Acute urticaria: causes and treatments

Good day, dear readers! Urticaria is one of the most frequent skin pathologies that occur in children and adults.

The occurrence of this disease is easily identified by its clinical manifestations. The disease occurs most often in young children under the age of three years, but it can occur in adults, regardless of gender. In this article we will explain what causes diseases, how to diagnose and treat.

What causes illness?

Острая крапивница: причины возникновения и способы леченияAcute urticaria develops as a result of influence of many factors.

The most common causes of the disease are the following:

  • medication: antibiotics, vitamins;
  • food;
  • chemicals, dyes, perfumes;
  • viral infection;
  • provocateurs of the disease are insects: bees, wasps, ants, as well as pollen, dust, pet hair, fluff;
  • hives may appear as a result of hypothermia, overheating, exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • bouts of diseases are caused by contact with household chemicals or cosmetics;
  • pathology develops on the background of strong emotional experiences.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to figure out the exact cause of the disease, which greatly complicates its treatment.

How to recognize hives?

Острая крапивница: причины возникновения и способы леченияThe symptoms of acute urticaria are felt spontaneously. The skin form of red blisters which are very itchy. In the center of the formations, you notice the white dots.

The size of the lesions is different. It can be, both small and large blisters. They can cover small areas of the body or hit a large part of the skin.

Education sometimes merge with each other, what happens when a severe generalized form of urticaria. Sometimes there is angioedema and redness of the skin.

Depending on the severity of the lesion, the patient may disrupt overall health. Patients are often observed such symptoms as soreness of joints and muscles, dizziness, increased body temperature.

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Problems disappear quickly. Only in severe cases, they may occur about days. But the disappearance of this symptom does not mean that the disease has passed.

Bubbles can disappear and appear on other parts of the body. How long is pathology will depend on the severity of the patient’s condition.

Very dangerous when angioedema occurs in the throat, causing can occur asphyxia.

Diagnosis of the disease

Identify the disease and the diagnosis is quite simple. It is necessary to inform the doctor about the place and time of appearance of the first signs of disease.

To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor takes a skin sample, conducts a thorough inspection and submit to a blood test.

Treatment of the disease

Острая крапивница: причины возникновения и способы леченияIf you encounter the first manifestations, as soon as possible to go to the doctor. The treatment is based on elimination of the causative agent that triggered the disease.

The patient shows a hypoallergenic food, and to get rid of the allergen, are appointed by a cleansing enema.

Drug therapy is based on the selection of antihistamines. If the pathology caused by existing diseases, measures should be taken to treat them.

For external use anti-inflammatory agents are appointed. To get rid of itching will help a one per cent solution of menthol. Today is a very modern method of treatment – the introduction of their own blood cells.

Therapy diseases in children

This question is answered by Dr. Komorowski. The best measure is to avoid contact with the pathogen.

Острая крапивница: причины возникновения и способы леченияWhen the cause is unclear, to relieve symptoms, antihistamines are prescribed:

  • in the case of oral administration the relief within 90 minutes;
  • the most effective result was observed when taken regularly;
  • to avoid side effects, you can take nnegative drugs;
  • antihistamine creams are useless in the hives.
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Special elimination diet will help only if you have identified a food stimulus. The menu of this diet should be included yogurt, boiled or stewed vegetables.

Should reduce the consumption of sweets, pastries, salt, preservatives, fried and smoked food. You can gradually add in the diet of new foods.

Острая крапивница: причины возникновения и способы леченияIf the disease has not reappeared, you can add boiled fish and meat. This diet need to come back not earlier than in a month.

It is worth emphasizing that it is not necessary to apply the bubbles of conventional cosmetics. It can only do harm. For this diagnosis do not need to be under the direct rays of the sun.

Remember that ultraviolet light has a negative impact on healthy skin and on the affected, especially. If the disease appeared in the summer, before going, you need to lubricate the skin with special protective cream.

Note the photo, looks like hives in children. This is a very dangerous disease that ranks second only to asthma complications. So he should pay special attention.

Tests on the skin do not apply. To exclude the presence of infection in the child, the analysis of blood and urine.

Traditional methods of treatment

Острая крапивница: причины возникновения и способы леченияIn combination with medical drugs as a treatment for acute urticaria use herb.

Duckweed marsh has a tremendous effect. Before application it should be crushed and taken mixed with honey. Should daily take one tablespoon of this tool.

For the treatment of urticaria is widely used motherwort, sage, Valerian.

An excellent result gives the herbs St. John’s wort, immortelle, tansy, mint leaves, trifala. To prepare the medicine, take a teaspoon of collection and pour boiling water. Should take three times a day before meals.

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Useful medicinal properties of Silybum marianum, calendula, clover.

Prevention and prognosis of the disease

Острая крапивница: причины возникновения и способы леченияPreventive measures involve the exclusion of interaction with a irritants that cause allergic reaction.

Moreover, it is necessary to exclude the presence of latent infections, which should undergo a full diagnostic examination.

People who have suffered this disease needs a special diet as a preventive measure.

The prognosis is quite favorable with timely treatment. Disease threat the possibility of complications in the form of attack, which is accompanied by angioedema. Thus it is necessary to provide emergency care to the patient.

Approximately 50% of the case histories of patients who suffered acute urticaria, the disease takes a chronic nature and requires urgent treatment. Good day, dear readers! Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)