Acyclovir in chickenpox: the efficacy and rules of use

Ацикловир при ветрянке: эффективность и правила использованияGood day, dear visitors of the dermatological website! This article will tell you about popular contemporary drug — Acyclovir, which is often prescribed for the treatment of chickenpox. Acyclovir in chicken pox is considered to be very effective.

Grateful reviews about the drug is confirmed. Are you curious about how the drug acts on the virus that causes chickenpox? Then a pleasant reading.

Acyclovir in chicken pox — structure and principle of operation

From the foregoing medicine has 2 main features:

  • Originally, the drug was created for the destruction of the herpes virus. The varicella zoster virus belongs to the same group as herpes. Due to this the drug is recognized effective against chickenpox.
  • Its effect is that it inhibits the synthesis of virus DNA, which he ceases to multiply and actively isnegative. Recovery after ingestion of the drug accelerates significantly.
  • The drug is appointed often in severe varicella. It can be applied only after detecting the following symptoms:

    • watery rash on the body;
    • General malaise;
    • high temperature.

    Many probably heard that Acyclovir is best used for the treatment of chickenpox in children. Why is this happening? The reason for this is the specific dosage of the drug in tablets. By the way, in addition to tablets, Acyclovir is available in ointment and capsules. for rectal use.

    The last option is not popular. Therefore, in the following article I will talk about how to apply ointments and pills Acyclovir.

    Method of administration tablets

    Ацикловир при ветрянке: эффективность и правила использованияThe manual says that the tablet form of the drug is given primarily to children if the disease has moved into the severe degree. The number of tablets that you need to drink per day depends on the mass of the body of the sick.

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    Tablets after determining the dosage should be divided into 4 admission. The course of treatment is 5 days.

    Do not assign Acyclovir alone! The dosage must identify the attending physician, as sometimes it is affected by features of the patient.

    Pills recommend to drink plenty of water, otherwise they will slowly dissolve.

    Method of application of the ointment

    This form of Acyclovir is used for treating chickenpox in adults and sometimes in children. Advantages of ointment immediately visible:

    • it is to be treated nice and simple;
    • it has affordable price;
    • it is unnecessary to calculate the dose.

    Ointment apply to the affected Valderice watery areas of the body. The course of treatment with Acyclovir should be started from the first day of the appearance of pimples with watery contents. Some doctors do not advise to apply the ointment to the whole body fully.

    Ацикловир при ветрянке: эффективность и правила использованияIt is a truth, as it forms a persistent dense coating, which does not allow the skin to «breathe». That is why I recommend to treat the drug only the localization of watery pimples, as well as point individual pimples.

    Treatment ointment the same as in the case of tablets. The skin can be treated up to 6 times per day. The more processing, the sooner will come the desired effect.

    At bedtime, the drug is not applied, as the skin needs from him periodically to rest.

    We have mentioned that the ointment is prescribed more often for adults than children. Why, you ask? The fact that in adults, chickenpox occurs diskomfortno than in children.

    Ацикловир при ветрянке: эффективность и правила использованияOintment partially relieves itching, dries the watery pimples, has an antibacterial effect. She concentrated, therefore, in excessive use can be dangerous.

    Acyclovir interacts well with other medications that you take with the chicken pox. In addition, it can be used for the prevention of disease in the case if you constantly have contact with the patient.

    However, be aware that the above-mentioned drugs there are contraindications and side effects. What I will talk about them further.

    Side effects and contraindications

    The drug is not recommended for breastfeeding women. While pregnant, it is prescribed quite frequently. In addition, it is contraindicated to patients with individual intolerance to its components. With extreme caution Acyclovir is administered to patients with renal insufficiency.

    Side effects are very rare. The medication is well-tolerated by patients of different ages. Its side effects can be:

    • CNS — headache, decreased performance, General malaise (weakness, fatigue), loss of coordination, drowsiness and hallucinations (just after a strong overdose of);
    • with the digestive tract — nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain;
    • from the skin — alopecia (rare) and allergic reaction (hypersensitive).

    Agree, Acyclovir can safely be called one of the safest drugs that are prescribed for chickenpox. High performance is its main advantage. The drug has earned a lot of satisfied reviews, which I suggest you read it.


    Anna writes:

    Ацикловир при ветрянке: эффективность и правила использованияWas treated with this drug (ointment) with your child. He was given a ointment due to the fact that chickenpox was too heavy. I rubbed the skin for prevention. Overall, we liked the effect and scope of the drug.


    Its nice to apply, it repels dirt and leaves no tangible mark on the skin. From the chicken pox get rid of per week (approx.)

    Denis writes:

    Ацикловир при ветрянке: эффективность и правила использованияUgorazdilo me in adulthood to be infected with chickenpox. Felt, to put it mildly, not very. Ointment slightly improved my condition, as at least for a time removed an unbearable itch.


    After the pimples are gone in about 5 days. The only thing I dont like is the slight burning, which had to endure after first application of ointment.

    That’s all the information about the drug Acyclovir in the form of tablets and ointments. Hope to read you found it interesting and entertaining. If so, share the read with your friends on social networks, and subscribe to site updates. I wish you good health! Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)