Acyclovir when warts: is it true that the drug is not effective against the disease?

Ацикловир при кондиломах: правда ли, что препарат не эффективен против болезни?Hello, dear readers! Will start a cycle of those devoted to one of the most topical problems of gynecology, venereology and dermatology.

It is the human papilloma virus, which causes growths on the body, and in any location, and are they called warts or papillomas. Consider the use of the drug Acyclovir in the genital warts.

About the disease

Genital warts, or warts, are manifestations of human papilloma virus infection.

Infection that is highly specific to the skin and the epithelial integument, and therefore all changes and manifestations in the disease that is localized to the epithelium.

There are several types of diseases that are caused by different types of HPV. Warts, which goes on it, provoked 6,8,11,16 and 18 types of the pathogen.

Education are characterized by high contagiousness, sexually transmitted. Pathogen persists for a long time on the surface of infected objects penetrating quickly through the cracks, abrasions, minor injuries.

So often can happen samsarajade, the transfer of the pathogen from one place to another.

Contribute to the increase in the incidence of synthetic underwear, frequent change of sexual partners, poor personal hygiene, maceration of folds in individuals with obesity, reduced immune status, severe somatic diseases.

Ацикловир при кондиломах: правда ли, что препарат не эффективен против болезни?Recently, the frequency of the disease has increased dramatically, and interest due to the possibility of a virus to lead to malignancy of the process, i.e. the development of malignant tumors.

It is difficult to cure genital warts using mere drugs, but there are methods that will really help to get rid of them.

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I advise you to study the book «the treatment of warts folk methods.» Leadership in the book good reputation as a reliable informative program to get rid of warts.

The author of this book himself long suffered from growths on the skin, used different drugs, all kinds of drugs, even tried to remove them surgically, but it was always a relapse of the disease with even greater force.

Remember! For getting rid of warts is necessary to conduct therapy inside the body and not externally. You need to clean your body of toxins and boost your immune system. And this is unlikely to help any drugs or medicines.

About the possibilities of traditional treatment

Ацикловир при кондиломах: правда ли, что препарат не эффективен против болезни?Treatment methods can be divided into surgical and conservative. Operational methods will help to get rid of cosmetic problem, that is, to remove growths.

This can be excision with a scalpel, electrocautery, laser removal, liquid nitrogen, degradation of candelina.

These methods, unfortunately, do not remove the virus from the body, so most of patients have relapses.

In this regard, the parallel doctors prescribe drugs that fight the causative agent of the disease.

Unfortunately, drugs have a specific effect on the human papilloma virus, has not been developed. Prescribed such as acyclovir.

Available in the form of ointments, creams, injectables and tablets. The active ingredient of the drug promotes the formation of defective DNA, causing replication of the pathogen stops.

Often you can find testimonials from patients about the ineffectiveness of therapy with Acyclovir. Does the drug or its use impractical?

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If you carefully study the instructions to the drug, it will become clear that the presence of anogenital warts its purpose is not justified.

Ацикловир при кондиломах: правда ли, что препарат не эффективен против болезни?Acyclovir works against HSV. However, a specialist may assign its coinfections, for example, in the presence of genital herpes, since genital warts often combined with other sexually transmitted infections.

To suppress the activity of papilloma virus apply the immunomodulators. For example, Imiquimod, which stimulates secretion of endogenous components of the immune defense.

It is available in a convenient form (cream), which must be applied to the areas of warts within 4 months, to achieve the effect.

Also popular the drug Isoprinosine. It comes in tablets and inheritanoe form. He is powerful and all-round stimulant for the immune system, in addition, the drug enhances the antiviral activity of other assigned tools.

For the treatment of topically applied Solkoderm. It contains organic acids, metal ions. When topically applied is not damaged surrounding tissue, the treatment is absolutely painless.

Ацикловир при кондиломах: правда ли, что препарат не эффективен против болезни?Therapy is conducted on an outpatient basis, the healing is fast and without side effects. In not neglected cases often enough a single application.

To remove local manifestations of the infection apply podophyllotoxin, which can be applied independently processing up to 50 pieces at a time.

In the case of this drug, caution should be exercised, not touching healthy skin. First application holds medical staff, teaching of the patient.

Treat the patient 3 days applying twice, then make a break for 4 days. Under the action of the drug genital warts are mummified, it’s not. Parallel to prescribe systemic drugs to inhibit the parasite development.

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The active antiviral therapy significantly inhibits the activity of the pathogen, reduces the viral load.

As a result, the recurrences are extremely rare, carried out a partial elimination of the virus from the body.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy! Up to new meetings!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)