the pores become clogged by dead skin cells and dirt.

    Tight clothing

    Unnaturally tight clothing often creates friction on the skin, which is damaged and inflamed. Small pimples in constant contact with close things on the back turn into painful white pustules. Clothing should be natural and free, especially in hot weather when sweating increases.

    Physical labor

    Because working conditions for men are tough physically, they have released a lot of sweat. If it together with subcutaneous fat does not clear in time skin, the pores become clogged. Acne is very active breed. In the gym it is better to have a clean towel and immediately wipe excess sweat from the face and back, because taking a shower, men it is often badly washed.

    Прыщи на спине: причины появления у мужчин и методы лечения

    Types of acne and their causes

    Any kind of rashes can occur on the back, which can be a skin disease. The most common following forms of acne:

  • red pimples;
  • white pimples;
  • internal rash;
  • pustules.
  • Small bumps on the back red painful to the touch. Their cause may be problems with the internal organs and external stimuli. White pimples called education on the back that have a white filling and usually don’t hurt. Usually their reason is a violation of personal hygiene, wearing tight underwear.

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    The danger of internal pimples in that they are difficult to treat and are located in the deeper layers of the skin. Squeezing them, one can easily get infected and leave a scar or spot on the body. Pus formation on the body very sick. They appear on almost any part of the body and have different sizes.

    Boils are also formed on the back and because of the unavoidable friction of the clothes creates suffering for men. To squeeze such acne is not like to self-medicate.

    Прыщи на спине: причины появления у мужчин и методы лечения

    Treatment of rashes

    To completely get rid of acne, you need patience, because it is a long process. Turning to a specialist can establish the true cause of the rash and pick the right therapy. In the initial stages of the formation of acne will help popular drugs with antibiotic or other active substance. Widely used special mash, which assigns a doctor. Scrubbing them back every evening can quickly get rid of skin problems.

    Effective drug

    Modern creams and ointments doing a fine rash on the back. Among the most common medicines allocate zineryt, skinoren, baziron, metrogyl. Acne wipe of calendula tincture, and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. Ointment with salicylic acid in the composition, of salicylic-zinc pasta. As a vehicle for lotions use furatsilin, streptocid.

    In addition to the drugs the main component of successful treatment is the observance of personal hygiene and balanced diet. Sometimes you will need the intake of vitamin complexes. Eliminate from the diet of spicy, fatty and salty meals. You can not eat a lot of sweets and smoked products, as well as give up bad habits, including alcohol and Smoking.

    Daily intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products will help to improve the digestive system, causing toxins to leave the body faster.

    Прыщи на спине: причины появления у мужчин и методы лечения

    Folk remedy for back acne

    Components for the popular recipes of purely natural and often they give good results in the treatment of a rash on the back. For daily wash inflamed areas using effective tar soap with antiseptic effect to dry pimples and deeply purify the skin. Before using any treatment for back acne, you need to carefully clean and wash the skin in the affected areas. You can use a hard sponge, if the skin is not too sensitive. There are recipes of masks and baths, which can remove the inflammation.

    Clay for acne

    Mask will need clay, combined with essential oil of tea tree. It is applied to the clean section of the back, and then wrap up with cling film for 15 minutes.

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    Bath sea salt

    In water, add 500 grams of sea salt and small amount of decoction of chamomile. Immerse the body in the tub for 20-30 minutes.

    Bath with essential oils

    A good antibacterial effect has tea tree oil that you can add to the bathroom. Pine, citrus oils have antiseptic effect. In the bath add a few drops of each oil, and decoction of medicinal herbs, including chamomile, celandine.

    Lemon juice

    Fresh lemon juice will be suitable for wiping the infected areas of the back. It has antiseptic properties and dries pimples. On the basis of the juice to make a compress.

    Preventive measures

    The best prevention of acne in the back will be a full proper diet, drinking regime and regular exfoliation and removal of dirt. While taking a shower the body is not only cleaned, but also improves blood circulation, a great prevention of various skin diseases. To clear the layer of dead skin cells once or twice a week back wash detergents, special scrub.

    Should be timely to change the bed linen. Clothes should not be tight and synthetic. In the hot season especially, often change clothes because perspiration increases. If the skin still had inflammation before visiting the doctor should not smear oily nourishing cream, squeeze and RUB the back with a loofah. Intense movements can damage sensitive skin and spread the infection with inflamed areas on the entire area of the back.

    Large inflamed pimples and pustules should not be treated at home. In cases where pharmaceutical preparations and folk recipes do not apply, the treatment the doctor will help to determine the real cause of skin diseases. If you follow the simple rules of prevention of rashes, you can not prevent their occurrence. Skin will Shine with cleanliness, and with it will be healthier and the entire body.