Acute dermatitis: ointment for the treatment without side effects

Острый дерматит: мази для лечения без побочных эффектовWelcome to our website! We are happy to see you again. Acute dermatitis is quite common, especially in children.

This is facilitated by many environmental factors: food, cosmetics, contact with allergens (e.g. household chemicals), professional factors.

In our article we will consider several types of the disease.

Atopic form

Острый дерматит: мази для лечения без побочных эффектовAtopic dermatitis is a chronic dermatitis, which is caused by an allergic reaction and is accompanied by itching and rash.

Atopic dermatitis can be of different severity:

  • Mild redness is accompanied by small extent, exfoliation, exudation. Can appear single vesicles and papules. The patient may be minor itching, scratching, General condition and sleep is not disturbed. From the lymph nodes there is no reaction;
  • Multiple lesions occur in the average degree of inflammation of the skin. In addition, the patient expressed lichenification and scaling, exudation. Moderately enlarged regional lymph nodes, worried about itching and scratching;
  • Severe leads to the existence of diffuse skin changes, lichenification and strongly expressed exudation, join erosion. Itchy dermatitis, scratching across the surface of the skin. The itching becomes painful, impaired overall health, all enlarged lymph nodes. Especially difficult is the disease in children with erythroderma when required corticosteroid treatment systemic action.
  • Comprehensive treatment

    Modern approach to treatment of atopic dermatitis includes the following items:

  • To eliminate negative factors (allergens or other irritants);
  • Local therapy (steroid and non-steroid anti-inflammatory ointments, creams to restore the lipid barrier of the skin);
  • Therapy system purpose (this is a large number of drugs: systemic corticosteroids, antihistamines, phototherapy, cytotoxic agents, antibiotics, immune drugs).
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    Острый дерматит: мази для лечения без побочных эффектовIn the first year of life in children the most common cause of dermatitis is a food Allergy. So parents, it is important to keep a food diary, to enter the fishing lures sequentially, waiting for the addiction or reaction to a new product.

    Usually intolerance a single product in the body there is sensitization to multiple food components at once.

    For example, eggs, dairy products, cereals and poultry. Therefore, treatment is important to eliminate all possible allergen.

    Eliminate allergens involves not only diet but and eliminating sources of dust (carpets, soft toys), Pets, clothing made of synthetic fabrics.

    Topical therapy is necessary for each patient. It may be limited to non-steroidal drugs (Elidel, Skin-up), but often have to deal with a resistant form of the disease when necessary corticosteroids.

    On topical corticosteroids

    In pediatric practice, preference is given to ointments and creams with minimal side effects while maintaining maximal activity.

    Is Advantan Afloderm and Elokom. Hormone treatment should be applied in short courses followed by replacement with non-steroidal.

    If there is a bacterial infection in areas of focal lesions, we prescribed a combination of drugs: Pimafucort and Triderm.

    Skin care

    Острый дерматит: мази для лечения без побочных эффектовIn persons with atopy skin care should be persistent. First, it reduces the risk of exacerbations, second, makes relapses more rare.

    For example, there are moisturizing and emollient cosmetic products. Moisturizers make the skin less sensitive to irritants, and lipochrome reduce transepidermal water loss.

    A series of treatments for skin Allergy: Mustela, Uriage, a-derma, topicrem, Vichy, avene and bioderma.

    Moisturizes and soothes the skin thermal water, for example, Uriage. Contains various minerals, is isotonic.

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    To soften skin: the Lipikar balm, Topicrem, Stelatopia, emulsion La Roche Posay, A-derma. In acute dermatitis: Atoderm cream, full line Trickser And-dermis series Ecomega.

    During remission, you can use: Mustela Stelatopia cream, Action cream, trickser from Aven, Atoderm, Uriage gel with copper and zinc.

    Systemic therapy

    Острый дерматит: мази для лечения без побочных эффектовImportant role give sedatives and psychotherapy. On the course of 2-4 weeks is prescribed persen, Relanium, phenazepam, and adults motherwort, peony, Valerian.

    From the most significant vitamins-retinol acetate, or vitamin A. other suitable vitamins carefully, because they may be produced sensitization.

    Resistant course of the inflammatory process requires the use of systemic hormone drugs: prednisolone, methylprednisolone, dexamethasone. Parallel to prescribe corrective drugs: antacids, anabolic steroids, potassium.

    Rare cases of torpid current of dermatitis require the appointment of Cyclosporine in a dose of 5 mg. per kilo weight.

    Gradually reduce the dose, staying on maintenance. After 6 weeks of use maximum dose not come the effect of the drug refuse.

    Physical therapy

    The most widely used method is phototherapy UV rays, selective phototherapy, as well as the usual sunbathing.

    Electrotherapy: electric, galvanization, darsonval. Takes its rightful place, laser therapy, reflexology.

    Dermatitis contact

    This is one of the manifestations of allergic reactions of the organism to external or internal stimuli, which is manifested by skin lesions such as rash, edema, erythema (see photo). It is important to know that symptoms develop after 12-48 hours after contact with the allergen.

    In the treatment of priority need to identify the allergen and eliminate it. Most often there are professional factors (cosmetics, construction dust, medicines, disinfectants).

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    Topical treatment in mild and moderate course is the use of ointments based on corticosteroids.

    In severe therapy begins with the introduction of parenteral hormones. Modern external funds on the basis of GCS have antipruritic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

    Means of corticosteroids administered depending on the site of the damage: on the face, neck, folds applied drugs average activity, non-fluorinated. Hands, feet are allowed to use funds with strong action.

    Allergic contact dermatitis is also subject to treatment with drugs for systemic effects: antihistamines, sedatives, desencibilizirutee, detoxifying and diuretic.

    Allergic dermatitis respond well to treatment, usually at a time of elimination of the allergen and appropriate treatment of the symptoms disappear after 1-3 weeks.

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