Acne on chin in women: the cause of and methods of treatment

Skin rashes are a fairly common problem and is often accompanied by various diseases. Acne on chin in women, the cause of which can be different, often inconvenience, and therefore require timely remedial measures.

The content of the article

  • Causes of acne on chin
  • Types of acne on chin in women
  • Treatment of acne on the chin
  • Methods and means of therapy
  • Recipes of traditional medicine
  • Medication
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Preventive measures

    Causes of acne on chin

    Among the factors which have pimples in the chin area, as follows:

    1. Excessive sebaceous secretion. Triggered by hormonal imbalances or sensitivity of receptors of the skin to the hormones.
    2. The accession of pathogenic microorganisms to skin metabolism.
    3. Clogged sebaceous glands.
    4. Colds, common colds.
    5. The use of substandard cosmetic products or excessive use of cosmetics.
    6. Taking certain medicines.
    7. Fluid retention in the body.
    8. Mechanical damage of the skin.
    9. Genetic predisposition to skin rashes on the chin.

    In order to get rid of pathological imperfections in this area, it is necessary to accurately determine the cause of their formation.

    Important! Correction should be comprehensive: it is directed on elimination of precipitating factor for getting rid of unpleasant symptoms.

    Types of acne on chin in women

    Among the main types of acne are the following:

    1. Inflammatory pimples, caused by inflammation of the tissues. Represent the elements of the rash red with purulent contents. Touch items to inflammatory lesions provoke pain.
    2. Non-inflammatory. Color only slightly different from the hue of the skin, have the form of knobs and points. In case of contact with microorganisms in the inflammatory transformirovalsya.

    Pimples non-inflammatory origin are also known as “comedones”. They appear in the situation when the pores of the skin and the mouth of the hair follicles clog clot sebaceous secretion and dead skin cells. Comedones are open and closed, black and white.

    Open comedones are shaped spots of dark color (black or brown). Their formation is connected with the outer clogging of pores. Greasy the secret first has a lighter shade, but it darkens by oxidation. When removal of such lesions is recommended to be careful not to provoke the accession of infection and the progression of inflammation.

    Closed comedones are of the form of the tubercles white. They appear in the case when there is a blockage in the bottom of the pores. Visually closed comedones difficult to spot, they are often defined only by touch. Touching it does not cause pain.

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    Skin lesions of inflammatory origin can be divided into papules and pustules. Papules are a elements of a rash of red, ranging in size from a few millimeters to 1 centimeter. Their formation is associated with the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in comedones. After therapeutic correction of papules are often left dark spots, but the scars do not appear.

    Pustules also called purulent acne. They are formed as of of papules, and independently and have the appearance of inflamed ulcers. The form of such pimples are flat, conical, spherical. Color and size are different.

    Please note! Such lesions should only be treated after consulting a specialist. After therapeutic correction on the skin may remain dark spots or scars.

    Treatment of acne on the chin

    To be sure to get rid of pimples and prevent them from recurring, therapy should be carried out with the help of a specialist. The consultation cosmetologist and dermatologist will help to make the correct course of therapy. It is important to strictly follow the recommendations and comply with all prescribed measures.

    Correction of skin imperfections must be comprehensive. It combines several factors, including:

  • diet;
  • the use of external methods;
  • the medication inside.
  • Important! Correct scheme of therapeutic intervention can find only a qualified dermatologist. A beautician can advise on effective external resources. Self-medication can lead to deterioration, so you should not take independent action.

    Methods and means of therapy

    Among the main methods of correction of the rash include

    1. Lubrication of the exterior cosmetics.
    2. The procedure of hardware cosmetology.
    3. The use of drugs by external actions prescribed by the specialist.
    4. Receiving prescribed drugs inside.
    5. Folk recipes.

    You should elaborate on some methods of therapy.

    Recipes of traditional medicine

    Traditional medicine has many effective formulas for getting rid of pimples, but their use is recommended only after consulting a doctor. Do not own to pick up a folk method of treatment — it can hurt.

    The traditional recipes should be allocated decoctions and masks. Their application is more secure, and efficiency is quite high.

    In order to reduce the severity of the lesions of an inflammatory nature, you should regularly wipe the skin of a freshly prepared decoction of chamomile or calendula. These medicinal plants contribute not only to inflammation, but also have a disinfecting action.

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    Прыщи на подбородке у женщин: причина появления и способы лечения

    Tangible benefits also have masks based on natural products. For example, grated cucumber, applied on the chin region, can reduce inflammation, soothes and moisturizes the skin.

    Useful ingredient in homemade masks is a cosmetic clay. Masks based on it, you can add a variety of ingredients, for example, ground oat cereal. Composition based on white clay and oatmeal helps to remove blackheads, make skin more soft, this mask also has a nourishing effect.

    To recommend one or another method can also doctor. The use of such formulations in combination with conventional medication only increases the effectiveness of therapy.


    The therapy provides for the appointment of external medication (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory creams, retinoids) and drugs oral (antibiotic drugs and hormonal medicines, anti-androgenic substances).

    Correction of pimples to begin with determine the cause, which triggered their appearance. This may require assistance not only for the dermatologist and esthetician, but also such specialists as endocrinologist, gynecologist, gastroenterologist.

    After full examination and prescribe medicines drug therapy. Among the medicines for ingestion are included:

    1. Antibiotic means. They’re useful in case of lesions of inflammatory origin in the case that was joined by infection. The doctor prescribes a course of antibiotic drugs, the duration of which depends on the specific medication. In order for treatment to be effective, the course must go completely, otherwise, microorganisms can develop resistance and subsequent antibiotics already will be ineffective. Among the medications that are prescribed for the treatment of rash, include: erythromycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline.
    2. Hormonal drugs. Some of them are appointed by the endocrinologist after research of a hormonal background of women. Appropriate use of such funds in the event of an increase testosterone level in a woman’s body. Hormonal medications are intended to restore the disturbed hormonal balance. Such drugs are primarily oral contraceptives.
    3. The glucocorticoids. These medications also have hormonal nature, but their use in the case of the formation of pimples is to relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the skin. They are administered intravenously and intramuscularly in the correction of severe forms of purulent rashes on the skin of the chin.

    List of drugs for external use is also quite extensive. Specific ointments and lotions prescribed by a doctor.

    Прыщи на подбородке у женщин: причина появления и способы лечения

    Contraindications to treatment

    Not all methods and drugs applicable for the correction of acne in a particular case. Only a doctor can find the right treatment plan taking into account all the features of a clinical case. Each medication has a list of contraindications, which you must read before the beginning of the therapeutic correction. Some medications should not be used during pregnancy and carrying a child. A number of drugs may cause harm in the case of acute inflammatory process. Some components of popular recipes treatment can provoke allergic reactions. Before use, each medicine you should consult with your doctor to determine its appropriateness in a particular case.

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    Preventive measures

    To prevent the appearance of pimples on the skin of the chin, you need to follow some recommendations:

    1. It is important to properly care for your skin, pick up the comprehensive care products for cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.
    2. Do not get too often to use such aggressive means as scrubs and peels.
    3. The appearance of non-inflammatory acne is not to squeeze them — this will only worsen the condition.
    4. It is important to follow a diet. Should reduce the consumption of coffee, sweets, flour, animal fats, allergenic foods.
    5. It is necessary to observe the correct mode of work and rest. You should not neglect physical activity.
    6. You want to prevent hypothermia.
    7. It is important to treat diseases that provoke the appearance of acne: digestive disorders, respiratory pathology, disruptions in the endocrine system.

    Прыщи на подбородке у женщин: причина появления и способы лечения

    Adherence to guidelines greatly reduces the chances of occurrence of pimples on the chin. Elements of the rash can appear because of serious internal problems that require timely correction. Attentive to their health may help to prevent formation of a skin rash and eliminate the causes that can provoke their occurrence.